How To Start A Blog in 2023 (Blogging Guide For Beginners)

"Choose the Blogging Platform" There are lots of platform to start from like wordpress, blogger, Wix and lot more.

"Select your Niche" Always choose the niche, on which you think that you have mastery.

"Get a Blog & Domain name" Choosing a right name for name for your blog is also an important step.

"Get the hosting to start the blog" Always choose the appropriate hosting according to your need, as you are going to start your new journey.

"Choose the Design of your blog" Selecting perfect theme and making it more perfect by few customization can bring you a desired efforts soon.

"Inserting WordPress plugins" You can install the plugins which are required to make you task easy and remember don't install too much plugins. It can make your website slow then tortoise. 

"Planning the content" Before writing any content do well topic research. You can choose the trending topics from your selected niche.

"Start with Keyword Research" After topic finalization you can start doing intense keyword research and select few long tail keywords on which you can easily rank you blog.

"Writing your first Blog post" Now comes the important step to create you well curated content. Remember all seo things clear before writing content like keyword density, headings, inbound and outbound links and lot more.

"Adding pages on your blog" Creating essential pages for your blog are also required to build a strong pillar. Like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us.

"Getting social / Creating Community" After creating you masterpiece content, dont forget to share you content on social media , so that you can get some visibility there as well.