To build more unique links, There are many keyword suggestion tools, but I prefer the one “BuzzSumo.”Visit the BuzzSumo website and then type the keyword which is related to your niche or industry. When you hit enter to search, it will show you all accessible content based on social shares.

Open the content which is high quality or In-depth detail and do the things in a step by step manner and create an image related content (i.e., Infographics) with the same article.

Don’t forget to edit it in your own words and add some more detail if you can. When you are creating the infographics, don’t forget to mention the source, that you find this source from which website. The content you write will go viral all around.

Want to know why?

Just think once that the same content is written in such a lengthy format, and you have simplified the content with infographics. People will prefer infographics over reading lengthy content.

To make your infographics, you can use many sites like Crello, Canva, PicMonkey, or you can hire a graphics designer to make it better. If you can hire a graphics designer, it will be better for you, as they are best known for their graphics skills.

Infographics must always be super visual. It should be data-rich. Don’t make it so colorful, as making it too bright,it will make it unreadable and not look pretty.

When your infographics are all set, and you posted it on your website, put an embedded code on it, so that other users can use the infographics, and give credit to you.

Now, wait for the magic. When they put the embedded code on their website. It will link back to your site.

If you don’t have the knowledge of creating embedded code, There are many of them in google you can try anyone. But i prefer you to try using a plugin on WordPress, which is also known as WP Embed Code Generator.

If you have no idea how to create an embed code, you can try any website which provides you the feature, I majorly used to create such embed, or you can also use a plugin named as WP Embed Code Generator. Just enter your URL, and embedded code will be generated to use. Then people will copy your infographics into their website.

When people use your infographics on their website, it will create a backlink, and you get some traffic from their website, it will also boost your website search engine optimization.

Again visit BuzzSumo and find the article that you converted into infographics, View shares of the article. View the full list of the person who shared them on twitter. Mail them about that “You have noticed that you have shared a blog/article on Social media” by the name Boost You Ranking in 3 Simple Steps. I have made an infographic on this.

After sending lots of mail, you will get enough response, and many of them will embed it.
You will get more traffic and more backlinks.

One more step to take a backlink, when you publish new blogs, email all the people, about that you have some new infographics.

I hope to do this will boost your ranking, and you will get enough backlinks. You can check out this Right SEO Strategy, for more increment in your website performance.


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