What is Google Hummingbird?

Google always tries to deliver the best result according to users’ query, but there are lots of search engines in the market like Yahoo, Bing, Lycos, Ask.com, AOL.com, Baidu, Yandex.ru and a lot more. Due to competition as if we do not include some new features, then we will not be able to attract visitors.

What is before the Hummingbird Algorithm?

Firstly the user tries to search for short keywords or short queries. Maximum times it shows the result, which is not precise and fast. That means the relevancy of content is not optimized.

For Example, A user tries to search “Pizza Hut Delhi” in the google search engine. Then after hitting enter, the answer will be as follows.

Pizza Hut Mumbai

Pizza Hut Noida
Pizza Hut Delhi
Pizza Hut Kerala and a lot more.

As you have seen the search result. The relevancy of what a user enters and what google shown is different. To sort this problem, Google launched Hummingbird Algorithm. Google announced Hummingbird on 2013,26th September.

After launching this algorithm, there were no such negative impacts on search result and ranking, but due to this launch, the Google search engine got speed and accuracy, for which the Hummingbird is known. After this algorithm, google gained more popularity because now all search results were too precise and too fast.

After this Hummingbird Algorithm. What changes you will notice is as follows. Take the above Example for better understanding.

For Example, A user tries to search “Pizza Hut Delhi” in the google search engine. Then after hitting enter, the answer will be as follows.

Pizza Hut Delhi

Pizza Hut Delhi, Sagarpur
Pizza Hut Delhi, Tilak Nagar
Pizza Hut Delhi, Uttam Nagar
Pizza Hut Delhi, Mayapuri

What is the benefit of this algorithm?

As you search for pizza hut Delhi, then the result before this algorithm you have seen it. It shows the outcome, which is not relevant. But now after this new algorithm, you will see the result that it shows all the result which is under Delhi and the result which is in Delhi. The user can easily co-relate with the places.

Hummingbird motioned to all site proprietors that Google had its sights set on expanded comprehension of the genuine aim behind clients’ ventures, seeing entire inquiries for setting as opposed to regarding them as a series of keywords. Hummingbird’s emphasis on coordinating question setting to results depends on the insight of Google’s innovation. Hummingbird is intended to work successfully in a universe of natural language.

What to do, If your website is affected by Google Hummingbird?

Many users and website owners have observed that their website traffic and visibility of their content on google’s search engine result page is decreasing. Maybe this is due to this hummingbird algo, and this algo hits your website. Now you need to check the full update of google hummingbird algorithm, on which it will affect.Then improve your content to get free from this effect.

The most heavily impacted by google hummingbird algorithm is google search engine features like Knowledge graphs and Semantic Searches.

What are semantic searches?

It means the essence of something. It always seeks to improve the search accuracy by understanding the user’s requirement and the meaning of the term which appears in the database of Google. As the word can have many synonyms and can provide more accurate results.

Knowledge graph in google search results is the symbol of its accuracy in semantic search.

How do you see this algorithm?

By introducing this hummingbird algorithm, Google has shown that it keeps an eye on the necessity of each website owner wanting to increase its website searches. Google treats the users to query into a context instead of only keywords.

Google always tries to pick the useful resources which identify and publish the content which is most popular on google search. When your content and what users are searching is matching, then the article/blog may be seen on high rank. Even that content/answer can also get a chance to be placed in a featured snippet.

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