This new feature allows you to block some URLs from appearing in Google search results, it shows outdated content and content which is filtered by Safe Search. Google has recently originated a new google search removal tool in google search console ( I like to pronounce it as a new url removing tool).

This google search removal tool will help you by doing 3 tasks.
  • It allows you to hide any URL from showing in google search results, but the effect is temporary.
  • This will show you the content which is outdated or old because they are not in the google search result as they are old/outdated.
  • This will only show you the URL which was filtered by Google’s Safe Search adult filter.

Who can use this google search removal tool ?

This tool can only be accessed by the person who is having google search console set up for managing their website, or they should be a website owner.

How can you use/access google search removal tool ?

If you have a website and are managing then you can use this google search removal tool , You have to visit Google Search Console, Under Index Menu, then removals. If you are facing a problem to find the tool, you can directly visit the tool by clicking on the link then you must choose a property you are managing.

You can remove URLs temporarily.
This feature was once available in google search console by google. But now this feature is enhanced by some new version.By using temporary removals will not delete your URL from google index, it just hides the URL for a few months like (3 months or maybe more) from showing it in google search results.If you want to block the URL permanently, there are few other methods by which you can achieve this, like using 404 ( Page not found), by implementing it in robots.txt.Google provides us with two other methods to do this URL blocking.
  • Temporary Remove URL
  • Clear Cache URL

If you use the temporary URL removal, this will hide the URL from a google search so that it will be not visible for a few months and clear the cached copy of the URL provided by the user.

Clearing cache of URL, will clear the cached page URL and erase the page descriptions and snippets in search results until the page is crawled again by google bots.

Here is what the screen looks like:
New Google Search Removal Tool Launched in Google Search Console
Here is what the request removal seems like in the new interface:
New Google Search Removal Tool Launched in Google Search Console
Outdated content:
In this section we can get the information about the request made by Removing the outdated content with the help of google search removal tool, to update the search result that the content is no longer available on the website or the content is old/outdated.
Here We can see the history of the request made by our end to update or remove the outdated Google Search Results for our website or blogger, which was requested by us to remove outdated content in the last 6 months.

What is the SafeSearch Filter in google search removal tool ?
When a user searches for some content on Google Search, by turning active the SafeSearch Filter. After activating this filter, Most of the Explicit content like pornography or nude content, will be filtered. So that the search made by the user is safe. If still, any user found that some content is still visible, then they can submit the Google search result URL in the SafeSearch Suggestion Tool, by doing this google will improve their search result.
New Google Search Removal Tool Launched in Google Search Console
In this SafeSearch Filtering section, a website owner/manager can see which of their content is reported as adult content. Any google user can report the Specific URL using the SafeSearch suggestion tool. URL submitted by these tools is first reviewed then if the content is violating the safe search norms, then URL will be tagged as adult content; otherwise, no action is taken place.
Why is it vital for you to know this?
If you are a Digital Marketing Agent, website owner, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this google search removal tool will give you information. That why and which of your website content was removed due to some violations or need improvement ( In this case no need to worry, you can ignore it.)


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