A website that is already ranking in google on the first page and getting organic traffic. You will be thinking to increase them more. To make it possible, you need to put more effort to increase your website domain authority to gain more benefits.

Increasing a website’s domain authority is not a small game. Making your domain more trustable needs more time. It is not necessary to only focus on increasing website domain authority. Instead of focusing on increasing domain scores, creating quality backlinks can also be another way too. Your domain authority will automatically increased.

What is Domain Authority?

The term domain authority means how much your website is authentic regarding the information and content you provide. Domain authority differs from one site to another. Domain authority points toward the number of backlinks your website has gained from other popular websites. The more popular website give your backlink, the more your domain authority will rise.

Sometimes it is also called domain rating. The score of domain authority starts from zero. You can check your website domain authority using da checkers available online.

Domain authority can be easily moved from zero to 20 or more. But the more your domain authority is, the more challenging effort is needed to improve it furthur.

MOZ developed DA. It is a parameter or metric by which another website can judge their website by ranking on the google search engine.

It is also seen that many websites having low domain authority ranks high in google search engine. It is possible only if your website has more high-quality backlinks than others.

Facts you should know about domain authority

● Your website can face google penalty for having a high domain authority score. Domain authority and google penalties are not related to each other. It is seen that if your website has a Google penalty, then your ranking will be affected.

● You can’t increase your DA score in one day. You need to be consistent to see an increase in domain authority.

● You will face difficulty in increasing your domain authority after reaching a particular score. It can take months to improve your score by 1 point.

Why should you care about domain authority?

Ranking in SERPs and the DA of a site is co-related to each other. Domain authority is not considerd by google while placing a position. But domain authority is a useful parameter that can estimate the amount of organic traffic your website will get from google.

Increasing your website DA can give a little boost to your website seo and rankings. Always remember DA & PA can not be grown in one day.

What domain authority score is considered as good?

When you start a new website, the DA score will be zero. To make changes in your domain authority score, you need to put content on site. If you don’t put the content, you will not see your site in SERPs or ranking.

It is considered that DA will be high if your website has more external links, and having fewer inbound links makes your DA score low.

You can easily compare other websites having the same niche so that you can make improvements in your website. Increasing Domain Authority is not a one day game. It took patience, “a lot”.

According to Moz, there are lots of factors that can inflate your domain authority & page authority. Suppose you have recently made a large number of links on some websites. Those links are not indexed. Otherwise, you will not get the benefit.

Your domain authority can also be affected when you get a link from a website that is not contributing to rank on google.

How domain authority is calculated?

Let’s take a deep dive into how DA is calculated. There are a lot of factors that affect domain authority score. Here are a few of them.

How many websites linking to your website

The number of links you are getting from a website can make a massive impact if websites are in more numbers.

The number of websites your website linking, does not affect Domain Authority. If you want to make each link count, you need to make sure each link will be dofollow.

As dofollow links count in domain authority calculation and provide ranking benefits to a website. If your website has user-generated content(UGC), sponsored and nofollow, domain authority will not improve.

Keep your focus on taking links from various websites, which will increase your referring domain count. Making so many links from a single website will not increase your domain authority. It will only increase the backlinks count.

Domain Score of websites linking to your website

Domain Score or Domain Authority of each single website matters. You can quickly get tons of links from low-grade websites, which will not increase your domain authority. I prefer to make backlinks on websites having high domain authority other than low domain authority score websites.Take a small example to give you a clear vision. If you have made backlinks on a website of DA 20 & DA 50. The one link with DA 50 will be more powerful than 10 links of the same site having DA 20 because you have made 10 backlinks on a website having DA 20 and 1 Backlink on the DA 50 website. Only the referring domain is counted, which is one in each case.

Count of Referring Domain

People need to increase the count of referring domains, which will help your website to boost its DA & PA. You can easily catch the motive by the above example. That’s why it is said to make as many links on different websites, not on the same websites.

Judge the other websites, “Potential.”

There are lots of questions regarding, how do you know that we have to link this website. It’s very simple. Check out the contents quality and authenticity. If a user posts high-quality content and a brief post, linking there will not be worth it. The more the website grows, you will get benefited.

