Today, SEO specialists still occupy one of the leading positions in digital marketing. Any business strives to get more organic traffic and be in the first results of search engines. But how can a specialist himself, especially one who is beginning to be effective, use his time more efficiently, what tools to use and how to track the effectiveness of his work?

I propose to start with the fact that SEO is a set of works that focus on both external and internal site optimization (this is content and building the link mass around the resource). One of the most important tasks of SEO specialists is to improve Trust Rank for the search engines, as well as ranking in the first positions for key queries in order to attract more organic traffic.

One of the ways to track organic performance is rank tracking. Why is it necessary? This allows you to focus on ranking your site for the most important search terms, as well as keeping an eye on the ranking of your competitors.

For a beginner SEO specialist, the rank tracker is one of the most essential tools that greatly simplify work and allows you to effectively monitor progress. What is a rank tracker?

Quite simply! The rank tracker is a tool that in its work uses special proxy data to scan various search engines in order to obtain fresh data, to determine the ranking of the site and the ranking of competitors’ sites for the keywords you track.

Today, I want to tell you about Wincher Rank tracker. Of course, its main function and option is tracking positions in search engines, but there are still a few pleasant bonuses that will come in handy for a novice specialist in their work.

What is Wincher?

wincher dashboard

Wincher is accurate rank tracking that should be available for every SEO professional, marketer, and website owner.

It has all necessary features (daily ranking updates, unlimited websites, multiple users, white-labeled reports, on-demand ranking updates, API access, external users, and other) and a flexible price model.

Wincher is very easy to use and customize according to your current tasks or needs.

Regardless of whether you are tracking, just one website or several. The dashboard has a lot of tips and easy navigation through all the requested options that are necessary to evaluate or change for search engine optimization.

wincher dashboard overview

As I mentioned several times above, the advantage is clearly and simple usability – you can use both a brief overview of the average position of the site, and a complete overview of the ranking for all the keywords that you need.

wincher main page


Local Rank Tracking

Local SEO has become even more important than ever, especially, if the business is geared towards a specific location.

Any rank of search engine check is critical for any business that wants to expand locally. In general, Google continues to expand updates that are already directly related to local SEO.

Accordingly, it is important for a business to gain a competitive advantage and use the right tools to track positions locally for key queries. Wincher includes Local Rank Tracking and this allows you to more accurately determine the position in the search results for key queries, track local search rankings, identify new local keywords and compare the keywords and rankings of your competitors.

Daily ranking updates

The most important feature is updating SERP positions, because it changes promptly and you should keep your finger on the pulse.

In order to track the effectiveness of SEO, you need to get the most current position. This is necessary if you have made any changes to the website or made technical bug fixes. You can update information for keywords or specific groups of keywords when needed.

Tracking competitors and annotations

There had been too many words about what SERPs mean and the main goals of SEO, precisely because everything is built around the competition.

When there is competition for the first positions in the search results, it means that having received a higher position over the competitor, the business receives more organic traffic and the opportunity to attract potential customers. And if you want to run your business effectively, you need to know who your competitor is and what your competitive advantage is.

With feature, it is possible to group keywords and show them to competitors and ranking positions, as well as leave notes for certain keywords. I find this to be incredibly cool, especially if you are just a beginner and researching the market.

Keyword Research

This is not the main feature of the Wincher tool, but a great addition on basic level. It allows you to find relevant keywords and get excellent results. I would not compare with other Keyword Researchers, because it is quite basic keyword research tool You can evaluate your effectiveness for beginner SEO specialists it will help to collect new keywords and compare with other.

On-page SEO tool

on page seo checker wincher

On-page SEO Checker are unlimited free features without any registration. You can absolutely free evaluate the technical and content part of any page on your site for key queries, as well as get real advice on how to optimize the page in accordance with the requirements of your search engine. Try it right now!

Pricing of this SEO tool

wincher pricing

Wincher has especially flexible pricing mode, it is good for beginner SEO specialists, since for little money you can get the maximum of functions, as well as change the number of options depending on your needs.

The simplest pricing plan starts at 29 EUR/montly, which allows you to track 500 keywords daily.

Moreover, in order to enjoy all the benefits there is a 14-day free trial period, no credit cards required! I consider, it one of the important conditions and advantages of the tool that it is possible to test all features and decide whether the tool is suitable for the job or not!

More information about the price you can find here.

Final thoughts

Summing up, Wincher, as a tool, is the best assistant especially for a beginner SEO-specialist. The main idea is clarity and quality. I tested it for a couple of weeks, I can confidently say that I will use it in the future.

Try it!


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