AYUSH License is the license to do business in Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Naturopathy products. It’s a license that caters to those belonging to the domain of alternative medicine. Needless to say, people from alternative medicine don’t have a good track record when it comes to trust.

However, times have changed. People’s eyes have opened to the possibilities of what spirituality and mother nature can bring to them. Thus, they are willing to give it a change.

It has had a domino like affect on business. Approval of medication has increased its demand. That demand can’t be met by current manufacturers because there are less of them. As a result, the need of Ayush license has increased to bring in more manufacturers.

Thus, through this article, in addition to answer your question of what is Ayush license,  we will also tell you about the AYUSH license consultants that can assist you.

What is Ayush license?

To do any kind of business, you need approval of the concerned authorities. To start a business of manufacturing and supplying or selling alternative medicines, you need a stamp of approval from the AYUSH ministry. It’s also called the Ayush license. Once you have it on your products, you earn the legal right to manufacture or distribute your medicines in the region you wish.

It’s not a optional certification. Which is why, you should also know the answer of how to get AYUSH license.

How to get AYUSH license in India?

Traditionally, the answer to the above question is this:-

If you want to get AYUSH license, apply online.

But the above statement doesn’t tell you about the whole process. Our Ayush license consultants have studied the difficult flowchart of acquiring the license. They have decoded it into the following steps:

  1. First the application is submitted: The application is submitted to the AYUSH ministry using the portal provided by it. Once the application is submitted, it’s up to the licensing authority to assess the application.
  2. Drug Inspection: Initially, the department isn’t concerned with the correctness of the application. It’s more worried about the medicines you’re producing. Thus, upon receiving the license, a drug inspector is ordered to analyze the constituents of medicine(s).
  3. Document inspection: The documents are scrutinized after the inspection of the medicine. One of two can happen at this stage:
    • The documents are found in order. In which case the next step takes place.
    • If the documents aren’t found in order. In which case you’ll receive a memorandum of shortcoming. It will give you the details of the mistakes you’ve made. Resubmit the documents to move on to the next step.
  4. Inspection of the factory: Once the documents are found to be in order, the ministry sends an inspector to check the manufacturing facility of the AYUSH medicine. The inspector will create a report upon inspection. one of two things can happen at this stage:
    • Your manufacturing facility is found to be compliant to the AYUSH rules. In which  you’ll be issued the license.
    • Your manufacturing facility is found to be non-compliance to the AYUSH rules. In which case, you’ll be issued a memo of shortcomings after inspection. Fix your facility and the inspector will pay a visit again. This time, if the facility complies to the AYUSH rules, you’ll get AYUSH license issued.

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Documents to acquire AYUSH License

Whether you’re looking for AYUSH license in Delhi or anywhere else, the documents remain the same and they are as follows:

  1. A declaration
  2. The Site Plan
  3. The Key Plan
  4. Ownership Deed of the land
  5. Affidavit of no conviction
  6. Documents of the authorized signatory
  7. Organizational Chart
  8. List of machineries and books present at the facility
  9. Proof that you own the manufacturing facility
  10. Memorandum of Association of the company and COI of the company
  11. A document containing the complete details about the medicine including:
    • Formulation
    • Label
    • Trial
    • Testing Protocol
    • Proof
    • Performa of the product
  12. A document detailing the knowledge of the technical staff. It will include:
    • The degree possessed by your technical staff
    • Their registrations
    • Their Bio data
    • Their experience in the field of AYUSH
    • An affidavit of no conviction
    • Photograph of the staff
    • Appointment letter
    • Consent letter

If you need a video regarding ayush license, you can checkout the youtube video below.

The best Ayush license company who can provide you the services

Getting AYUSH license is a lot more involved than you think. From getting the documents ready to filing the application. From filing the application to conducting a follow-up. From conducting a follow up to getting your application on time, everything involves someone who can help you.

Registration is thus the best ayush certificate company. Providing a plethora of registration services of which AYUSH license is just a small part. However, small doesn’t mean less important.

As India’s premiere license providers, you can start the manufacturing process right away if you can get the license on time. Star your ayurvedic factory. Apply for AYUSH certification today.


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