Every new blogger and website owner has the same problem in their starting time: traffic and backlinks.

If you are also one of them, then this blog will help you in gaining backlinks.

✍🏻Wish to understand just how to create backlinks?

One and the most common methods to link with a website are sending a request to give a link to your website or blog. It’s much more straightforward. You only need to ask/request a website owner for a backlink.

It is the most popular way to get backlinks. But to get some of the backlinks, you need to work hard and send as many emails as you can to other website owners. Nevertheless, this isn’t just a fantastic strategy.

It is because most of the emails are ignored. You need to develop a backlink request that is not possible to ignore.

It is not that easy to figure out what website owners needed to give a backlink. If you need some high-quality backlinks, you need to write or learn how to write an excellent quality link request pitch. It’s also the most valuable skill of any SEO.

In this blog, I will elaborate the ways how to create backlinks that will work and help you gain more high-quality backlinks. Gaining backlinks to your website is a great way to improve seo performance.

✍🏻Know what a website owner needs

Many website owners or bloggers, who are not even good enough, get backlinks because they know how to pitch in the right manner. Its means many websites are well enough to give the backlinks as their content are so excellent. Such websites don’t make a good pitch, that’s why they don’t get enough backlinks.

If someone runs a blog related to my niche, I will give him/her a backlink but also figure out their content quality and pitch, too (If any). Therefore you have to enhance your pitch also.

Here is the example, which is popular to send a pitch.

Hey, (Other Website Owner Name)

I was checking out some of the articles on your website and found your post about (Post title) (Post URL).

Great Stuff.

I couldn’t help but notice you linked to that classic article about (Another Blog Title) (Its URL)
I also love that resource.


It inspired me to create a more thorough and up-to-date version. Here is the link in case you want to check it out.

(Your blog URL).

It might be worth a mention in your article.

Either way, keep up the excellent work!



(Your Name)


Many websites also want benefits. They would keep looking for more connections if the following conditions met.

  • Website content must be related to their website
  • Content must be in-depth and detailed.
  • Content must be of high quality and well proofread.
  • The last one, the website must be legitimate.

✍🏻Content Relevancy is Must

Every day, you will get pitches that are utterly unrelated to your content, so it is not meant that you need to give links to every person. You need to check the content relation. When you provide a link to a website, it must be like a supporter of your content.

The reason behind why people link to other sites are, they support what the content is about.

✍🏻Could you write for another sites?

Your website can be an authentic source for many websites as what they are looking for. You can easily do it only if you need to offer relevant content. Always keep the point in mind that if your content is not good enough, you are not able to get/create backlinks.

✍🏻Precise & Deep Content

The more in-depth and precise topics you write, the more chance to get high-quality backlinks. If you are writing great content, then naturally, it should be in detail. Longer content has better quality and gets more backlinks. There are still many ways to create backlinks, which I will also elaborate.

Readers love to read long articles/blogs. To get regular attention from search engines and readers, you need to write long articles. Due to long posts, you will also get more traffic. Always go with long content; when you write a long blog, the content will be in detail.

✍🏻Well Scripted Content

The content which you write should be checked appropriately with any tools. I suggest using Grammarly to perform such tasks. But sometimes it does not matter if you forget to place commas and semicolons in the right place. You will surely get the link from another website owner. Only the critical thing is your clear and precise content.

I also want to say that always focus on explicit content with exact information. You can also use some images, videos, and infographics when you can’t clear your point with text-based content. It will also increase your website dwell rate.

✍🏻How to create backlinks for SEO at no cost!

Backlinks are the super most search engine ranking factors. The more the backlink, the more you will get the traffic related to the quality of backlinks on your website. Due to backlinks, you will get a better ranking.

You need to track your website google ranking. When the website is being crawled. Google also keeps track of every page of your blog. To understand how you have linked your pages from each other and by which way. There are also various ranking factors for a website. Backlinks would be the most important factors to decide.

It’s also harder to get some quality backlinks, but getting such backlinks is not impossible.

✍🏻Social Bookmarking: Easy Way to Create backlinks

Do Social Bookmarking Submission to get backlinks. By doing social marking on websites, you will also get some traffic to your website. Don’t forget to do this because, when you do it, it will also let other sites know that you have submitted another blog on your website.

✍🏻Article Submission: Create Dofollow Backlinks

Doing article submission to other sites is also the best method to create backlinks. You can submit articles related to your website to grow your website. The motive behind submitting articles is to increase your website visibility and popularity.

Many websites accept articles for free, but they take time to approve your content as they verify content quality and check for any grammatical mistakes. Approving an article sometimes takes upto a week.

✍🏻Guest Post Submission

Always remember to write guest posts, not for the backlinks only. Adopting this method will make you different from others. You will also get enough backlinks to rank your blog or website.

Concentrate on sites that accept only guest articles. Keep an eye on websites like write for us, allowing guest posts.

Write only for high having high domain authority in the same niche as yours. Don’t go with a website having low DA than your website. Submitting guest posts to get backlinks from them will go in vain. They can remove your link from the content without letting you know.

You can check backlinks monitoring tools like Monitor Backlinks.

Don’t just write once to create backlinks. Build a good relationship with a website to write more than one guest post.

As submitting guest posts, you will get backlinks. But according to Matt Cutts, now accepting guest posts are a spammy technique to create backlinks. If you give such a backlink a no-follow, then it’s ok.

Don’t forget to link your social media accounts in the author’s bio of such guest posts. It will give you some traffic also and will get you some followers on social media.

