Many bloggers want to gain traffic and want to earn money quickly. They post the number of blogs to achieve this. But they forget about content optimization and other factors that determine ranking and traffic engagement. So to do this in a proper way here is a list of what you can do to optimize your content.
Content Quality

Content quality makes any website can be seen in the search engine. You have to use only quality content as all information can be easily found on any pdf or brochure, that’s why the user needs quality content. It is the only reason why the visitor spends more time on your website only if your website has quality content.

Content Research/Keyword Research

The most important thing is that you have to choose an appropriate language, which is easily understandable by your visitor while searching content on a search engine.
If you want to rank in a high position without optimum keyword research, it is not possible. You have to use the keyword which visitors use to search the content by the researched keywords, by using researched keywords you will get the best result.

Content Words/Use of Keywords

In this part, it tells that you have to research keywords /words which you use in your content to create the post. If you want to get a ranking at a specific keyword, then you have to use planner/research for the word you use. Then it will also help you to make your place in the search engine. Keyword Density is known as the repeated word used in the content. As a piece of advice, use keyword density to be about 2-3% for best and optimum results.

Content Freshness

Search Engines love new content /fresh ones. If you post brand new content, it has more chances to hike your website ranking. That does not mean you change pages each day to make content “fresh”. Google has a checking algorithm/rule which checks site content if it found something fresh it tries to hike the position on a search engine. It will rearrange your site ranking, and it does not mean that your older content is not powerful to hold the position.

Vertical Search

What is Vertical Search?

As you search for a query, and when the result comes in front of you, it consists of images, video, local searches, news. Such search results are recognized as vertical search. Sometimes it shows something special on your result page. It is also known as a specialized search as it focuses on image news local content as it focuses on a broad range of content.

What is Horizontal Search?

When you search something/anything on the search engine, then the content which gets collected on your front page is categorized as horizontal search. Here the focus is on your query, which includes a wide range of categories.

Now you are familiar with these terms. If your content is seen in vertical search, then it affects your site ranking as it can boost ranking.

Content Answers

All search engines are trying to increase and show direct answers, including search results. As the user ask, Where is XYZ hospital? What is the Opening time of ABC Office? This type of result is known as answers which are generated by search engines as all search engines are moving to the new era, so they are smart enough to tell you this.

Thin Content (Violation)

According to some complaints about poor quality search results, Google had to give an update which is known as Panda. It only targets/penalizes those sites who provide bad quality or whose site content is too thin or which is a lack of quality content. After this update, many websites got penalized, and their ranking goes down.

Keyword Stuffing

If you have not well optimized your content, I will lead you to a significant loss which is gaining traffic if you have used your keyword in a prescribed manner, by maintaining keyword density. Then this is good concerning content optimization.

Keyword Density must be around 2-3% in your entire content, and if this limit is crossed, then it will be counted as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing means you have forcefully used keywords to target and want traffic in google search engine. This is not good practice to do it.

I have kept all points in my mind, if you found any mistake, comment here.

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