This is modern time, and every small industry, organization, and startup wants to grab their audience’s attention. But they still fail to do so.

SEO is the only thing that needs more focus and more time (patience). If SEO is not working for you, it doesn’t mean that you will start blaming seo. It is not the one thing that gives you instant results like paid ads and marketing.

When some say that There is no use of SEO now“, “SEO is useless“. It hurts a lot. There are many reasons behind your SEO not working.

SEO fails, for a most common reason, which is expecting very much high sales, ranking or traffic on a website.

Before you start seo, you need to understand that Palaces are not built in one day. You need to place a single brick by brick, to make it.

Reasons which can make your seo not working

1) Expecting the Unexpected

When someone starts seo, they need to expect results within 3 months of time, which is minimum. If your competition is of low category. You can even rank a keyword in one day if there is no competition for the keywords you have sorted.

Some people expect that seo will make their business grow in a few days. That’s not the way seo work. Gaining engagement, traffic and ranking can not be achieved in one day. Hard/smart work is needed to make it possible.

2) Placing your hands too early

Same as for earning organic traffic on your website, you need to work regularly. SEO can’t be done by just pressing a button to make it active or inactive. SEO needs time.

All things matter, like the way you make your website links, linking to other domains or backlinks, updates in Google algorithm. Your website content, landing pages, speed, etc.

SEO is a thing that is too time consuming when the boss or your team-leader asks for ranking and performance on the website. After knowing maximum reasons, there are a few of them which are still unknown to us.

These unknown factors make people give-up too early. Some time you need to wait for the link to be crawled and then indexed. Before getting benefits from a website, you need to wait until Google crawls the link you make on a website. Time is required to make it feasible.

3) Be strategic than tactical

Many seo strategies need more time to test and give their result. You need to work on all aspects of your website, like improving its interlinking to make it make smooth crawling for bots. Optimizing content and tags. Creating backlinks on the same website will not give you much benefit than making links on different websites.

SEO not working can be a truth if you don’t proceed with a proper strategy and a right direction. A guided strategy consists of proper research, defining goals, making a plan to reach out, Checking its impact. Having such tactics make it proceed faster.

4) Obsolete Approach

If you do a thing which is of ancient time, then this will make you say seo not working. From time to time all things are changing, so we need to adopt new ways to approach the same thing in different manners.

The black hat seo approach is one of the major approaches, which is old fashioned and throws your website under penalty. Be sure to sort a person who has a seo experience to make your website in a progressive order.

5) Low Volume of Audience

The interest of the market is unpredictable, you will notice a change in volume or many keywords in the google keyword planner. You can’t blame employees that seo not working.

SEO is the only way to improve any business. It can be of any niche. Seo will not be able to help you if you are targeting the wrong audience. You can’t get ranking on any keywords on that audience, when they are not searching for the service you provide.

You won’t be able to convert them to your desired customer. Seo will not work and you will not be able to generate traffic and gather leads too.

You can make it more clear by this example, You are selling a product which people don’t even know, that such things are available in the public market. If anybody knows a little bit, they will research and then think of buying it.

You need to create product awareness, services awareness in the public. Doing such awareness programs will create desire towards your product/services.

Choosing the right audience for the right niche is the major key to success in SEO.

6) SERP Against You

The search engine result page is changing, time to time. SERP sometimes promotes videos, images rather than a single piece of content. Changing result layouts and ways of showing results are changing rapidly.

An organic result contains one single content. Different layouts can be seen each time you enter a single keyword in a search engine. Like sometimes you see a featured image, a video and straight information.

You need to figure out what type of content related to your niche is promoted by SERP. Do some research and after a deep analysis, reach a point. That this type of content, format will be beneficial to use to promote your business in SERP.

7) Issues with IT Professional

Many IT professionals don’t like SEO. Because of one reason that is updating rapidly or regularly according to seo need. Change in functions, layout & website architecture request make them angry.

SEO will not work alone without IT. When we want to improve or update technical mistakes from a website, IT person nods, their head or says. It will be done but remain untouched. Without IT professionals help, seo will not be able to check by themselves and improve site speed and update CMS.

8) Problem With UX (User Experience)

If one website has a poor UX, then doing seo will make all efforts in vain. UX is like a very important structure of any website, due to this you may get to the sky or hell. Getting ranking and traffic is another aspect but not getting conversion is another thing.

Having a poor UX will make your user go away from the targeted page. Then seo is considered a failure.

A great website relies on a great UX.

9) Unsupportive Team Structure

Every work needs a proper team structure to grow the business. Working for a company, besides experience and commitments, the team is responsible. Unsupportive team members can even break your seo efforts.

Team structure plays an important role, to grow in seo. Like seo, a person depends on content writers, graphic designers, and IT professionals. When all of them do not work in a proper manner, SEO can’t be succeeded.

10) Insufficiency of Funds

To do research, analysis and designing funds are the basic requirements. Doing SEO is a thing which needs some cost, tools required to do analysis need funds, nothing is free in this world.

Without funds nothing can be made. You can’t change designs, website architecture even if you can’t create content for your website.

11) Website Full of Low-Quality Links

Creating a website and optimizing it is necessary, but if your website is connected to spam websites, zero quality websites, then all efforts are in vain. Backlinks give trust to another website, that connected website is a trustable source.

It’s good to get links from a website that are more reliable than your website. It can bring more referral traffic towards your site. It also helps in improving domain authority of websites. If you need help to create high quality backlinks, this guide will help you a lot.

You should always link to relevant information, if the user found it helpful. You have more chances to get more backlinks. If you see your website is getting down, then seo not working because of the above stated reason.

12) Website Not on Mobile-First Indexing

Before 2019, you need to be sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. But now you need to focus on mobile first indexing , otherwise you will lose ,great amount of visitors.

If you don’t have the idea of what is mobile first indexing, take a look at the given resource. If you have not done it yet, this can be the reason for seo not working. Make the effort and make it correct.

13) Spam or Low-Quality Content on Website

Everyone wants to rank their website on top of the google search results but to do that you need to post high-quality content. Posting such content can bring your website from zero to hero.

You need to keep in mind that “Content is the King.” If your website content is low quality or copied from anywhere or not your own content, it can degrade your website performance such as ranking, traffic, and sales.

Keep your website content up-to-date so that users can find useful information. Not providing quality content can bring your website in seo not working mode.

14) Improper On-Page Optimization

To make everything work properly, you need to check it, from time to time. Same in the case of website seo. Otherwise, you will see the seo not working for your website. If you care about your seo, then don’t ignore the on-page optimization of a website.

On-Page optimization can bring your website into an improvement zone from the penalty zone. It consists of checking all meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, url optimization, image optimization, and many more.

If you have no idea what to be optimized, here is the blog which can give you on-page optimization topics to cover.

If you are already taking seo services from an agency and have some concerns, I can help you, just contact us. I will be happy to assist you.


Everyone wants to get the benefit from the seo work. But in the case of SEO, it’s not exceptionable. If you follow all above stated topics, it’s sure that seo will make you benefit. Otherwise, you will say seo not working for us.

Seo needs some investment and care from time to time. Once all things are done in the right way, wait and watch the magic of seo.

Do you have any other reason for which your seo did not work as expected? Please drop us a comment.


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  1. I was always wondering what to do with traffic from unrelated websites.
    Today I finally have a solution.
    I went into my Google analytics and blocked 63 spammy domains that sent irrelevant traffic.
    All with high bounce rate!

  2. Thanks for the great article!

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    Could you perhaps take a look for me if you happen to have the time?

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    Sir, for this post, it gave me an idea on how to tackle my site’s duplicate content issue try to implement these methods,
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