How to rank website on google is a significant problem for SEO’s. It’s more frustrating when you see your keywords ranking on the 7-8-9th page of google search engine. After the continuous effort to improve your performance and ranking.

Are you in the same position as me? I know all of this because I went through this many times. It looks like Google is the enemy of your website, trying to stop your website from ranking. I also feel that all efforts have gone in vain. Nothing will work on your website.

Does it look similar to you? Your search ends here.

Here you will find a practical path for how to rank website on google.

SEO consists of a variety of techniques and strategies by which you can rank website on google. Now the modern time is having a huge amount of competition. To stand away from the crowd, you need to perform something different than others. However, many people don’t know how to rank your website on google.

Here are the techniques that you need to follow to rank website on google’s first page.

The most important and fastest way to rank website on google, is to improve your website’s on-page seo. It can recover so fast to enhance your performance and ranking as well.

On-Page optimization of any content, pages, or post needs proper attention of not more than 5 minutes, and then you can expect improvement in a few days.

On-Page SEO

1) Start Optimizing your Meta Title

One thing which is important while writing content, is the title. The title must include your main/primary keyword at the starting of any title. Optimize the title length upto 60 characters.

25 tested tips How to rank website

The reason behind putting the main keyword at the beginning of the title is that google keeps an intense view of any content. Showing keywords on starting gives google an idea about our main focus of the content. It also helps you to rank website on google.

While selecting keywords needs extensive research. Otherwise, you can make your site fall from the mountain anytime. I have also seen that many experts use it to make titles by putting focus keywords at the start of the title.

It is not mandatory to use. It is advisable to use because it makes it more relevant to those people who use that specific term in search engines.

2) Keyword placement in the content

When you are writing content, then you need to keep one thing in mind is keyword placements in the content. While placing keywords, put them in your first paragraph. It will also enhance performance to rank website on google.

Its not advisable to use this tactic because it will not be much relevant to google.

Placing keywords in the first paragraph gives google a better understanding of the content.

3) Use of Outbound Linking

Linking your content with some other useful content that can help your visitors to understand the content in a better way. Linking to other websites brings more traffic to our website.

People overthink about this topic and don’t link to other content, and leave the visitor confused. If your user gets confused, then you will not be able to rank website on google. Insight of google, linking to another content makes your website more authentic and trust-worthy.

4) Add Click-Bait in Meta Description

First, writing a meta description should not contain more than 200 characters. In the google search engine, only 160 characters will be shown. So its better to write upto 160 characters. Adding such clickbait-like title can help you to rank website on google as well as boost your ctr.

The meta description should be like clickbait so that people will be forced to click on your link. Always include a call to action in your meta description to attract visitors to let them click on the content.

5) URL Optimization of the blog

Optimizing every aspect needs proper attention. URL is one of the most important while optimizing websites. Including keywords in the url will give your website importance with related search terms.

If the search term were included in your url, it would make more relevancy with the search intent. You should include your primary or main keyword in the url. Don’t make the url too long. Try to keep it as short as possible.

6) Putting keywords, No Keyword Stuffing

Creating content and making it more relevant to users’ search terms is not an easy task. Always put keywords in the content in a natural way. Don’t put unnecessary keywords in the content. Putting keywords also helps to rank website on google.

Keep your content keywords density under 1-2%. That can be easily understood if you have a content of 300 words and put the keyword 3 times. Making content with keyword stuffing will put your website under penalty.  

7) Writing Detailed Content

Always write the content in very detail. Before writing content, do keyword research, and you can take 4-5 references for help. Write content in a way that none of any article was written.

Keep your content length to a minimum of 1000 words. Writing to such length can bring your content in long-tail keywords. Also, it benefits to rank website on google. Correct your grammar mistakes, if any.

The last step before publishing is to check the plagiarism of the content. Sort out all copied content, if any. Writing high-quality, deep analyzed and plag free content will perform more than copied and low-quality content.

8) Link Your Content (Internal linking)

You should not forget internal-linking if you want to maintain the bounce rate of your website and want to rank website on google.  It helps to flow link juice and improves navigation from one post to another post.

Navigating users from one page to other related content reduces bounce rate and increases dwell rate.

