Many factors affect website ranking, as some look for sales, some look for visits, and some create a better website design with excellent user experience. To measure a site’s success, many factors play an essential role.

If you find a better result on the first page of (Search engine result page), will you leave the first page and click the next page? No. It means you need to improve your website ranking so that users don’t click on the next page. It is possible only by doing better website optimization and its seo. But only these two are not the end. You need to focus on others too. Here are such factors that play an essential role in website ranking.

For website ranking, there is a periodic table for success concerning SEO.

Safe and Secure Website
The first impression is the last. It’s the same in the case when google bots come to crawl your website. If your URL is not safely accessible by google bots, it will create a problem while crawling and index it

If your site is not on HTTPS, better you enable it. According to John Mueller, HTTPS is a lightweight ranking factor. If a website is secure, then user information is entirely secure, and users can fearlessly use transactions.

Content On Website

The content is a factor that plays a significant role in every site/blog/article to rank in search engines. If the content is unique and high quality, higher the chance to get in top places in search engines. Content is King. Always try to post self-written or exclusive content; otherwise, your site will be penalized. You can also check the content factors affecting website ranking.

Those who are thinking that they can make google search engine fool by filling content by keyword stuffing. In this modern era, google algorithm is at its peak, and they can easily find the thing that you are filling your content with repeated words. Instead of this keyword stuffing practice, better you optimize your website content. So that your website can perform in the competition and get what you want, the more you fill the site with high-quality content, the chances will be more to get enough visits or sales.

The Architecture of Website & Speed

Architecture is the second factor that plays a role too. Sometimes ranking can get some plus points, depending on the type of site made or on which format site is made. Like its PHP,HTML based. Sometimes it can create problems to crawl your data by google bot due to your website architecture design. The mobile-friendly feature is another plus point to this category. It will increase your chance to get rank and make your mobile visitors happy when your site is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you can check it here by the mobile-friendly checker.

The second most crucial factor affecting your website ranking is your website speed and how its made. The performance also depends on website speed. Remember the things which can affect your site speed: your images, unnecessary requests, redirects, and browser caches. To achieve a good website speed, always compress your images before using, remove unnecessary requests, fix redirects. If you want to check your website speed, google official page speed checker “Page Speed Insight


The title of your every post and blog is still essential by which search engine understood, your page is about which topic. But If your title is terrible, or not descriptive, google change them. Another important thing is the meta description tag, which gives the user a short brief about the inside content. The summary or content we put into meta description will be shown when the user searches for your blog. Last but not least is the header tag, which is used to give a headline to your website’s post. The header tag varies from H1 to H6.

Canonical Tags

Many users don’t even know about this term. Don’t worry, “Canonical tags are only used to solve the duplicate content issue. This tag is used to set a single page as its source or for a duplicate page to reference the source. Duplicate content also influences search results.

Website A: If the content on website A and B have the same content.

Website B: Use here canonical tag to declare that website A is the primary source, to prevent content duplicacy.

Google Business Listing

If you want to increase your website traffic and performance, this factor also determines the ranking. To do this, try to use google business listing and take advantage of this feature to hike your performance locally. This will give you brand awareness in your local area.


The blog you post on your website, its link can be used to share on social media to get attention and more traffic, which comes under the off page seo ranking factor. It will gain engagement, which is a direct ranking factor. Posting a good quality social sharer is normal, but sharing these links to social media networks will help you.

Use of Meta Tags

You have to know how relevant meta tags are for a website. Meta is the information that google bots also check and assure the content is about on which topic. Meta title and meta description also play an essential role in your performance and ranking. That’s why everyone uses meta tags to achieve the ranking.


As you want to check the ranking of your keywords, you checked it on the private browser, and then you check on another browser, Someone checks it on their phone browser. They will see a different result each time. A few years ago, this thing was not introduced. This happens now because Google is smarter now. It saves the preference of each person, what they surf, from where they surf.

Type Of Links

Many search engines have considered the links as the vote. As the more, the linked site contains, means it is a more trusty and performance site. The more the links pointing to your site means your website is performing and trusty.

He can give a valuable backlink to you if you put some excellent and high-quality content and other websites like it. When a high-domain authority website gives you a backlink, your website got a push from the backlink.

In the same manner, when many websites give you such backlink, your website got some boost in ranking as well as in traffic. Due to such backlinks, your rank in the google search result will be improved. It’s good to take a backlink from a site, but it’s better to take it from your niche.

As we start our website/blog, we begin building links by doing various search engine optimization activities to rank our page. Building links is an essential thing in seo. You can check links on Google Search Console also.

Inbound Links:

Many of you have heard this term, which means an incoming link from a website related to your niche/category. It is also known as backlinks. The more you earn backlinks, your website will be on high rank.

Always be sure to take a link from a high domain level website and try to avoid low-level domain website links.

Like if you own a website which deals with the dessert special and you got a backlink from a cake backing website, it is considered a right backlink.

You can check your backlinks by Ahrefs, Semrush tools.

Internal Links:

The term internal linking is so simple to understand. When you link your content from one page to another page, it is called internal linking. By doing this, visitors find it relatable to other pages. Doing this also helps the linking page to rank in google search engine result page. Internal linking supports your pages.

Outbound Links:

When you create quality content and mention other sites in your post related to your niche, always give a website link, which you think is a reliable source.

Trust Metric

A site that has penalized before can be less trustworthy. Means traffic on that site will be decreased by the time the site’s owner didn’t make some substantial improvement in their content and another thing which can make the site more trustworthy and hike performance.
Doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is only the way to get the best result. If you are stuck and thinking that what you are doing is not enough, you can ask for help, just make a comment or ping me or contact us.

Domain Related Factors: Authority, History, Age, URL

Your domain also plays a vital role in ranking, such as your domain registration time. It is seen that the domain which is more than three years old, gains high ranking in search engine result pages. So if your domain is more aged, then it is beneficial for you.

Domain History:

Your domain history also plays a vital role in ranking factors. As you are not the first person to buy the domain you have bought. Many of them had purchased this domain before you and was unable to manage, and then they dont pay for the domain, because of payment or management problems, the domain was again sold to other users. Then if that time, your domain was penalized by Google, it can affect your current ranking and performance as well. You can check your website domain history here.

Country-Specific Traffic:

If you have any specified ccTLD (country code top-level domain) like .uk .co .in .fr .us, you can gain much traffic from that location by default. But If you want to target a specific country only in (.com domain), then you can do this by google search console. You can use the international Targeting option in google search console to achieve this.

EMD Theory:

As you know that Google already had an update by the name EMD (Exact Match Domain), It was launched for the spammy website and the one whose website content is too thin. In this update, it is stated that if you have a website with the same name as your business, like, you don’t need to be at top rank. But before EMD updates, such sites stick to the top position due to their domain name.


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