Are you in a rush to lose weight in one month?


on a second. 


you stretch and rush to the gym, like everyone else since the lockdown lifted,

you should know about one thing.

There is a right way to lose weight and a wrong way.

The right way will aid you to lose weight in a month and maintaining it.

The wrong way will help you lose weight temporarily. 

So, here are the tips to lose weight in a month safely.

First things first: How much weight loss is OK?

You can’t lose 40 kilos in one month; it’s not safe. Not only your lost weight will rush back to you, but it will also damage your body in many ways. 

What you need is to understand how much to lose weight sustainably.

What is sustainable weight loss?

Sustainable weight loss is weight loss that you

can sustain. It’s shedding extra kilos of fat, not muscle. It’s stepping out of the gym and not being near-death but excited.  

In simple words, it’s losing weight in a way that you can sustain for a long time. So, must find out how much weight can you lose in a month.

Experts say that sustainably, you should aspire to lose more than 2 pounds in a week.

So, let’s see the seven ways you can sustainably lose weight in a month

How to lose weight in a Month?

Drink water as soon as you are out of bed

When you’re up, your eyes are dry, and your body, dehydrated. You need water as the first step to recover from your sleep. So, as soon as you step off your bed, move to your kitchen. Grab a glass, put it under running water and let H2O fill it up. Slowly drink your water and then relax to take the next step.

With your belly full of water, it’s time to stretch

Now that you have water in your stomach, you have to move it around to lubricate your internal organs. So now, you must start a stretching routine. 

Just drop a mat on the ground and then lay on it calmly.

Start by using your hand to hold your knee and then pulling it to your chest. Wait for 20 seconds, then do the same with your other knee. 

After this, stand up with legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly move your head downwards with your hands moving towards your toes. Once you are down, stay in that position for 30 seconds. 

Repeat those routines four times. You will start to feel a rumble in your stomach – telling you that it is time to eliminate the waste.

Workout in the morning

Once you complete your morning routine, you must take time to step into the gym and

work out. Yes, I know. As far as fitness advice go, this one is generic as hell. But, you don’t have a choice in this particular matter. If losing weight in one month is your goal, you have to give your all at the gym. There isn’t any other option here.

If you have never looked inside a gym even once, here is a tip. Grab the first trainer you find and ask him to give you a beginner’s routine. Most of it would involve stretching. But as you have already done that, you can ask for something else. 

After seeing your excitement, your trainer will provide you option to choose among different exercises. Try them all, and select the one you enjoy the most. 

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When working out, stay consistent.

Now that you have chosen a routine that suits you best, you have a challenge. Stick by it. Weight loss is directly proportional to consistency. Thus, it is time to accept your gym as your second home. 

And it is not going to be easy. Some days, your tiredness will get the best of you. And other days, you will feel like you could be doing something else more productive. But it is you who have to still those thoughts and show up at the gym regularly.


But consistency at the gym is not enough; you have to eat right too.

So, here is a vegetarian diet plan to lose weight in a month.

Have a high protein morning meal

Once you are out of your gym, you will get intense hunger pangs. You can either succumb to them and have a piece of chocolate cake. Or, you can resist and have a high-protein morning meal.

And when it comes to high protein morning meals, oats are your best friend. Just grab a bag, take a spoonful, drop in warm water and let it simmer for a while. Collect the soft oats in a bowl, fill it with fruits that you love the most, and viola, your hearty morning meal is ready.

The high protein concentration will help with muscle recovery. 

If you want your morning meals to be more filling, you can try tofu. 

It is what I have done for my weight loss. I sprinkle 50 grams of tofu on my bowl of oats. It makes the meal heftier, and I start to feel energized. 

If you have been consistent for a long time, you can add

protein powder to your oats. It will aid in faster muscle recovery and make you look forward to the rest of the day.

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Choose a medium-sized meal for lunch.

Most of you are in the office during lunch. So, there are not many options for you. However, if you make smarter decisions, you can make the most out of it. Pack a light lunch. Make sure to have just enough to make you feel energized, but not so much that you feel bloated.

I follow a vegetarian diet. Thus, my lunch is two Rotis, veggies and salad. It’s not too much, but it’s not too little either. It’s just enough to make me not feel hungry for many hours. Sometimes the vegetables I eat are not something I like. So, I also eat unsweetened yogurt as a side dish.

For dinner, go as light as possible.

If you are a beginner, you will feel like you have been starving yourself for the whole day. But, to make your weight loss experiment in one month a success, you

have to stick by this tip and eat only light meals during dinner.

Dinner doesn’t have to be miserable for you. There are recipes available online that you can follow to make the most out of the few ingredients.

As for me, I eat one Roti, a bowl of veggies, and one hundred grams of tofu. Not only do I get a high-protein meal at night, but I also feel enough energy in me to take care of my night projects.

There is also a vegan diet plan to lose weight in a month. However, if you are from India, sustaining a vegan diet can be difficult because of the cost. Therefore, choose the best that you can and start losing.

Final Words

If you want to lose max weight in a month, you must embrace your desire to be fit. You have to realize that sticking to a routine is the key. Without it, losing weight is nothing more for you than a losing bet.

When you get your body used to this routine, you will follow it without even noticing. One day, when you look down, you will finally see abs emerging in the area where there used to be a beer belly.


By Gaurav Mahajan

Soul Mahajan is a gamer, a writer, and a fitness Junkie. As someone who recently got into fitness and obsessed with it, he harbors a lot of interest in the supplement industry. When he is not knee-deep in research about supplements so that he knows that he is buying the supplements that are not duplicates, he is gaming or writing about it.

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