How to start a Blog?

It’s an important question, starting an own blog is an amazing thing. Building a platform or community of your own to spread knowledge, facts, views on anything like : fashion, beauty, technology, gaming, movies, comics, science and so on.

It’s like creating an entire universe of your own where you are a superhero saving people from difficulties and confusion by giving them the knowledge they need.

So ready! Let’s start and learn How to start a blog? And How to become a successful blogger?

How To Start A Blog in 2023

  • Step 1: Choose the Blogging Platform
  • Step 2: Select your Niche
  • Step 3: Get a Blog & domain name
  • Step 4: Getting the hosting to start the blog
  • Step 5: Choose the Design of your blog
  • Step 6: Inserting WordPress plugins
  • Step 7: Planning the content
  • Step 8: Writing your first Blog post
  • Step 9: Adding pages on your blog
  • Step 10: Getting social / Creating Community

And How you can make money from your blog

Find Your Magical Land

First thing on How to start a blog? A place, know where to start your blog.

There are a number of platforms out there, so whom to chose?

How To Start A Blog in 2023 (Blogging Guide For Beginners)

We all look for easy and simple things right!

Then WordPress got your back. 37% of the websites running from the whole internet in the world runs on it.

But be aware that is not your destination, it’s a whole different thing. What you want is at the Go there and sign up for a blog.

Choose your Superpower

Now, let’s find out your superpowers or to say, the niche of your blog means finding a topic about which your blog would spread knowledge.

You still haven’t chosen that? Worry not, we’re right here. It’s pretty simple, chose the superpower you love, likewise write about the thing you know, that’s it. You love technological stuff, write about that, you like fashion designing, let that be written.

Just don’t run behind two rabbits, chose one specific topic, as having a single topic decides your target audience and Google also likes the websites which runs around a single topic.

For further more help,

Here are a few tips which will help you in choosing:

Find a topic about which you’re ready to learn. A topic that you can talk and learn about for hours. It could be anything, which you’ll love to talk about. Something you read on internet, something you follow and like on social media.

Still have some confusion?

Allright! Let’s do this. Get a pen and a paper, write down ten things that you’ll like to talk about like :- fashion, movies, technology, science, comics, finance, motivation, health care, gym and so on. Now try to write two to three lines on any specific thing in each topic without any reference, now list down three topics, which were easier to write about. Now imagine learning for hours on these three topics and see which one you feel would be easier for you to learn non-stop.

And boom! You got your Superpower A.K.A Topic.

Let’s get your Superhero name

To start a blog and become successful you must have a name right. So, while deciding the domain name, you must keep some things in mind like, It should be :-

  • Simple to remember
  • Simple to type
  • Simple to pronounce
  • Simply brandable

Your domain name will be the URL which a user would use to open the blog.

For example;

Know that for a custom domain, you have to pay some amount of money for a year.

Following are a few rules which would help you finding your blog and domain name:

As I’ve told before, your domain nameshlukd be easy and simple to pronounce and type.

Try your best to not make it confusing for the user.

Many people use and you should try too, the Bluehost domain suggestion feature to check if their chosen domain name is available to take or not.

Your superhero name (blog name) is a crucial part, as it matters a lot. You can have it on your name like ‘neilpatel’ to make yourself a brand.

But I would prefer to have a generic name, as it would make a greater impact and in future you can have people to run it and enjoy your solopreneurship.

Keep the four rules stated above in mind while choosing a name. Here are a few more things not-to-do while choosing a blog name.

Do not exceed the name of your blog more than 12 characters. Ex: iamurteacher

Do not try domain extension like .info, .net and so on.

Always prefer the top level domain name extensions like  .com or  .org, it will help in you in your search rankings.

You still want a headquarter, right

Now Let’s setup a hosting for your blog.

Web-hosting is your headquarters, it is where your wordpress will be installed. It is simply a server which stays online 24*7 and it stores all your data like images, your design and so on.

There are a lot of histing platforms out there, but the one which is most popular and useful among the bloggers is Bluehost, as it has all the features you would need for your blog like:

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain name (Saving of $12/year)
  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Live chat support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • And it will cost you a $2.95/month

Now that you know where to find a hosting, let’s buy it.

Go to or your can try from this link: Hostinger Black Friday Sale

Tap on Get started now

Select the basic plan, if you wanna start one blog and if you want to start more than one then chose the plus plan.

On the next page, you can get your free domain name, but if you still haven’t came up with one you can chose it later.