In terms of crawling, if you don’t use interlinking, it will lead to a dead-end of the website. It also helps bots to reach easily from one to another content in an efficient manner. Link your 3-4 older content to the new one.

9) Optimize every image

Images are the most important part of any website, they make websites look great and engage users. If you use images of high quality, it will increase website load time. Always use optimized images and put alt-text in your images. 

how to rank website on google

You can use long-tail keywords or your main keywords too. Renaming the image related to your website content makes it more relevant to your content, which helps to rank website on google easily. Your image can also be ranked with your primary keyword in search engines.

10) Use of Long Tail Keywords

If you want to rank website on google, try using long-tail keywords. There are simple reasons to use long-tail keywords, that is such keywords are less in volume or searched less, less competition value. One main reason behind such keywords are, they have a high conversion ratio.

Long-tail keywords are easy to rank due to their competition. So, if you want to rank a brand new website, you can go with long-tail keywords first. It’s not that easy to rank a website on single-word keywords. So use long-tail keywords.

You can take help to find out less competitive keywords from google keyword planner.

11) Try to use LSI Keywords

Do you have an idea of LSI keywords? If not, then pay attention that LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are also called synonyms of the primary keyword; you are focusing on the content.

LSI keywords are used because it is now part of google’s algorithm. It helps Google to understand the searching pattern of any keywords in various forms of queries. It also allows users to give better search results according to the search term. Using LSI keywords in content helps to rank website on google.

12) Boost your website speed

If you have well-optimized each and everything, but your website is taking too much time to respond, visitors will drop your site and jump to another helpful site. A slow website is also bad for both users and crawlers/spiders.

Here is the reason. If google bots came to crawl your website, but your site responded too late or not responded in time. Then the crawler will go back to another site. You can lose ranking also if you have a slow website. It can stop you from achieving your goal to rank website on google.

boost website speed to rank on google

There are many reasons which can slow down your website, like your hosting service, too many http requests, too many plugins, high quality, large size images, and it can also be a caching problem. Try to sort them out for better speed.

Eliminating all problems can give you a fair chance to rank website on google easily.

13) Mobile-friendliness of website

Everyone has a mobile phone to surf, browse or chat. The most important part is that most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. So it’s very important to serve them more efficiently.

Mobile-friendliness enables the user to view the content without any problem, eliminating the use of pinch or zoom to read the content.  Due to mobile-friendliness, the content is presented in a way that helps users to read and easily interact with the site.

To make the website mobile-friendly, use responsive themes because such themes adjust the width according to the device’s size. You can check on google’s mobile-friendly testing tool, whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

25 Tested Tips: How to rank website on google

Now, after covering all on-page aspects, we can jump to another part that is off-page seo. It also plays an important role torank website on google.

Off-Page SEO

Both on-page and off-page are necessary to rank website on google’s first page. They are incomplete without each other. Off-page, seo consists of practices that are way beyond any website.

The major activity involved in off-page seo is to build high-quality backlinks. But only making backlinks are not enough; there are a lot more activities to handle in off-page seo.

14) Creating High-Quality Backlinks

The most important factor to rank website on google, is where you have created backlinks. This is the most frustrating task for all seo, who create backlinks. Getting backlinks from quality websites are now hard but not impossible.

Always ensure that you are creating backlinks on high-quality websites. Otherwise, you won’t be able to rank any keyword on search engines. To rank your website, in the search engine, only you need valuable and quality backlinks.

Tactics used to create high-quality & authoritative backlinks are as follows.

15) Fixing Broken Links of Other Website

If you are good at fixing broken links, then you should also try this technique. All you need to do a deep search operation on your niche websites. Aim to find any broken links and replace the content pointing to your website. It’s like an opportunity to fix broken links because no one likes to have a broken link on the website.

If any broken link was found, then you should contact the website owner. You can get a favor as you find some broken links on the website. You can ask him to link your high-quality and well-described content with their website and give a backlink in favor.

If you are lucky, you will get the backlinks and also rank website on google. The problem is how you will find such broken links on any website.? You need tools like Ahref, SEMrush to perform search operations.

16) Most Popular Skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean introduced the skyscraper technique. It helps to earn high-quality backlinks. Just follow 3 simple rules to make quality backlinks that can help you rank website on google.

a) First, find the most famous content in your niche that is linked by many websites.

b) Create more in-depth and long content on the same topic and post it on your website.

c) Share or promote your content related to your niche to the people who want it. If they love the content, they can link to your website.

