If you own a blog or website, then to get a lot of traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary. To do this first, you have the knowledge of SEO and techniques used in this process. Each and every day, you will notice some new updates in SEO. There are only two ways to do SEO for any website or blog.

  • On Page SEO/On Page Optimization
  • Off Page SEO/Off Page Optimization

What is On Page SEO/On Page Optimization?

When you manage a website or blog, then to improve its visibility in Google (SERP) Search Engine Result Page, there are some techniques to do so, which contains meta tags optimization, meta title, and meta description optimization. Image alt tags optimizations. Heading and subheading optimization,url optimization, canonicalization, page speed, mobile-friendly site, and lots more to do. For more info you can check on page seo here.

What is Off Page SEO/Off Page Optimization?

When you are managing your website, then you need to improve your website by doing some activities to rank it in Google SERP (search engine result page).

By doing following activities like, social bookmarking submission,article submission,pdf submission,image submission,ping submission,search engine submission,forum submission,directory submission,classified submission,Video submission,question-answer submission,guest posting and forum submission. Doing these will increase traffic, rank, and as well as domain authority. To rank your website and gain traffic you need to do both seo off page activities

Why is Off page seo/Off page optimization necessary?

Off-page seo is essential for bloggers/websites. As on-page seo is necessary, the same off page seo is also required. On-Page and Off-Page both are equally important.

Benefits of Off Page SEO:

  • Intense increase in website traffic from all over the world
  • Increase in DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)
  • Increase in Alexa Ranking which is also known as world wide website ranking

When high-quality content like blog/article is published, it affects the off page seo ranking and traffic also. Doing seo off-page activities, we get high-quality backlinks, after getting such backlinks your content and website get a push by the help of these backlinks. By doing social activities, you will get more engagement on your website.

How to do Off Page SEO?

Now you all are aware of what is off page seo & why it is essential to do. There are some off-page activities for seo. Let’s start with the beginning.

1) Build Unique & High-Quality Backlinks

In off page seo, a significant role is making backlinks which should be of high quality. Here high-quality backlinks refer to a website whose DA and PA are high. When you get a backlink from high DA and PA sites, your website quality and traffic also increases. Making such a backlink will also improve your ranking in Google SERP.

Basically, backlinks are of two types:-

a) Do-Follow
b) No-Follow

It is said that dofollow links are useful for websites, but we need to maintain a ratio of dofollow and nofollow, as making all dofollow links are not helpful in terms of google. Here is a reason for making all links on a dofollow website, it will give google an idea that this website is making all links in the dofollow linking website forcefully. Here is the trusted link, if you have any confusion regarding this matter.

2) Social Bookmarking Submission

This is a fundamental step in making backlinks, always practice to make submissions in social media sites as this can divert traffic to your blog. It’s still good to share your blog and article on social media sites, this will give you some engagement to your websites. Social media submission gives a way to build some brand value. The most popular social media site Facebook always provides a nofollow link.

Some of the social bookmarking websites: Plurk, Tumblr, Instapaper, Reddit, Diigo, Scoop.it

3) Article Submission

To make backlinks, this is the best method to do. Always prefer to submit content to a high DA website so that after submitting, your site gets some traffic, and you will have a high-quality backlink. Many websites take article submission, and after proper checking of grammar and its uniqueness, then publish the content. So this will take some time, many sites publish content within 48 hours, and some takes upto one week.

Some of the article submission websites: Uberant, Techsite.io, 123ArticleOnline, SelfGrowth, Sooperarticles, Ezinearticles.

4) Search Engine Submission

This search engine submission means, when you have a website, then to submit this website to any search engines, to know that search engines will be aware of it, that such sites exist.

Many websites only ask for the full website URL, and others ask for each page url. After submission, other URL/pages will be automatically seen, and some ask to submit each page manually.

Some of the search engine submission websites: Google, Bing Webmaster, Yandex, Yahoo, EntireWeb, Viasearch.

5) PDF Submission

PDF Submission is also beneficial to make backlinks. By submitting such a document, you will get maximum visibility of your website and instant link. It’s the simple process in which you just need to provide the pdf format of your webpage or the content you want to post. This pdf contains interlink and outbound links. You can get enough traffic by sharing your website pages and can create backlinks and improve your website ranking. It’s a type of content marketing.

Some of PDF Submission websites: Issue, Mediafire, 4Shared, Scribd, AuthorStream

6) Image Submission

To attract users, making an attractive image is most important, which includes your primary keyword or title related to post/blog. Then you should submit the copy by image submission. During image submission, always keep the image format and its size proper. Don’t forget to add alt text and image description in your image submission.

Some of Image Submission websites: Fav.me, Flickr, Imgur, Pinterest, Weheartit, Imageshack

7) Ping Submission

Pinging website/blog/post or articles will help you index your content as soon as possible by search engines. Pinging your website in such sites will increase your website’s organic traffic also. When you submit/ping your website or post search engine will be notified that some new content is published and will alert their web crawlers.

Some of Ping Submission websites: Pingomatic, Pingler, Autopinger, Blo.gs

8) Web 2.0 Submission

The term Web 2.0 means the internet application which, allows users to share the information and collaborate by helping each other and by sharing their thoughts.

Some of Web 2.0 Submission websites: Blogger/Blogspot, Wix, OverBlog, CanalBlogs, Tumblr.

9) Directory Submission

Directory submission is also beneficial to boost ranking and promote websites to other websites. Its a simple practice of submitting blog/url in details, in a particular category. Many directory submissions take up upto 60 or 90 days. Always provide your url in a valid niche.

10) Classified Submission

These are the submission sites where you can freely promote your website products and make aware of your business and services. It’s the same as promoting your company in the news, TV, magazines. Its a practice of seo creating brand awareness, and you can promote your website locally, nationally and even internationally.

Some of  the Classified Submission websites: Locanto, Adeex, Craigslist, OLX, Quikr, Click.in, Vivastreet.

11) Video Submission

Video submission is a simple process to market and promotes your website/company in video marketing platforms. Creating animated videos of company new products or services with some effects attracts users and sets the user’s mind to click or view more about the products.

Some of Video Submission websites: YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, MetaCafe

12) Question Answer Submission

By this question answer submission, you can create backlinks, and you will be able to solve many users’ doubts regarding your product/service. It is also a very popular way to build backlinks. You can join some group related to your niche and post answers to their questions.

The most popular platform for this is Quora.

13) Guest Post Submission

The most magical way to boost any website from zero to hero ranking. In this way only you have to ask any high Domain Authority website to post some good quality content consisting of your url. This will boost your ranking.

14) Forum Submission

According to many digital marketing experts, forum submission is the last way to do something for your website, it’s like a magic stick for website boost and improving ranking. Always submit posts in your related niche otherwise you will be banned. Some of them don’t allow you to give a link or url in the post. Many of them only enable providing some link in the author profile and in the description.

Now you all know what is onpage and offpage seo,to rank and gain traffic one must do on page and off page optimization. If you have any query regarding on page seo and off page seo, feel free to ask. If you are stuck on how to do on page and off page optimization. I am here to help you. Just contact me by comment or by contact us page.


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