You can also use tools to check the referring domain of a particular website. Reports will decide whether you need to make a backlink on it or not.

1) Improvement in Off-Page SEO

Creating and managing a website is not everything. You need to improve the content posting and other factors that determine your performance. A website can be grown by placing links on high DA websites. You need to check whether it’s worth making a link or not.

High Domain Authority websites have links from high DA websites (greater than your website). The website must be of the same niece. Other category links are not useful. Ignoring links from low-quality websites and time to time remove them by audit.

You can quickly gain backlinks in many ways, as follows:

Natural Link Building: When you posted content and shared them on social media, some people read it and like the content, also want to link the content on their blogs or website. For natural link building, you need to attract visitors.

Content that is popular and useful for users, many bloggers love, links the content with their website.

Approaching or Pitching Bloggers: You can also get backlinks from other websites; when another blogger finds your content useful, they can link your content to their content.

Other Off-Page SEO task: You can earn links by posting high-quality content on other article submitting websites. They can give you dofollow backlinks for the content. Other activities that can be performed to create high-quality backlinks are pdf submission, ppt submission, image submission. If you want to know more, you can read my other blog on Off-page seo activities.

2) High-Performance On-Page SEO

There are other ways to boost your domain authority, and another thing that can increase DA is your website on page seo.

On page seo, make sure your website content is well optimized or not. If not, then you need to optimize it in all possible manner.

If you have to read the blog about how to improve your seo, you can take a look at this content.

The parameter that needs focus during on page seo are:

● Proper Keyword Research Before Posting
● Maintaining Keyword Density
● Ensuring no Keyword Stuffing
● Meta Tags Optimization (Title, Description, Keywords)
● Optimizing Images
● URL Optimization
● Keep Content Up-to-date

a) Proper Keyword Research Before Posting

Many beginner bloggers don’t know the benefit of doing keyword research. It is also the most important part that needs proper focus during content writing. You need to do some keyword research.

You can perform this on google keyword planner, Ahref, Semrush, and Keyword Planner, and much more. Some of them are paid tools. You can find some popular search terms on google while typing some words related to your content. Keep your eye on high volume and low competition keywords. They are easy to rank on google.

b) Maintaining Keyword Density

While writing content for your website, you need to maintain keyword density. According to google search, it is seen that keyword density should be from 1-2%. It can be easily understood while writing a 100 word. You can use your keyword 2 times in the content to maintain the keyword density.

c) Ensuring no Keyword Stuffing

Keeping your content free from penalty, you should not use keyword stuffing. It can be said that when your content crosses the limit of its keyword density, keyword stuffing is done. Using more and more keywords in your content to achieve an excellent rank will not work.Keep you content fully optimized by checking its keyword density.

d) Meta Tags Optimization (Title, Description, Keywords)

If you really want to rank and perform your website, you need to optimize your website’s tags too. The meta tags contain optimizing meta title, meta description, and keywords.

You should check your search console performance to optimize your content meta tags. While creating meta titles & descriptions, you should use 1-2 keywords to make them relevant to your content’s title.

NOTE: In the google search console, If you are getting enough impression on a query and not getting clicks, you should try something different with your meta title.

e) Well optimized Heading Tags

Creating content will surely boost your website domain authority, but you need to work more on heading tags as they are useful to understand the content in a better way. Try using H1, H2, H3, and so on. Use bullets to make content your content in a suitable format.

Doing such things will make some changes to get a featured snippet in search results.

f) Optimizing Images

While creating an image or using an image in the content, you should make sure your image is compressed and is of no large size. It’s better to use some compressing image software or sites to get an optimal image. You can use compressor.io to compress images with optimized quality.

Alt text must be used if you are using images in the content. It gives a fair chance to rank your content in google search images.

g) URL Optimization of the Blogs

The list of optimizing your website content to increase your website domain authority is a good practice. One more thing while optimizing content is the url of your blog content. The url should be less in characters and meaningful. Don’t use numbers, special characters.

h) Keep Content Up-to-date

If you have done all the above tasks, you can easily rank and boost your website performance. Keeping your website content up-to-date is also crucial to attaining the same benefits.

