IRDA license process is quite difficult to follow. The twists and turns that it has are different from other processes for the grant of business license. For one, the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India does a lot more than assessment when granting you the license.

Secondly, even when you get the license, you have to abide by certain conditions to retain it. And finally, even when you think that your IRDA license application is correct, the authority can find some point to reject it at any time.

That’s why; there are details that you should know about the IRDA certification. These details are concerned with:

  1. The procedure that IRDA implements to grant you the license for Web aggregators in India.  
  2. The conditions under which the IRDA web aggregator license is granted,
  3. The points that can cause the IRDA to reject your application, and finally,

Procedure that IRDA implements to grant you the license of Web Aggregators in Insurance domain

You already know about the standard answer to the question of how to get IRDA license. If they have slipped your mind, here are the points to refresh your memory:

  1. Training your Principal Officer
  2. Preparing the required documentation
  3. Filing the application online for Insurance license.
  4. Letting the IRDA run its analysis on the application and the documents.
  5. Finally, you’re granted the IRDA license.

Now, it’s time to look at the other side of the spectrum to analyze how the IRDA analyzes your request for the license. Realize that the analysis that the IRDA does on your application goes much deeper than just analyzing it and your documents.  

Everything analysis that IRDA does on your application has to do with verifying how meticulously can you follow the rules set by the Insurance authority:

  1. Analysis of the intent of the applicant: After you’ve filed the application and the IRDA has analyzed it along with the document you have provided, the Insurance Regulatory authority of India does another kind of assessment.

It re analyses your documents to read between the lines to surmise your intent of getting the license. In simple terms, it’s trying to verify whether issuing you the license is in the best interest of the policy holders.

  • Analysis of the code of conduct of the license holder: Everything you have tried hard to gain comes with a set of conditions. Same goes with an Insurance Web Aggregator License in India.

Those trials you’re required to go through retaining your license are more challenging than the ones you went through acquiring it. IRDA only allows you to retain the license if you adhere to the points mentioned in the code of conduct that change from time to time.

  • Analysis of an applicant who once had the application: If you’ve previously held an Insurance web aggregator license that you either surrendered, failed to renew or was rejected by the IRDA for one reason to another, you get another shot at obtaining a new license.

But you’d have to wait for at least 1 year after the surrender or rejection of the previous license to apply for the new one.

 IRDA, recognizing you as an old rejected or surrendered license holder, won’t hold any biases against you when analysing your application. It will analyze your application and document  and issue you the IRDA license based on your current merits.

Conditions under which the IRDA issues the IRDA license

Because of the difficulty you face while filing the application and while being assessed by the Authority, you start dream of an early IRDA license download.

You hope that because you invested so much of your valuable time into putting together all the details and filing the application, you’ll retain the license quite easily.

Obtaining the license is once again not an easy matter, neither is retaining. Following are the conditions you must meet to retain the license:  

  1. Condition 1: As an insurance web aggregator, you’re only granted the license if you pledge to only deal in insurance products.
  2. Condition 2: You are required to comply with the provisions of IRDA Act 1999 if you want to obtain the license.
  3. Condition 3: If there is any change in the infrastructure of your business, or the details in your current license are incorrect, the IRDA should be informed of them.
  4. Condition 4: As an insurance web aggregator, you have 14 days to deal with any grievances you receive from your customers. IRDA demands the receipts of those complaints and the proof that you’ve dealt with them.
  5. Condition 5: The number of insurance policies you provide through your website should match with your commercial viability. If you’ve added insurance policies that are beyond your current resources, it would lead to mismanagement. Eventually, it would lead to IRDA cancelling your license.
  6. Condition 6: Your web aggregator of insurance website should have a system that keeps records of all the customers you have solicited with and the insurance policies you have solicited for. The IRDA should also have an access to that system at all times.
  7. Condition 7: You have to make sure that all the compliance points under the code of conduct are adhered to by your authorized verifiers, the principal officers and the director(s) of your company.
  8. Condition 8: Maintain a book in which you keep a record of your activities as at any time, IRDA can pay a surprise visit to your business premises.

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How does the IRDA processes the rejection procedure of an application?

When you go the IRDA portal in hopes for an insurance web aggregator license, you already expect the process to be difficult. That’s why, you take extra care when filling the details in the application form.

You take even more care to provide the exact documents that Insurance Regulatory Development Authority requires from you to get the license. However, regardless of how meticulously you’ve filed the IRDA license application, a little mistake is enough for the Authority to initiate the rejection procedure.

Following are the points associated how IRDA processes the rejection process of your application:

  1. In case the application is not found to be a complete one, the IRDA can reject your application. That being said, the Authority is not completely heartless. It will give you 30 days to rectify your mistakes and re-apply for the IRDA license.
  2. In case the Authority requires more documents from you, it will use an objection letter to notify you of its demands.
  3. If you don’t correct the issues with the application within the time IRDA has given – 30 days – you will need to re-apply for the IRDA license with a fresh new application.
  4. If the rectifications done are not satisfactory and even the re-applying for the IRDA license doesn’t sway the IRDA, your application will be fully rejected.

What comes after rejection?

IRDA rejecting your application isn’t the end of your Insurance web aggregator dreams. If you’re not satisfied with the reason IRDA has given when delivering you the rejection letter, you can reach out to SAT or Security Appellate Tribunal to challenge the IRDA’s decision.


IRDA or Insurance Web aggregator Authority of India has its own whims when processing your application. Although it has to follow protocol when analyzing your application, you can’t deny that there is a human element behind the authority that’s bound to make a mistake.

If you think your application has been rejected by mistake of the IRDA agent licensing portal. Or, you think that you should have gotten IRDA certificate downloaded with URN number, but can’t, you can reach out to our consultants.

From getting the IRDA license to helping you follow the IRDA license transfer process, our experts can provide all kinds of services. So, it’s time realize your insurance business dreams by talking to our experts.


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