Have you decided to create an Instagram account, but have not thought of an action strategy? Don’t waste your time, energy and money. After all, it is not at all difficult to sit down and think in advance what and how you will do – it will be many times more effective than acting
“by brute force”. 

The Instagram promotion strategy is the guiding thread that, if used correctly, will lead you to the desired number of subscribers and followers.
It will allow you to determine the appropriate promotion methods and resources that you need, plan your budget and see your distant future. Today, attentive readers will learn how to plan their work with Instagram. 

Examples of strategies for developing an Instagram account

First, answer the question: “Why am I doing this?” I have some typical answers to it.  

Instagram For Advertising account

Let’s say your goal is to collect a subscriber base, to which advertising will then be directed.

For these purposes, public pages of cities, flea markets and thematic accounts are often created – sites that can attract a large number of people with similar interests or characteristics: residents of the same city, bike lovers, people with low income, etc.

To choose a site theme, you need to estimate the size of the target audience
and your future advertisers. When your account is promoted, advertisers themselves will come to you, in the meantime you can search for them on the advertising exchanges for Instagram: Sociate, LabelUp, AdStamer, 110100.

Personal brand

If you want to prove to others that you are the best in any business, you will have to do a lot of work on your image.

You need to clearly position yourself as an expert and opinion leader, which means that there can be no talk of any kind of coordinated content: only unique cases, ideas, reflections. 

To constantly warm up the public’s attention, you can dilute your work with posts from life, but these should be highly aesthetic photos that characterize you as a multifaceted personality. 

Perhaps the most important thing in this kind of strategy is to understand your uniqueness. How are you better than your competitors, how are you different from them?


Blogging is no longer a hobby, but a full-fledged profession. To be successful in it, you need to choose a specific topic that you will stick to for a long time, and publish interesting content. If you know how to improve your seo, then you can easily make a boom in this profession. 

If Instagram is the first platform on which you start blogging, most likely, subscribers will not spoil you with attention. You can fix the situation by ordering advertising on third-party sites or from more famous bloggers. 

Instargam for Commercial account

If you already have a formed and promoted brand or company and you just need to increase its recognition or bring it closer to customers, choose a commercial account strategy.

 In accordance with it, the account on the social network will be a kind of information platform where you will publish information about the company, notify about new discounts, promotions, offers, conduct public sweepstakes and polls.

If the brand is well known, subscribers can be recruited from your customers: place a link to Instagram on the website, products or other social networks.
To promote young companies, you can use contests, certificate raffles, combined with the publication of interesting content with popular hashtags. 


If you create an account just in order to redirect traffic from it to the site, your promotion strategy will be special. 

You can easily do without publishing interesting content – a few photos and one installation leading to the site will be enough for you. You can attract your audience by mass mailing, likes and subscriptions to other people’s accounts. 

So, the goals of promoting an Instagram account should be in tune with the overall marketing goal. If you need to increase awareness, you concentrate your efforts in the social network on increasing the reach of your target audience. If you need to increase engagement, work on interesting and dynamic content

Analytics and identification of the first working triggers

No matter how it might seem from the outside, Instagram is a fairly simple service. Here you have just a few ways to grab the attention of users:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Following
  • Messages to direct
  • Marks on photos
  • Hashtags

Likes in Instagram

A large number of accounts are promoted due to the mass affixing of likes to potential subscribers. On the one hand, this method has a right to life
– users like to receive more likes, which means that an unexpected “gift”
from the outside will be pleasant and noticeable. However, this can only be said about non-promoted accounts with a small number of likes under the photo.

Owners of accounts with a large number of subscribers, most likely, will not pay attention to such a gesture or simply ignore it, but there is a way out – I advise you to use the Telegram service, it provides the ability to quickly promote your account. 

Immediately after launch, you will start receiving clients. In automatic mode, you interact with the target audience, making thousands of subscriptions and putting likes.

Following in Instagram

If a lonely like can go unnoticed, then subscribing to user account updates cannot go unnoticed. Notifications about this will be displayed to the user on a separate line in the notification ribbon, and will also be shown as push. This method of attracting attention should not be used en masse, so it is often combined with like


New tag notifications are displayed in the same way: a separate line in the feed
and a push notification. However, using this function to interact with strangers looks like spam. I recommend using tagging to keep your most active followers interested.

Commenting in Instagram

Leaving flattering or funny comments on photos of third-party users is not considered bad form (if, of course, this is not a naked advertisement for your account), which means it is good for promotion. The only “BUT” is a large amount of time that needs to be spent looking for interesting entries and thinking about a suitable commentary. 

If you think that you can put commenting on the stream, then you are cruelly mistaken – by such actions you only run the risk of getting banned. 

Direct messages

You won’t be able to write direct to everyone either – catch a large number of complaints about spam. But for private communication with your followers and a call to action, this method is ideal. 


You can often hear that hashtags are a great promotion tool. Only now, no one adds an important detail: a large number of hashtags in photos does not work – it only infuriates subscribers, only personalized, unique hashtags that will be associated only with your brand are effective.

You can come up with such a hashtag yourself and use it on all posts or arrange a contest among subscribers for the best idea – it doesn’t matter. 

The main thing is to constantly track posts under this hashtag and generously endow the posts of subscribers using it with likes and comments.

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