If you have started a business, you will undoubtedly face some challenges related to website traffic and sales. It would be best if you made sure people view your product and services. For that to happen, you have to apply some great seo tactics to increase your organic traffic.

There are many ways by which you can increase organic traffic. The tips which I will share here are 100% legit and considered as ethical seo practices.

If you have searched answers for best seo tactics, this article is the end of your search, for I am going to tell you the best search engine optimization technique that would increase your organic traffic along with it, Google will love you & customer trust you.

Every business owner trusts search engines for traffic. As people use to search for content and services on google (mostly). 70% of clicks are through organic ways, by Search Engine Journal.

If you think that purchasing traffic by any means is suitable for your growth, you are wrong. You will have to look at the search engines for organic traffic one day.

People who tried less to understand google or who face any issues with google algorithms, they think there’s no need to focus on search engine optimization.

But they are wrong!

By adopting modern SEO techniques in the right way, they can quickly increase organic traffic.

You need the right approach for your website. There are many factors affecting website ranking and traffic also.

When people are searching for accurate information, they ask in search engines and find they find the information there because other websites are optimized to appear in search engines.

Doing the best optimization for your websites gives better results via organic traffic.

Content marketing is also a great way to enhance your organic search and website ranking.

So let’s get started.

1) Keep optimizing your content

For this to happen, you need to write content by keeping things in mind that what’s your viewer intent behind the content search. When you create quality content, it will automatically improve your website seo, and hence you will receive an increase in organic traffic.

Also, keep your focus on the keywords by which users search for some query. Just focus on your marketing persona. This will place you in the search engine automatically.

2) Regular Blogging

This is also the way by which you can quickly get your marketing persona, and It is the most effective way to generate organic traffic. Regular blogging helps you to make a place in your market.

Write high quality and in-depth content for your website. Keep posting content in related niches otherwise, and this will impact your website in a reverse way.

Writing poor-quality, copied content will harm your website ranking. So ignore that type of content and low quality.

3) Join Blogging Community

I also believe in this approach that if you keep reciprocating your link in some blog sharing community, where other people post their website links, articles & blogs.

This will engage other users too, to read your blog content, drop comments, like and share your content when they like it the most.

I prefer to join groups on Facebook, I also have joined some groups on Facebook, where I keep posting my groups, and I also get a reach of at least 6.5k on each post.

4) Digging Quora

You can do a little research in quora by entering any keyword you want and list some questions which are on top 10. Then do keyword research for the question you found in quora.

You can easily use questions and turn them into your business, supporting keywords as people are searching such questions.

Create keyword-rich titles from the questions. That’s not the end. You need to create high-quality content by using selected keywords. Then you will be able to turn organic traffic towards your website.

5) Try Long Tail Keyword

If you are a beginner, then don’t just go for high volume keywords to gain traffic and make an impact in your market.

You can quickly get tons of organic traffic to your website when your content contains long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those keywords which are more than 3 to 4 words.

Long-tail keywords are used to target users who are willing to buy or take an interest in your product or services. Like “best place to buy handmade dresses”. Such type of keywords will increase organic traffic.

Long-tail keywords act as a bridge between user and seller. They sometimes perform much greater than popular keywords. Using a long-tail keyword will make your website a step to gather organic traffic gradually. You can check long-tail keywords on Ahref, SEMrush or Ubersuggest.

There is a fundamental step to keep your foot in the market, then use long-tail keywords as they have low volume and low competition. Due to which they are easy to rank and gain traffic from them. You can try it the same with your services or products like xyz services in small city-states.

As these keywords will fetch customers who are likely to buy or are interested in your services.

6) Meta Tags Optimization

Another way to get into search engine sight is to have an excellent tags optimization. These small tags are the main heart of any post or content if they are set with expertise. As setting these tags will directly tell search engines about what is the topic of your content.

We use Yoast SEO and All In one seo tool to view our meta tags and their look. You can optimize them easily if you know these plugins. To rank in every search engine, you have to do hard work on each page and post to increase organic traffic.

7) Focus on High-Quality Content

It’s always said that content is the king, and there are many content factors affecting website ranking. So we need to always focus on creating high quality and to the point content for our visitors.

Only posting content is not considered a good idea to reach high in search engines. You need content that has quality. Then keeping constant posting of content can make you get high organic traffic for your website.

8) Moulding Top Ranking Titles Into Yours

Every day, you see various videos, posts, emails. Only a few can draw attention towards the content, by their magical headline. So it’s too important to write an engaging title that can attract visitors. Such titles make people go crazy to hit like, share on their timelines. As a result, you get organic traffic.

Only 3/4 people read the headlines of any post, and then 1/4 read the whole post which found them fascinating. So you need to write a title that can grab attention. The easy way to do it is to keep eyes on viral content and turn them into yours. You can also try BuzzSumo to get some idea of most popular titles and their engagements. Just visit and enter the keywords you want an attractive title and mould it.

Enjoy organic traffic.

9) Stimulate for Incoming Links

The more quality links (incoming links) your website has, chances are higher to appear in the top rank. Try gathering incoming links from websites having more domain authority than your website. It will show that more trust is your website.

Try for your family members, partners, clients and other people involved in your services like suppliers, distributors. You can ask your friends for the favour of linking back to your website.

The more incoming links your website has, you will rank higher than others.

But also beware with spam link generators. They will provide links from low-quality websites, that will harm your website ranking even.

Also gather links from the same niche; otherwise, there is no benefit of having such links.

10) Make Internal Links & Outgoing Links

In the same manner, when gathering links for your website. It is also essential to put the right link on the right place and also give the link to the most trusted website if you are using them. It will boost your seo performance.

Stay away not to make unnecessary links anywhere in your content. It will look like spam. Overuse of anything is not beneficial.

11) Link on Social Profiles

If you have websites for blogging or business, then you can connect it to your social media accounts. This will make Google think about your content and relevance.

You can give a link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts or on others too. When people engage with your posts and content on these platforms, they will indeed retake a look at your profiles.

12) Impact of Social Media

It would help if you tried making your presence on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium etc.

When you post your content there, people will interact, make engagement, and this will increase the reach of your post organically. You can easily create a strong presence via social media. Adding a share button to your post will help people to share them to where they want quickly.

13) Research & Analysis

When you do other things, like posting, engaging posts on social media. You have a chance to collect data. You should use google analytics and google search console to analyze data gathered from your website traffic.

You can use them to make a strategy, and then you can act according to the data. Like you know, their locations, their gender, age, source of incoming traffic. Then you can easily make plans to target a specific audience and achieve what you want. Just need proper planning and execution.

14) Blog Commenting

It is also a great way to gather backlinks for old as well as new websites. You need to keep SEO in mind while doing blog commenting. It will give you a backlink and also some traffic if someone clicks on your username and visits your profile or website.

Don’t think that you need to comment on dofollow websites only. You can also comment on nofollow websites. They still have value.

Hope you love these ways, give them a try and comment below your results. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends if you found it useful.


Creator of I AM UR TEACHER, Engineer by Degree. 4+ Experience in Digital Marketing, Travel & Gym Lover.

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