Heading to the next page, fill up your personal information, look out for package extras as you can skip some of them if you wanna save money.

Tip: Apart from Domain privacy protection cancel out everything.

Now to the payment information, pay the calculated sun that will appear on your screen by any of the methods given.

Done with payment!

Now Bluehost will give you a setup ready made blog on next 10 minutes and would save your time and energy.

Bluehost will automatically install wordpress on your blog and would give you a ready made blog with the basic theme. You can change it if you want as you have the dashboard now, you are all set up to start.

Time for your attractive costume

Headquarters? Done!

Superpower? Done!

Name? Done!

Now it’s time for your costume, because what’s a superhero without an attractive costume.

So now let’s get the design of your blog done.

This is one of the most interesting part while making a blog.

To give a beautiful and attractive first appearance to your readers, you need a beautiful theme for your blog.

In wordpress, there are a lot of themes already available for you to choose according to your need.

Head over to Appearance > Themes

Choose the theme you love, install it by the blue button present there and then activate it to see how it looks.

Now if you still want to choose a third party theme, you are allowed for that too. Download your theme from chrome and then go to Add New portal in wordpress dashboard and upload the zip file from your device to activate it.

Let’s get you some sidekicks

You have almost done setting up your blog, now let’s do the last thing before starting adding content.

You should add some basic plugins to make your blog ready enough to start. There are a vast number of plugins that you can install but for now to start, I’m telling you  a small number of them to install and get ready :

  • Yoast SEO
  • ShortPixels
  • Jetpack by

 Done with the steps until now! Now you are ready to start doing the main thing.

Let’s create and add content.

Time to make a Plan

Before starting writing, you need to make a plan.

First, know what are you gonna write on, a specific topic.

Second, get keywords from any keyword planner.

Third, read and learn a little more on what you’re gonna write about.

Fourth, let’s start writing.

Let’s get to the Job

Now, let’s start the main course, write your first article.

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while writing your first article:

When you start writing your article, write in a way that you’re talking to a person sitting besides you. Writevin the first person tone, as there will be a person reading your post, like you are reading this so you can notice that this article is written in the tone of ‘I’ and ‘You’.

Try to cover all the possible aspects of your topic and do not worry about the length, you can write more than 1000 or 2000 words, just try not to cross 2500 words as it would get too long to read for audience.

If you wanna level up your content in SEO measures, you can read our other posts on how to write content if you increase your rankings.

After Work

Now, done with posting the first blog.

Let’s head over to pages, these are some important pages that you should have on your blog.

About page: For the details about your blog and owner(you)

Contact page: It contains the contact form, you can use free content form of wordpress or use a plugin for that.

Media Kit page: You don’t need it right away, but you should know it for future. It is place where you would write about you blog traffic and the advertising options that you offer.

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Disclosure Page
  • Terms & Conditions

Building a community

Now that almost everything have done, your first blog is live, you should start thinking about making it social so that your audience can join your community.

You just need to make some accounts on famous social media by the name of your blog and connect them to the social widgets on your site.

What to get in return?

Done with all the basic steps of how to start a blog in 2023! Now let’s go through the outcomes of blogging, some people do it to gain knowledge, some do it for passion and personal branding and some do this to make money. There are a large number of blogger out there who make money by blogging.

Many have blogging as their major source of income. But don’t think that it’s this easy, it takes a lot of hard work and efforts. It depends on your content, competition in your niche, your primary target audience and many more.

Some of the best ways to make money through blogging are :

  • Affiliate marketing (best)
  • Google AdSense
  • AdSense Alternatives (Infolinks, Chitika)
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Launch E-commerce Store
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Courses
  • Sell Your Own Product

Earning entirely depends upon the quality of your content, number of visitors and source of calling the audience. Organic audience are the best and most targeted once and help you a lot to generate money.

If your blog gets approx 30,000 readers per month, then you can easily generate an income out of your blog. Remember, attracting people to read your blog is very must and needed to generate an income, for which you might need help of many good optimization strategies, Search engine optimization techniques that makes your blog rank higher in the search results of Google.


Creating a blog, getting domain and a hosting sets you up a place to give the world knowledge which you have in a way that readers easily understand and come back to learn more. You can make money from your blog if you have a strong base of quality content and audience.

Great job! Now you must’ve cleared your question on how to start a blog in 2023.

If you still have any questions or queries, feel free to comment or contact us.


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