You can find some extreme ways to increase blog traffic and answers related to questions like how to increase blog traffic or how to increase blog traffic for free. It can be for your website or your blogger.

Research made by Hubspot shows that focusing on blogging will positively see the result. You also need to know that blogging is most valuable in every aspect.That’s why a blogger or website is needed. You will not be able to gather traffic if no one is visiting your website.

Don’t stop blogging; just review your blog with some new methods to increase blog traffic.

Suppose you are looking for some real blog/website traffic and don’t know where to start. Then you are in the right place. To ensure to get it all right, read the full blog and don’t skip a single line.

Maybe some of you know the techniques. But i will uniquely elaborate the whole process so that you will be able to increase website traffic so rapidly. I have personally used these methods to increase website traffic from hundreds to ten thousand page views every month.

1) KYA (Know Your Audience)👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

This factor can’t be ignored. Before creating your article, you need first to understand who’s the audience and what they are searching for?

Proper targeting is necessary before the content is made. You need to find the interested audience who are looking for your blog content.

Before writing, you also need to know some personalized questions like

Are they students, professionals, or retired?
They can be Adults, Children, or teenagers?
Are they male or female (to some extent, it can give you some idea)?

In eCommerce industries, these audiences are known as buyer personas.

2) Intense Keyword Research 🔎 

Before starting for the blog post, you need to do extreme keyword research. Doing this step will increase the visibility of your post on a variety of keywords. This keyword research makes your blog rank high in google search engine results.

Properly doing keyword research also requires a little bit of time. You can easily follow these steps to do keyword research.

You can try many tools like Google Keyword Planner or Uber Suggest.

Prefer to use keywords having low competition and high volume, as they are easy to rank.

Enter the primary keyword you want to write about, then search some long-tail keywords also.

You can easily find a long tail keyword on the google search engine. Just enter your main keyword then google autocomplete will suggest you some phrases that you can use in your blog as long-tail keywords. 

how to increase blog traffic

You also need to focus on long-tail keywords because they are also important to grab traffic from search engines. You can use these keywords in your PPC Campaign as they are so cheap.

Long-tail keywords are the combination of more than 3+ keywords. You can easily get ranked with such keywords as there is very less competition.

Always use your keywords uniformly in the whole blog.

Don’t try to use keyword stuffing. It can get you in trouble after some time.

Keyword density should be maintained in your content.

It’s okay if your keyword density is about 1-2% of your whole content length.

Don’t attach too many links in your content.

3) Creating Viral Content📝

Everyone wants massive traffic towards their blog or website. They don’t focus on who is creating viral content. Everyone wants to create content that goes viral but failed as they didn’t focus on who and which sites generate that content, which goes viral in just a few hours.

If you learn the formula for viral content, no one can beat you to increase blog traffic quickly.

You need to prepare a catchy title that attracts users to click and read your full blog.

Your post will get hits or dive, it all depends on your content’s headline, As headlines can convert people’s minds.

Once you have done with your headline, check that your headline has any competition or not.

Just put your headline with double quotes like “Grab the Best Deal for You” and put it in google search, if there is no result then its fantastic to use this headline.

It’s like a clickbait, yes. It sounds dirty.

Suppose you have successfully attracted your visitor towards your blog by this clickbait. Things that are whole content can manage it if the content is of excellent quality.

You can get enough leads, sales, or backlinks if your content is longer.

The most important thing which you should not forget. After posting any blog or article for sharing on social media.

Content Promotion is also an essential step that can improve your search traffic. After publishing your blog, don’t just go away. You need to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and email your subscribers and share it everywhere.

You also need to give some time to your viewers, as they can also give you some ideas about your next viral post.

4) Create Comprehensive ,Useful & Up-to-date Content📑

Most search engines always look for high-quality content that is up-to-date and straightforward. Always try to write a single article on a specified topic that covers all points in-depth, as they are beneficial to your audience.

You are giving your viewers the information elaborated well and in-depth that can also solve the problem “how to bring organic traffic to your website.” The longer the content, the more the chances to get organic traffic.

Your content can be about your opinion on any tech gadget, on a movie, how to do guide, game walkthrough, etc. You also need to keep your content updated with new knowledge, if any.

Doing this will also bring you on top of google’s SERP and increase blog traffic.

From An SEO point of view, It is crucial to create fresh or up-to-date content to get high search results and traffic to your blog website. I also try to focus more on quality than quantity. I keep my eye on updates regarding content that i have already written so that I can update it as soon as possible.

5) Optimize Website Speed📊

Always ensure your website is fast enough so that visitors can access the blog at the right time. If the website is not optimized to load fast, this will decrease your impression as well.

If a user already knows that your website is taking too much time to load, he will never click your website. So it’s better to optimize your website speed before it’s too late.

If you want to check your website speed, then you can try GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Insights to analyze your website speed, and some suggestions to improve them.

6) Use of Multimedia🧾

If you want to crack the answer on how to increase website visitors, you should try using multimedia, like images, videos, and facts to support your content. Using multimedia will increase your website visitors and also increase blog traffic of your website.

It’s also important to use appropriate images to help your visitors understand what the content wants to brief.

If your images are well optimized, then you can quickly drive traffic to your website. On the part of optimization, you can use alt-text to get more organic traffic on your website. Using alt-text helps search engines understand the image, and it also appears in image results in search engines.

Also, use the optimized quality of images. Otherwise, it directly impacts website speed. If you use a high-quality image, then your website loading speed will increase.

Then slow loading websites are placed down in search engine result pages. So to use a best-optimized quality of image, I suggest you try the Tiny PNG. It will optimize your image quality and reduce the size to give you the best quality image in reduced size.

7) Inter-linking on Right Place🔗 

Don’t forget to interlink your content, where it is required. Connecting your post with your other post is called interlinking.Interlink plays an essential role in SEO.

Doing internal linking helps the google search engine understand the relation between these content. Internal linking is also a ranking factor. It can increase your page views and dwell rate and reduces the bounce rate of your content.

It is suggested to link your older content with new content and use anchor text to link it. It also passes link juice to one another. If your content is not linked correctly, it will not open its organic ranking potential to its fullest. It also gives the flow of backlinks from one page to another page.

Place your links at the end of the articles, and will engage users with your website.

8) Create More Backlinks⛓️

The backlink is a link from a website to another’s website. Backlinks are the most valuable factor in getting a high rank in Google SERP. People keep trying to get backlinks from a high DA website. SEO Beginner, even expert, are also trying to earn such backlinks.

These are some tips to create backlinks:-

You can try pitching another website owner for backlinks.

Start writing guest posts for some websites.

One particular, more straightforward means to get backlinks and referral traffic would be to put your social networking profiles.

Searching for a broken link of another website and giving your content to link with it.

You can appoint an executive for SEO who will create backlinks for you.

Sometimes they buy some backlinks which are not useful. It can affect your website ranking in a reverse manner by harming your ranking.

Keep ensuring that you give a backlink to a site related to your niche; don’t build links on a different niche. If you need more information regarding how to create backlinks, then visit this blog.

 💡Do you have any other ideas to increase blog traffic?

I hope you have gone through my post to increase blog traffic. If you have any suggestions or anything that I can help you with, you are most welcome.

Please drop a comment if you require any help. If you enjoyed the content, feel free to share it with your friends and family circle.


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