Breadcrumbs seo are used to make a great UX and improve your website crawling and improve website navigation. You can easily check how breadcrumbs impact seo on any website.

We are talking about breadcrumbs and they are too important for every website. Many people ignore this important topic. This breadcrumbs helps google to understand about your website structure. It’s a type of navigation help on a website. That is the only reason to add them into your website structure.

Let’s have a look at how breadcrumb works.

Breadcrumbs and seo have deep relationships. There are still many factors to rank in any search engine like keywords, incoming, outgoing links, content and much more.

Lets understand the “Breadcrumbs Meaning”

What are Breadcrumbs in SEO?

Basically breadcrumbs is a navigational part of a website, they affect website seo and improve user experience. Many website owners don’t try to implement it, because people think that it is hard to implement it on websites.

Breadcrumbs are the links that appear on websites, which allow the user to track himself, and how close they are to the homepage. One can easily access them on a website under the navigation bar.

Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO”

Breadcrumbs can also be seen in google SERPs. It gives the user a proper view of your website structured data. Due to breadcrumbs visitors can jump to any section of the page from your website.

You can add them by Yoast SEO. You can also add them by putting some code into your theme. Let’s take an example of this website.

Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO”
This website has great structured data. You can easily jump backward to any previous blogs/post, if it is required. Website navigation systems can be improved by using breadcrumbs, it gives a great UX and makes it easy to navigate.

But they are so easy to embed in any website. Here I am describing how you can implement it into your website.

Google recently changed a lot due to which breadcrumbs directly affect search engine optimization and now more important. When people search in google search engine result pages your breadcrumbs will be shown in the search result. As breadcrumbs help in site navigation, this helps to categorize and navigate in your website.

That’s why breadcrumbs is a big matter now in SEO.

Types of Breadcrumb in SEO

a) History-based breadcrumbs
b) Attribute-based breadcrumbs
c) Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs

History Based Breadcrumbs

As its name suggests, it gives information about where we are now. They are arranged in an order like browser history. Have a look at an example

Home – Mobiles & Accessories – Mobiles – Apple Mobiles – iPhone 11s

Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO”

Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs

These types of breadcrumbs can be seen mostly on eCommerce based websites. They are shown as attributes like what a user has searched on a website based on product attribute, a user has searched on the website.

Like Home – Footwear – Brand – Gender – Color- Size

Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs

First of all this is the most common breadcrumbs in seo. They tell us our current tag or page where we are right now. How far we are from any websites home page. It is also known as Location Based Breadcrumbs.

Home – Company – Registration – Documents Required

Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO”

Supremacy of Using Breadcrumbs SEO

There are many advantages to using breadcrumbs on your website. Some are as follows.

  • Improvement in UX
  • Improve Website Ranking (Little-Bit) /Ranking Improvement
  • Increase Dwell Rate/Lowers Bounce Rate
  • Google Also Love Them

Improvement in UX

Using breadcrumbs gives the benefits to the users that they will not confuse where they are from the homepage. Breadcrumbs make websites easy to use and navigate from one place to another. Users can easily jump to any point of the page instantly without searching or hitting the back button. Users can visit the home page to the deepest section in one click.

This will enable users to spend more time on your website, if it’s easy to navigate from one section to another section of the site.

Ranking Improvement

Who doesn’t want to rank high. Every seo person’s dream is to make their website rank high in Google search engine. Using breadcrumbs enables it to be achieved.

In 2018, Google included results with breadcrumbs, which indicate that they are important to use in websites. They are seo friendly part of any website. Some people have found their website in the top 10 because of breadcrumbs.

Increase Dwell Rate & Lowers Bounce Rate

When a website uses breadcrumbs, which make the website easy to navigate. Then users love to spend time on the website which is easily usable. When users spend more time this will directly impact the dwell rate of the website and which lowers the website bounce rate.

Mostly the user comes from organic search, but if your website navigation is not good. The user will hit the back button in no time.

If you have a high bounce rate then you need to improve your UX, which also indicates that you need to use breadcrumbs or improve them. Only breadcrumbs can solve this problem.

If you want to increase your organic traffic, you can check this blog.

Google give priority to Breadcrumbs

As having a great site with breadcrumbs implemented, it will definitely be loved by your user but google also finds it useful. Because of a simple reason,which is website structure.

Many users have still not noticed that google now shows the breadcrumbs in search results not your website url. Keep an eye on it.

If you want your breadcrumbs to appear in the search result just implement it, right now. They are so useful.

They help bots and crawlers to index the page in a great manner.

How to implement breadcrumbs

There are many ways to do that, the most common way to do it is, by using Yoast SEO plugin. You just need to enable it from the section of breadcrumbs. You can also customize the separator of your breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO”

Another way to use it,in your website is, by using any wordpress plugin for breadcrumbs.

You can also add it manually by coding, for that you can refer to google official guide to breadcrumbs.


Using breadcrumbs is a great idea, for visitors and also for google. As it will improve your website navigation and stand its structure. It is not fixed that using breadcrumbs will hike your SERPs and ranking instantly. It will help you to improve your website visibility in serp.

If you have any questions,regarding breadcrumbs. You can drop them into the comment box. If you really like the content, please share it with your friends and the person who needs it.


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