Competition for ranking on SERPs is way higher than anyone would have thought past 10 years. In this hard environment doing SEO of your website has become more important than ever before. As to start, one of the best SEO practices is PDF submission, it can be easily done and quite beneficial to your website.

PDF submission helps you rank higher instantly after indexing your shared PDFs. It helps create high-quality backlinks, gaining more organic traffic and increasing domain authority.

But to start from scratch, forward in this article we’ll talk about:

  • What is PDF Submission?
  • Why is PDF submission important for SEO?
  • How to submit PDF for SEO?

and most importantly,

Where to submit/share your PDF for SEO? i.e, Best Free Websites to submit your PDF on for better results

And Some Tips for Free PDF submission.

Picking up a good PDF submission website is very very important. They must have good domain authority, page authority and for additional benefits good Moz rank.

Further in this article I’m gonna share the links to the best free PDF submission websites where you can share your PDF for better SEO.

Doing this easy practice successfully will surely boost your website’s SEO resulting in better search engine ranking and more organic traffic.

But first, let’s know the basics. Here we go,

What is PDF Submission?

PDF submission is an important off-page SEO exercise. It is believed to be one of the most influential ways of backlinking. As the name suggests, you submit PDFs to different sites and in return, you get the maximum visibility for your website.

For that, the PDF document needs to be SEO based optimized to gain higher ranks in SERPs. Keeping the content concise and filling it with appropriate keywords are basic needs. Do not forget to keep the content engaging and valuable in the PDF.

Since the word limit is not much of an issue, use that to provide the best output to the reader. Following we would discuss how you can submit PDF to different sites, why is it important for SEO, what are the important tips to remember before finalizing PDF and top sites where you can submit your PDF to rank higher.

Why PDF submission is important for SEO?

PDF submission is a very crucial SEO marketing tool. It is one of the most popular and cost-effective exercises for promoting your site easily. As now bots can read and examine PDFs, sharing PDF with your website or keyword can boost your ranking.

Sharing articles in the form of PDFs into popular PDF sharing websites can be quite useful to boost your site’s presence and its authority.

Now let’s look up to some of the benefits of PDF sharing SEO practice:-

Generates more Traffic

Millions of people visit the PDF sharing websites every week in search of appropriate/significant knowledge and when your shared PDF showed up to them, they will come to your website which is a very reliable way of direct traffic.

Immediately improved Search Engine Ranking

As PDFs are used to index faster than articles, quick results can be expected from them. When your PDF would be indexed by the search engine, your website has a chance to get ranking improved right away.

Boosted Search Engine Traffic

With an instantly improved ranking on the search engine, your website would attract more completely organic traffic.

How to Submit PDF for SEO

Following is the simple process to submit PDFs related to your website or keyword. The main purpose of doing the process is to enhance or say improve your keyword ranking on search engines.

The three steps to submit PDF for SEO:

1. First, write your article using related keywords in MS Word as a text file. As basics, use your keyword in the title and article body. You can provide hyperlinks for your keyword too.

2. Convert DOC file into PDF file.

3. Upload the PDF file into PDF sharing sites.

Some Of The Best Free PDF Submission Sites For 2021


PDF Submission Tips

I’ll share some basic tips to keep in mind while creating and sharing PDFs for these sites.

Convert Your Pdf To Readable Text First

You can use OCR by Adobe Acrobat, it assists Search engines to read and examine your PDFs easily.

Create A Good Title

Create a clickable title so that people click on it to read.

Use Alt Text

If your PDF has any type of graphics, you must use ALT text.

Do Not Spam

Do not use wrong techniques, simply submit high-quality PDFs, that would be enough.

Use Keyword-rich Tags

Some high PR PDF submission websites allow you to write tags, make sure you use keyword-rich tags.


These are the free PDF submission websites that help you share your PDFs with a bigger audience.

PDF submission can make your name familiar to people. Just do not forget the basics and write content that is worthy of reading and provides quality to the reader. PDF submission can be quite an effective exercise for your site’s SEO.


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