Knowing how to make videos with photos and music nowadays is essential for anyone who likes to use the internet or succeed on it. Thus, whether to remember a special moment or advertise a product or service, recording good videos and having good photos is more common and accessible.

However, recording or photographing is no longer enough, as it is necessary to know how to edit and produce to obtain the best possible quality. Not long ago, this process was done by hiring a professional in the area who performed everything alone.

Nowadays, thanks to tools like FlexClip, anyone with or without prior knowledge in the field can create incredible videos. To better understand this technology marvel, keep reading this article and learn everything about making videos with photos and music in an easy and fast way.

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online video creator focused on a professional production, whether for casual situations or business. Pearl Mountain Limited developed it to make anyone able to learn how to make videos with photos and music in high quality.

FlexClip: How to make videos with photos & music

The tool works with video templates ready to facilitate and give ideas to people who want to use it in a simple way.

The whole process is very intuitive, and there are numerous functions, which allow you to learn how to make videos with photos and music easily and quickly.

What can you do with FlexClip?

FlexClip can create photographic videos, slideshows, travel videos, birthdays, and even movies. For the proper use of all the resources it has, the platform has tutorials that can be of great help to anyone who wishes.

Thus, making videos for famous social networks like TikTok or Instagram, for example, became something even more comfortable, and the gains in quality are immeasurable.

Production of special videos in FlexClip

Memorable moments like birthdays, weddings and trips, always yield a fair amount of photos. Have you thought about joining all these images to a song and creating a special video to remember those incredible days?

FlexClip does this for you with excellence, in a customizable way so that it fits 100% to your taste and desire. So, in less than an hour, you can discover how to make videos with photos and music at a professional level.

FlexClip: How to make videos with photos & music

Advertisements for businesses and companies

If you want to do something for your business and do not have images or ideas ready, for example, the platform offers both free of charge.

That’s because ready-made templates, which are divided into categories, can give you immediate insight to create and publish something on your communication channels.

How much does flexclip cost?

Due to the possibility of learning as quickly as making videos with photos and music, it is to be expected that it will be expensive to access FlexClip.

However, the reality is the opposite, so much so that you can start using it for free, but it does contain limitations that can be harmful.

For example, in the free version, the videos have a quality limited to 480 pixels, and their length can reach a maximum of 1 minute. Therefore, it is understood that the tool’s free use is intended only for simple videos and, mainly, testing the platform.

However, if you wish, you can subscribe to the service for one month or one year. Everything depends on your need and preference. Logically, if you subscribe annually, you will get a discount on the total price, as with most services.

But, if you are not satisfied with the free trial, you can subscribe to the service for one month by paying only $ 8.99 on the basic plan or $ 15.99 on the plus plan. That way, you will be able to see in practice if the product meets your needs before signing it for a longer period.

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How to make photo videos?

Learning how to make videos with photos and music makes it interesting to fragment the process, as this facilitates understanding.

Basically, after creating your account on the platform, you will have several ready templates at your disposal. That way, you will choose an almost “finished” video to take as a basis for your production, something that makes the process much more comfortable.

After that, go with the mouse on “Storyboard” and click on “Add Stock Media” in case you want to add images by any link. If your goal is to add images on your computer, choose the option “Add Local Media”.

The number of images you can add per video will depend on the plan you have contracted because, of course, they can determine the time of the video.

All the other tools are just above, in a very intuitive and simple way. If you want to add texts, see effects, etc., click and test each one.

How to make videos with music?

Nothing prevents you from doing the reverse process and adding the music first to your video. What matters is that you understand how to make videos with photos and music.

To add a song to your video, click on a musical note symbol just above the text options and go to “add music.”

Now, select the song you want from the library that they make available for free, or click on “Browse My Files” to add any of your computers.

It is also worth mentioning that if you are creating a commercial video, you should pay attention to the copyright that may be in the music or images used – if you send it.


With FlexClip, learning how to make photos and videos with music has become more comfortable than ever, and everyone should enjoy it.

Although the site is in English, the entire creation process is straightforward and easy to understand. If, at first, you don’t understand how some features work or feel a little lost, visit the tutorials available on the platform.

With them, you will be able to produce videos from the pre-made models or even create something from scratch in an entirely personal way.

Now that you know how to make videos with photos and music, what do you think about going to the FlexClip website and starting to put into practice what you have learned?

Don’t forget to come back here to say what you thought about the site and how your production was!


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