Are you worried with your website performance? There are few ways to improve seo and performance. Website performance depends on many factors. 

You need to keep eye on your website traffic regularly, that from which source they are coming. Do you analyze your traffic source through google analytics?

To generate traffic, your website must have great seo. Otherwise you need to improve seo.


SEO is a time taking process, to make it properly work you need proper plan and execution. To taste the required result you need to keep patience.


This is not mandatory to create new content to apply new techniques. You can apply them on old content also.


I have posted many content related to seo. But in this post I will share tips to improve seo and your website seo performance.


Lets first begin with analyzing your website traffic and other dimensions on which seo depends. Google analytics has lots of reports to explore, but you need the write dimension to find out your problem. You can check your source of traffic, locations ,bounce rate, time spent on a post and much more to explore.


Be sure that you have already setup GA (google analytics) & GSC (google search console), to track each factor.


If you have not gone through the google analytics & search console setup, you can check our beginner’s guide on how to setup google analytics.


Check your websites following things:-


Crawling Issues


First you need to be sure that your website is free from any crawling issues. If your website has any crawling issues, then you will not be able to perform well in any search engine. So you have to sort it out. as soon as possible. 


To find few problems, always use GSC. If your website has any crawling issue it can be seen in Index part of search console, where you can check all issues in coverage section. To improve seo, you need to fix all crawling problems.


Boost SEO | How to improve SEO | Increase SEO


Indexing Problems


After finding and resolving all crawling issues, we can now move to the next possible issue that can block your performance is your content indexing. If you posted a great content and that does not get indexed, then there is no benefit of writing them, when they can’t be accessed by visitors. 


Keep tracking your content indexing. If you have any indexing issues, you can manually request a few urls by url inspection tool. Otherwise if you have lots of URLs that need to be indexed, then you need to submit an xml sitemap for your content, which allows you to request for indexing all URLs at a time. 


XML Sitemap Issue


If you have a new website, then you have to create an XML sitemap file, that consists of all URLs, that are currently in your website. If you have no idea how to setup xml sitemap, you can read this blog to do it. 


If you have already done it, then you need to find if there is any problem occurring in your sitemap submission. All crawling and indexing issues can be easily solved if you have xml sitemap for a website. When you make a large amount of changes in your website, you need to submit an xml sitemap, so that all your work will get crawled and indexed. Otherwise performance related problems will still occur.


You can read any website’s sitemap by following this step. Just enter the website url followed by sitemap.xml.




One of the major parts that is indexing and crawling is controlled by this small file. This file contains commands that can cause problems if not done properly. If your content is not getting crawled and indexed, then you need to check this small file.


This file contains commands that allow bots/spiders of many search engines to access your website or not. If your file has a command to follow & index, then your website will be indexed otherwise, bots will not be able to touch any url of your website.


If your website is not crawled by robots then, there is no chance to be placed in google search results. You can validate your website robots.txt file by this google’s official robots.txt checker.


Dig Out the Best Content


You can easily get lots of keywords by which you can rank in search engine. By using Google Search Console, you can find out the most performing queries.


Just visit Google Search Console, Click on performance, then queries. Here you will see a large list of queries and keywords that bring to your website. These are the top ranking keywords, that are on your website already. 


You can check the url or page which are currently ranking. You can add internal links in your high performing content to boost your rankings.


Improve Seo Your Low Ranking Content


In the above step, when you have identified the top ranking pages, keywords. Then you also need to make a second list which is the second most trending content of your website. It will also help you to grow your website performance and rank well in google search engine. 


This can also be done, by updating your content title, description or whole content. If your content is getting enough impression and not getting click, then you need to update your meta title and make it more attractive or bold. So that it can attract visitors to click on it.


In the same manner if your content is not getting enough impression but getting click, then you need to focus on your meta description. Doing this will surely help to improve seo and your content performance.


You can check that in the search console, by checking the average position of your content. Filter them and make a list of keywords that are still on 11th rank. You can make some changes in the content related to the keywords you sorted from the google search console. 


You can improve seo those selected keywords by creating more quality backlinks, doing social sharing and excellent content optimization to improve seo performance more. Doing such extra effort will keep your content out of a deep well.


At last if your content is not getting clicks and impressions, then you need to change your blog or post content.  


Doing these steps will not instantly give you ranking. You will see changes in impression and in clicks. It is the sign of the positive effect that you are getting.


Be Active on Social Media


There is a reason to be active on social media because ,it makes your business grow more frequently, than your thought. Just think of a situation when a person found your content on social media and he/she found it useful. There will be more chance for your post to get shared and If you are lucky then, this step can give you enough conversions in a single day.


So always engage with your customers on social media and share your post here. Sharing content in a long aspect can increase your organic traffic.


You can also achieve this by implementing sharing button with your post. I have seen many bloggers, still unfamiliar with this method. I have seen that on sharing a content, i have got more than 13k+ reach and 3k+ engagements. That’s insane for me. You can also try this social media sharing tip.


If you want to gain more methods to increase your seo performance and traffic, then you should read my 14 Simple Secret to increase organic traffic. If you have any other method that can boost seo performance. Please do share with us.


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