Well-optimized meta titles/page titles/title tags and can help increase your click-through rate from search, get you more traffic from organic search and also help your rankings. So, they are really important. We can also say that meta titles are one of the most important SEO elements on any page of your website. Here, you will get to know some basic but valuable information about meta titles.

Meta Titles

Meta titles are the form of metadata. Meta data is code on your website which isn’t actually visible when you are browsing on a page. Let’s discuss about meta titles. They are meta data for every page on your site that give users and search engines a clear indication of what your page is called and what it is all about. When you are navigating on a website and you see the title of that page in the tab, that is usually the meta title.

Likewise, when you are on Google and you see the big blue link or it’s purple once you have clicked on it. That blue link is being called as the meta title.

Why are Meta Titles important?

 Now, the questions arise how do they impact SEO and how do they help you get more traffic to your website? They help you get more traffic to your website because if you have compelling meta titles when people see your page in the search results, they are much more likely to click on it.

So, meta titles are important because they are going to increase the percentage of people that see your website in search results and click through and visit your site. And obviously, it’s the visitors that we want.

It’s all well and good ranking on Google but if people are not actually visiting your website, they are never going to be able to convert. Every page on your site has a meta title if you choose to use them. So, every page on your site should have a different meta title.

The meta title is a key element that helps search engines understand what your page is, and is the first impression many people get when they discover your page through organic search.

Meta Title Hacks to Increase Rankings

If you can increase the traffic on your page, you can measurably increase the rankings. Traffic through increased clicks can seem to increase your rankings under certain circumstances. So, you get the dual benefit. Now, we are going to see some hacks that you can experiment to increase the traffic.

  1. Length

The search engine may change the title if it is too lengthy by adding ellipses, rewriting the title or by removing a word or two. In general, we recommend using titles of 60 characters or less, but the exact display limit is a bit tricky and is based on a 600px container.

Avoid all titles in capital letters. It can be a little hard for visitors to read and can severely limit the sum of characters Google displays.

 Even within reasonable length, search engines may choose to display different headers than those provided by the HTML code.

Please note that in some cases longer titles may be more appropriate for social media postings, and some titles are organically long. It is great to remember how your title will appear in search results, but you won’t be penalized for using a lengthy title. Use your sense of judgment and think like a search visitor.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You won’t be penalized for long headlines, but if you start typing keywords into your headlines in a way that’s uncomfortable for users, you might run into problems.

Avoid multiple titles that are simply lists of phrases or variations of the same keyword. These titles are not beneficial to search users and can cause trouble with search engines. Search engines are better than ever at understanding keyword variations, and inserting every version of a keyword in a title is unnecessary and counterproductive.

  • Branding

If you have a strong, well-known brand, adding it to your headlines can increase your CTR. It’s usually a good idea to put your brand at the end of the title, but there are times when you need to target more brands (such as a homepage or info page). Remember how your search results are currently displayed, as Google or CMS may automatically add your brand name to the displayed title.

  • Prioritising Keywords

Keywords closer to the beginning of the title tag can have a greater impact on search rankings. Many studies on User Experience also show that people can scan just the first two words of a headline. That’s why we recommend headings that highlight the most unique aspects of your page first.

  • User Experience

Title tags are very important for SEO, but the first thing to do is to get clicks from your target visitors who are more likely to think your content is valuable. When creating a title tag, it’s important to think about everything related to the user besides optimization and keyword usage. A headline tag is a brand’s first interaction with a new visitor through organic search. It should convey the most positive and accurate message possible.

  • Give Unique Titles

A unique title helps search engines understand that the content on your page has unique value and increases click-through rates. At a scale of hundreds or thousands of pages, it may seem impossible to create a unique title for every page, but with a modern CMS and code-based template, you should at least be able to create a unique, data-driven title for almost every important page. your site.

In the End

 The page title tag or meta title appears as a part of a search snippet on a search engine results page (SERP). They appear as interactive and engaging titles for search results and are necessary for user experience, SEO, and social media sharing. Web page title tags or meta titles are intended to accurately and concisely describe the content of the entire page.

Writing your meta titles is not just a one-off task. You don’t just write and rank up. It is something that you want to revisit and you also want to measure the impact of changes to your meta titles.


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