17) Guest Posting

The very easy method to get backlinks from any related niche. In the guest posting, you can post on any website (it must be related to the same category you are dealing with). You need to keep searching websites that accept your post on their website. Otherwise, rejection is the only way for them.

You have to try only on websites having high-quality da and pa.  You can also send pitches to many websites, as they don’t directly deal with guest posting. For guest posts, create a high-quality pitch.

18) Question-Answering on Quora

Everyone has confusion and questions that need answers to clarify. Quora is the medium where you can share your knowledge with a large audience and divert traffic towards your website. Hence you can see the higher rank website on google.

People give an upvote to high-quality and informative content and downvote low and misinformative content. The more upvotes you get, you will be more popular. You can promote your website regarding sales and can generate traffic.

19) Basic Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also another way to generate backlinks. Commenting can also bring traffic to your website. According to new link type rules, comments are classified as user-generated content. It also helps small and new websites to index in a faster way. It brings referral traffic to your website.

Always post valuable comments in the comment section. You can also drop a link in the comment to point to any helpful resource. It is also a great way to connect with other bloggers around the globe.

20) Keep Active on social media

Sharing is caring. It is also suitable for bloggers who are new to this line. Sharing your content on social media can bring social traffic to your website. Sharing brings reach to a post if you share it in groups.

You can gain popularity on social media and promote your website easily. Only you need to be active. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, instagram can bring tons of traffic or users to your blog website.

21) Blog Promotion

Promoting is another way to get popular and traffic. It lets people know that your blog website exists. You can advertise through many modes like paid ads or by just organic. Organic promotion needs more patience, but it can help you a lot to rank website on google.

You can reach out to any influence to promote your blog. After posting content on a website, share it on social media and mention the influencer to make it more popular.

22) Keep an eye on Google Algorithms

Google aims to present high-quality and precise information in front of its visitors. It brings new changes from time to time to improve user engagement.

Google also hates spam websites and links, so they bring algorithms to make them down by bringing penalties to them. Always present great information and useful too. Without seeing google algorithms, it will be hard to rank website on google.

You can also rank, in top search results, whether your website is new. Only you need to post quality content that follows all Google guidelines.

23) Bounce Rate Reduction

It’s tough to make users read your entire content. If your content is more engaging, then you can get a high dwell rate.

If people visit your page from the search console, and after a few seconds, visitors click back to search results. In Google’s perspective, your content is not valuable to the user, so you will see a small drop in the position or unable to rank website on google, due to such bounce rates.

If you put some images, videos, charts, and gifs to make content more engaging. It also helps to understand the content in a better way.

24) Filter Underperforming Keywords

Ranking in the top 10 is not an easy game. You need to put in smart work too. To rank website on Google’s first page, you need to figure out your underperforming keywords. You can filter with the help of a google search console and many paid tools like Ahref & SEMrush. Just visit the search console and click on the queries tab to view all keywords. Filter with position and check keywords appearing on 11th position.

Why 11th?

Because still now your content is ranking on the second page, but if you figure out the keywords and make some more improvement on them. There will be a high chance to rank them on the 10th position or the first page. 

25) Following Guidelines of Google

All the suggested tips here are quality guidelines. Many people follow these to rank website on google. If any activities are not listed here, they are not widespread, or google finds it the wrong practice.

Some of such practices are keyword stuffing, cloaking, bots traffic, Sneaky Redirects, Content Automation, Hidden Text or Links, Automated Queries to Google, Creating pages with duplicate content, Doorway Pages, and a lot more.

There are stringent actions against black hat seo, which can lead any website to a permanent ban. Think from a user’s perspective to improve your website. Always think for your visitors what they need in the content, which can make content more engaging.


To rank website on google search engine is not rocket science. But to rank some keywords, it is more difficult to improve without proper tactics. So it’s essential to enhance keywords that have more potential to rank.

You can only rank your keywords when your content is related to the user’s search intent and engaging.

If you get stuck on to rank website on google when your website is new. You can try the above 25 tips to rank it on google.

If still, there are any tips that I forget to mention, please write them below in the comment section.


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