When your content gets older with time, you will get demoted to a lower position. Google loves updated content, and it gets easily crawled too.

3) Check Website Related Technical SEO

It is seen that technical seo needs to be rectified while you start your website. The only reason for doing this technical seo is that you don’t need to do it again when your website grows bigger.

Technical seo also helps in growing your websites domain authority and ranking. You need to check all the activities listed below.

● Setting Search Console & Google Analytics
● Setting & Optimizing Robots.txt
● Creation & Rectification of Sitemap
● Checking all crawling & Indexing Issues
● Resolving Breadcrumbs Issues
● Improving Website Speed
● Making Website pages mobile-friendly

4) Creating High-Quality Content

Increasing domain authority is not an easy task. You can make it easy if you keep posting high-quality content for your website. You can take ideas from the internet. Be sure that your content is delivering something new & updated information to your readers. Don’t forget that “CONTENT IS THE KING.”

If you content is free from grammatical mistake and content is unique better chance to perform well in search engine. You can easily check websites to correct your grammar and plagiarism of content. After filtering your contents grammar and uniqueness, you are ready to present infront of your visitors.

5) Emphasis on Creating High-Quality Backlinks

Everyone is looking for high domain authority websites to get a link from the website. Getting backlinks from such sites will help your website to perform and rank well in search engines.

To do a thing there are lots of methods by which you can easily create high-quality backlinks. Some of them are as follow:

● Guest Posting
● Infographics Creation
● Writing Testimonials/Reviews
● Blog Commenting

a) Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a method by which you can approach a website and ask to post a blog about the niche of that website. Posting content on such site makes you eligible to take a link from that website and then you got a backlink. Some of them are paid, and some are free of cost.

Ensure that website on which you are posting content has high domain authority than your website. Posting on such a website impacts your website performance and increase your website domain authority.

b) Infographics Creation

Creating infographics is another way by which you can earn high-quality backlinks to hike your domain authority. You can create infographics of a great detailed website and approach them after creating infographics. They will likely link the infographics to their website. When they link your infographics image to their website, they give you a backlink for attaching the infographics.

c) Writing Testimonials/Reviews

An excellent way to get a backlink and enhance your website domain authority is to write reviews/testimonials on websites. Many website owners give links to write a review on their website. Writing positive review provide a lift to their revenue and build their brand image more popular.

d) Blog Commenting on Websites

You can also earn backlinks in many ways, blog commenting is also one of them. Only you need to find some great high domain authority websites to comment on them.

After reading, you need to post some great comments with a link. The comment should be related to the content in the blog. It is great to attract more bloggers to your blog website.

6) Improve Your Content Interlinking

Content writing, posting, and linking to the related post is an excellent way to engage with your readers. Inter-Linking is a way by which you can quickly reduce the bounce rate for your website and increase dwell time on a post.

Interlinking makes google bots a clear path to connect to other blogs and index well for search engines. Never make a post with no interlinking. It will make that post a dead end of your website. Always link to related content so that the user can click on it and read it.

7) Upgrade your Content Publishing Frequency

From time to time, you will build a great audience through your website content, and then you need to publish content more frequently. Doing this will increase your page authority and domain authority as well. Increasing the post count per month can also be a great thing to upgrade your domain authority.

Posting more content regularly make trust between website owner and reader. You can make the post more engaging by adding like buttons and rating options too.

8) Keep patience to grow more & more

I have already been told that increasing domain authority is not a one-night game. Its not a thing to worry about so much. Even low DA websites perform well in search engines. The older your website, the more your domain authority, but when you publish content regularly.

Time taken by crawlers are not fixed, so their task is time-dependent. Hold back for a while until your website get crawled well. Just keep patience; and watch the domain authority it will grow with respect to time. You will see a small changes in performance of the website as well as on the ranking too.

If you like the content and think the content is worth to read, drop a comment & share it with your friends so that they can also know how to increase your domain authority effortlessly.


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