✍🏻Infographics Submission

Doing infographics to build backlinks are also the favored technique to divert traffic toward your website.

It’s an easy way to understand and share your content on the internet. People love an image having data.

As such, infographics contain unique and exciting stories. Before making an infographic, you need to do a little research and analyze them; that is what people are looking for on the internet. Then create an infographic. It will give you a unique link to boost seo ranking and help you to create backlinks.


✍🏻Blog Commenting

You can even create some backlinks by commenting on other blogs. Keep your motto clear, and don’t spam. You will be marked as spam by google if you comment on thousands of blogs to get backlinks.

So if you don’t want to be a spammer, think and comment on the blog, which can be more engaging with the author. You can leave a comment to get some advice or when you need some help.

You can make your comment valuable to the author by adding some compliment and offering some tips you use to help the writer attract more readers.

While commenting, always remember to choose a high-quality website or blog having DA more than 50+.

✍🏻Broken Link Building Methods

A broken link is created when a website moves from one platform to another. When it occurs, 404 Error can be seen.


You can search on the internet about free backlink checking tools, then there you can see some broken links section. Some of the most popular free backlink checkers are Aherf, SemRush.

Fixing broken links can also be a perfect way to create backlinks. It is a one-way linking type backlink. This fixing method requires you to contact the owner of the website and report them about the broken link, and at that time, you can create content a way better than their old one.

If you already have content matching the requirements of their old post, you can ask them to place it on their website. Just ask them to give a backlink.

You need to provide the owner, the url, which is broken to find it easily. Sometimes owners refuse to give backlinks, then try on some other website and keep trying.

✍🏻Submitting Testimonials

One most natural way would be to compose a testimonial to create a high-quality backlink for your site, which you’re currently utilizing.

Just give a few minutes to a website you use and earn a backlink from there. You can write a testimonial for their product that you are using. As you are the customer of a specific product or service, the chances are high to get a backlink by submitting a testimonial.


Before writing a testimonial, you need to be a consumer of their product or services. Then you can ask them to give a backlink to your website in exchange for a positive testimonial.

Such testimonials are proof that their products are worth trying.

Before selecting to write a testimonial, figure out the domain authority of the company website. Be sure that they are high enough or above 45+. An excellent website will give you a high-quality backlink.


You can also get enough ways to create backlinks. I hope you have easily understood all the methods to create dofollow backlinks for free.

If you like this post, share with your friends and comment in the section if you found any problem while building backlinks. Feel free to ask for help during search engine optimization of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs About Creating Backlinks

How to Create Backlinks for Blogger?

There are many ways to create backlinks for your website or blog. One way is to use blog commenting. Another way to create backlinks is by submitting guest posts on relevant websites .

What Are Backlinks and How Do They Work?

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website or blog. They can either be internal or external links, both of which are important for SEO. Internal backlinks come from other pages on your website, while external backlinks are from other websites.

How to Create Backlinks Step by Step?

To create backlinks for your website or blog, you need to consider how you want to approach the task. Use content on the websites of other experts in your niche Build a community around your site. Use tools like OutreachX. Reach out to influential sites directly. Publish guest posts on blogs with high traffic volume.

What Are Backlinks and How to Create Them?

Backlinks are the links that are created from other websites to the website or blog that you want to promote . Backlinks can be used for various purposes, including getting higher search engine rankings, increasing brand awareness, and boosting conversions.
In addition to creating backlinks for your own website or blog, it’s important to create backlinks for similar websites and blogs that are relevant to yours. With those high-quality backlink opportunities available, it will be easier to get noticed by search engines like Google.

Are Backlinks Important for Seo?

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google take into account the number, quality, and relevancy of backlinks when determining how authoritative a website or blog is. However, what it also takes into account is the quantity of backlinks to each site. The more backlinks a site has, the better its ranking in search results will be.

How to Create Backlinks in Quora?

One of the easiest ways to create backlinks for your website or blog is by using Quora. Quora is a social network with questions and answers on any topic you can imagine. People frequently post questions about your company or industry so if you have an answer to one of those questions, it would be wise to post it in Quora.

Does Backlinks Help with Seo?

It’s important to note that backlinks do not always help with search engine optimization (SEO). However, backlinks can be a good way for a website or blog to kick-start their SEO campaign.

How to Create Backlinks Using Blog Comments?

You can create backlinks for your website or blog by commenting on other blogs or websites . You can engage in conversations with the site owner or writers, and mention the content of your blog.

How to Create Comment Backlinks?

The best way to create backlinks for your website or blog is to create comment backlinks. This includes obtaining a comment on your blog post, submitting a thoughtful and well-written comment on someone else’s blog, and even commenting on other websites in response to interesting articles you read.

How to Get Backlinks Without Creating New Content?

If you want to create backlinks without creating new content, there are a few ways that you can do so.
One way is by making use of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. While these sites may not provide as many links as a blog post would, they can still help you generate quality backlinks that will improve your search engine ranking .

How do beginner’s get backlinks?

For a beginner, there are a variety of ways to create backlinks for your website. Here are 5 different ways:
1. Create an account on social media and actively engage with other users on these platforms.
2. Share content from other websites.
3. Reply to comments on relevant blog posts or social media posts.
4. Post content that is relevant to the topic of your website/blog.
5. Promote related topics.

How do you get valued links to a website?

There are a few different ways to get backlinks for your website or blog. Below are five different ways you can approach this task.
1. Create your own site reviews
2. Guest blogging
3. Article marketing
4. Search engine optimization (SEO)
5. Social media marketing


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