So, you have finally made up your mind for “GNC Whey Protein” and have started hitting the game, and that too with quite intensity. You are sweating every single day, hoping that the loose fat of your arms and belly will go away and will be replaced with rippling muscles.

You have a picture in your head of a future you and slowly and gradually you are moving towards it. At that moment, you realize that you could be able to achieve more if you just had a good protein supplement.

  • But what is a good protein supplement?
  • Should it recover your energy?
  • Should it boost your protein intake?
  • Should be provide you a nutritional relief as you leave the gym – sweating with exhaustion?
  • Should it be vegetarian?
  • Should be suitable for beginners and advanced alike?
  • And most importantly – how much you should be paying for it?

If these questions are bugging you, you’d be happy to know that I finally have the answer. This blog takes a look at the GNC Whey Protein and see if it’s suits your fancy.

Background on the GNC Whey Protein

GNC Whey protein is a product of Guardian Nutrition, an American conglomerate that deals in nutritional supplements all over the world. Additionally, it’s rumoured to be world’s biggest nutritional supplement organization in the world.

Let’s now jump into the GNC Whey Protein review

I look at my supplements through four dimensions. They are:

  • Cost
  • Effectiveness
  • Bioavailability
  • Safety
  • And most importantly, taste.

Let’s start with the taste

GNC Whey protein is available in many flavours including Chocolate Supreme, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla, and Strawberry. I myself am partial to the Chocolate supreme flavour been using it since the day I started taking protein supplements. Chocolate Supreme tastes good. It’s not overly sweet and has just the right mixability – the most important part of protein if you don’t want to waste it. And because of its smooth nature, it goes down easy. However, because there are chemicals involved in it to give it a taste of chocolate (it has no added sugar), it’s easy for it to stick to the insides of your shaker.

So, remember to lick after you’re done drinking it.

The Effectiveness

 The protein is extremely effective. I workout for nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes for six days a week. 15 minutes after the workout, I drink it to rejuvenate. And it’s almost always instant. I feel good after drinking it. I know that the intensity of the effects can vary from person to person. And, in my case, I might be tasting it differently because of all the salt build up on my tongue after my work out but when I started using it, it gave me the nourishment that I need.


One scoop of GNC whey protein has around 134 calories and has around 36 gram of service size. Out of which, 24 grams is protein. However, that calorie can vary depending upon the flavour you’re taking in. Chocolate fudge version of GNC why has around 130 calories with the same serving size and protein amount. Vanilla, which in my opinion is the best option if taste is not your priority, only having 125 calories.



Anyone whether a person is a gym goer, or is leading a sedentary lifestyle, can take this whey protein. Unlike what people think, gnc whey protein is an easily digestible protein, if you’re drinking enough fluids.


Finally, let’s talk about cost. In India, a standard 2 kg (4.4Lbs) of GNC whey costs around INR 3400. However, the costs vary a lot and on the flavour of protein you’ve chosen. I recently ordered the chocolate fudge. It’s 57 scoops and costs around INR 3200. So, is it worth it? Yes. You’re getting two months’ worth of protein supplement. So, it’s indeed worth it.

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Review for the advanced protein

Sometimes, you just need that extra oomph in your training. You need that extra power and for that you look for advanced supplements. That’s where the advanced GNC  whey proteins come in. Here is a mini review of all the advanced proteins:

GNC Amplified Whey Protein

If you’re looking for the most advanced version of GNC  whey protein, GNC amplified Whey protein has got you covered. It has got the fast-digesting Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate and Whey Hydrolysate. Cost wise, it’s on the expensive side – costing INR 6500 for 2.32 Kgs of protein.

GNC Big bolt Whey protein

If you’re indeed a beginner and are looking for a light acting, fast digesting but still and effective protein, you should go with this one. All I need to say for GNC big bolt protein review is this, choose it if you’re really a beginner. Cost wise, it’s the cheapest at INR 2800 for 2 Kgs of protein.

GNC amp pure isolate

Are you truly an advanced gym goer looking for a complete protein package? If that’s the case, GNC AMP pure isolate has got you covered. With 25 grams of protein in one scoop, it’s the best one among all the GNCs. However, I would say this in this GNC amp pure isolate review, it costs a lot. Right now, you can grab it through the website at INR 5228 for 2 kgs of pure isolate.

There is not much to say when it comes to GNC whey protein review, other than it’s meant for veteran gym goers and you’d be wise not to choose it if you’re just starting out.


The GNC whey proteins are considered by many to be the best. They are affordable, have all the right certifications, and can help you take farther towards your gym goals. However, choose wisely, for there are many choices and beginners among you can lost their whey. In short, choose the Standard GNC whey if you’re a beginner and choose GNC Amp proteins if you’re willing to spend extra on some advanced supplements.

But still, if you’re strong and willing, you can go far, regardless of the type of supplement you choose, even if you choose the GNC Big Bolt Whey protein.


By Gaurav Mahajan

Soul Mahajan is a gamer, a writer, and a fitness Junkie. As someone who recently got into fitness and obsessed with it, he harbors a lot of interest in the supplement industry. When he is not knee-deep in research about supplements so that he knows that he is buying the supplements that are not duplicates, he is gaming or writing about it.

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