The Voice search feature is moving forward way too fast in the list of daily life requirements, does your website still miss that out? Time to fix that. Learn why voice search optimization is important for your website’s future and how it can improve its SEO. And we will be discussing the basic steps by which your website can be easily voice search optimized.

The idea of talking to computers isn’t new but still fascinating, it starts when Star Trek aired in 1987, the idea was so attractive that it keeps updating with new features in cinema, the next thing that fascinated people so much about voice search was Jarvis from Iron Man (2008).

At the time, it looked complete science fiction and wasn’t ready to come up in existence. But today we’ve covered a lot of paths in the journey for the future, I agree that we still have a road to cover, but we’ve evolved enough that if I ask a question to my phone, it would reply with an answer in seconds.

voice search optimization tips and tricks

The beauty of voice search is unavoidable – it’s faster, it’s hands-free, and it lets you multitask.

The number of hands-free technology users is increased by 32% in the time of Covid-19, a report by Gartner.

Apart from mobile phones, 49% of Google Home and Amazon Echo and Alexa users said that it is a necessity now.

Voice search is evolving day by day. With every second, Google is getting nearer to create a comprehensive voice search assistant for mobile phones.

In this revolutionary time, if your website is still not voice search optimized, it’s time to fix that.

Simplified Definition of Voice Search Optimization

Starting from scratch let’s first see what is voice search optimization.

Voice Search Optimization is simply the process of optimizing the pages of your website so that search engines can read it and make it appear in voice searches. For optimizing your website for voice search, you have to optimize it as the people conduct verbal searches.

Why you should invest in Voice Search Optimization Services?

Voice Search technology is simply easier and faster than typing, it is transforming the SEO tactics. With time the technology is capable of differentiating between results and point out the best one. So it is the best time to invest your time and money in voice search optimization and increase your revenue.

Stunning Progress of Voice Searches

Voice Search is moving upstairs with speed. Starting from mobile phones and tablets, now it’s even available on PCs.

One of the main reasons for the continuous growth of voice search is that it’s 3.7 times faster than typing. Voice Search technology provides ease in search, you can simply ask a question to your phone without moving a finger and it would tell you the best result in mere seconds.

Voice search optimization with ease in 2021

Plus Point for Local SEO Campaigns

Voice Search Optimization is capable of providing amazing benefits to your SEO campaign. The searches in voice search are much different and simple than typing. Voice search optimization services are designed to be able to help the business’s local SEO campaigns by targeting voice search customers.

Fast, Smart and Reliable

In traditional web searching, the user has to open a web page, put in their query and wait for the page to load and then scroll down to find out relevant answers.

Whereas in Voice search, one can just speak out, he doesn’t have to even pick up the device and would get many relevant answers faster.

Easier path to a better brand reputation

When a user uses voice search to find answers, they expect the answer would be relevant and trustworthy. Google’s algorithm ensures to provide the best answer to the user.

Now, if your website ranks on top of the voice search, the user is more likely to put trust in your business/website and would love to come back or buy your services/products. And this makes it very important to rank better in voice search.

Optimizing your website for voice search simply put you in front of more customers which ultimately would boost your brand’s reputation and trust among the audience.

Techniques for Voice Search Optimization for your website

We know for sure, that future of voice search is set to be upstairs and the competition will only get tougher as time passes by. It’s time that SEO’s and marketers make optimization of content for voice search a habit. This practice will make you rank better on voice searches and ultimately would increase your organic traffic.

Following are some of the proven voice search optimization strategies that should be used:

Look Out for Rich Answers

A voice search analysis found that 70% of the answers answered to voice searches are rich answers and 60% of them have a featured snippet. It was found out that the answers obtained on voice searches are most likely to be the SERP featured results or simply rich answers.

Rich answers are answers which contain features like Google’s Knowledge graph, knowledge panel, knowledge box or for the third party a featured snippet.

Restructure Your Content

As voice search is a lot more conversational than traditional typing searches, we need to restructure the content according to that. The best thing to do is to put some concise questions and short answers in the content.

Studies suggest that Google favour short answers for voice search queries, the suggested word limit is only around 29 words. While in recent data, the average length of answers provided by Google for voice search queries is around 41 words.

This data can be helpful while restructuring the content for voice search.

Including FAQs on your blogs or product pages containing focus keywords with short but concise answers can help you a lot. The FAQ-style format makes it easy for Google to pick directly the answer and provide it to the user.

Hold Your Language Conversational

Conversational content is the basic point in optimizing for voice search. Voice search technology runs completely on conversational language, so while writing content you should keep in mind to not turn words into some robotic language instead just write as you normally talk for the best effect.

Keeping Language normal shouldn’t be a hard thing to implement and it will benefit you directly.

Make it easier for Google to search out the best answer by providing it with the content in the simplest language that you can.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Voice searches are longer than the traditional ones due to their conversational style. Also writing content on long-tail keywords have always been liked by google. As long-form complete content provides everything in one and you don’t have to write different contents for every specific thing, just simply pick a long-tail keyword and write a full-fledged post.

Make Your Website Load Fast

It’s very important to make your website load faster. Websites that take more time to load are left out and the ones which load faster always get chosen. The loading time of your website impacts directly your bounce rate and effectiveness of your website, hence it is needed to get fixed.

Its importance rises more when it comes to voice searches. As voice searches are required to deliver answers faster, your website has to respond at the same speed to get picked as the potential answer, whereas if your website took time to load, Google will move on to the next website to find the right answer.

If your website is lacking behind in voice searches you must give some attention to its loading time and improve it at any cost.

Focus on Mobile

Talking about voice searches, mobile is the leading face. Because simply it’s easier to ask verbal questions on mobile. Knowing that more than half of the voice searches are done on mobile, you have to be prepared for that.

Your content must be mobile friendly with a mobile-first approach. And do ensure that your website is mobile-responsive. Keep it optimizing to give a better experience to people on mobile and make sure that it’s crawlable.

Use Google My Business

Using voice for ‘near me’ searches are quite obvious. So having a Google My Business listing can be a turn up for your business.

You can simply register your business for Google My Business for free.

Maintaining the Google My Business listing ain’t much of a big task and it can help your business a lot.

Make Content Readable

Well written, readable content is quite a basic thing, it’s an obvious must. Create content that is easier to read for both people and Google. You can check that on Flesch Kincade Grade Level, a ranking around 8 is recommended for better voice search rankings.

In A Nutshell

Voice Searches grown at a very high rate every year, you can’t miss that out. Optimizing your website for voice searches now can put you ahead in the race.

The algorithm of search engines keep changing, keeping it in mind you too have to actively optimize your website. Putting in the right strategies can bring you a good number of organic traffic through voice search.


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