The booming telecom industry in India has created many venues for new entrepreneurs as well like tec certification and wpc certificate. As the core of telecommunication is communication with the rest of the world, many are welcoming foreign telecom equipments into the country.

While Chinese equipment used to have monopoly over this once, things are changing as many other countries are willing to establish their bases in India.

Since make In India is yet to be fully realized, our entrepreneurs are open to accept their products. However, that’s not an easy task to acquire the right to import products in India, especially of the telecom nature. The reasons are many and they are as follows:

  1. Telecom products can be programmed to harmed the nation.
  2. The way that the products are made can have an impact on the principals of the nation.
  3. As there are many eager customers in India, some countries can mistake this eagerness with innocence which that can take advantage off and send fraudulent products.

Which is why, the Ministry of Communication, through its Department of Telecommunication has created two wings:

  1. The Wireless Planning Commission: Also known as the WPC, it’s responsibility is to issue WPC certificate to those who are looking to import wireless products in India.
  2. The Telecommunication Engineering Center:  The Telecommunication engineering center is the primary testing center of telecom products. They are the ones that test specific products to see if they are fit to be used by the Indian public. If the product passes, it gets TEC certification.

All about WPC certificate for import

The Wireless Planning Commission or the WPC is responsible for many telecommunication licenses. Some are network oriented, other are non-network oriented.

The WPC certificate format has been specifically designed to test the wireless products that come to the country. Some features that you need to know about the WPC certificate are as follows:

  1. Certificate is not really meant for the equipment. Even though the term is WPC equipment type approval, it’s the frequency within the product is working that gets the approval.
  2. WPC certification is not meant for Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers, it’s specifically meant for those who are engaged in import of wireless products.

List of the common products that need the WPC certificate from the Wireless Planning Commission

Let’s now discuss what type of equipment needs to get the approval for WPC to work at a certain frequency. If the product is working in the de-licensed frequency bands, ETA approval through self declaration is enough.

In that case all you need to do is declare that your product is working within the frequency constraints and you’ll obtain the WPC certificate for import.

The Commission doesn’t involves itself in those cases much, for the frequency that products are working in – the de-licensed frequencies – have already been given permission by the commission.

However, in case the product is working under licensing bands, the Wireless Planning Commission becomes more involved. It has to conduct a thorough radio frequency test to analyze each aspect of the product to understand whether the products working within the licensed bands can cause any issues or not.

Once the commission concludes that using the product is safe, It’s only after that the product is allowed to enter in the country.

Now that you understand the gravity of the testing procedure, let’s discuss the products that require certification at most times.

  1. Bluetooth Equipment: Bluetooth is the most rudimentary form of wireless – other than remote controlled TV – that we are aware off. Ever since we were kids, we used it to transfer data from our mobile phones to our friends’. However, not it’s used in other wireless peripherals from speakers to headsets to even cameras. So, in order to keep that technology from becoming intrusive and harming the lives, WPC pulled it under its jurisdiction.
  2. Drones: Drones are not used to bomb terrorists anymore. They have now been miniaturized and have become a good tools for video creation and if you believe it, even delivery units. It’s ability to intrude and causing disruption is enormous. It has caused WPC to take special care for drones.

The 8 steps of WPC certification

You need to take 8 precise steps to get approval for your equipment from the Commission. They are as follows:

  1. Analysis of the Radio Frequency of the product: Your first precise step is to contact a lab that has the NABL accreditation and RF test reports for your equipment. It will inform you whether your product works in licensed of de-licensed bands.
  2. In case your product works within the de-licensed bands, you only need to get ETA approval through self certification.
  3. In case the product works in licensed bands, start the process of gathering documents that will allow the Commission to be involved. The docs are:
    1. RF test report
    1. Product description
    1. Authorization of AIR
    1. Undertaking
    1. COI of your company
    1. PAN card of your Company
  4. Submit the documents via the online WPC portal to file the application.
  5. Finalize the submission by paying the appropriate fees.
  6. Download the application, take the hard copies of the documents, put those in a box along with the sample of the product and send it to WPC office.
  7. The WPC will scrutinize the documents, assess your application, and analyze your product’s radio frequency.
  8. If everything meets the WPC standard, you’ll get the WPC certificate.

The TEC certification required to import telecom equipment(s) in India

There are other telecom products that don’t particularly fall within the wireless domain. However, they are the part of the telecom domain. For those, it’s necessary to get the TEC certification registration.

The products to import which you need to go through the TEC certification process are as follows:

  1. Two Wired Telephone Equipment
  2. Group 3 Fax Machine
  3. Pon Family of broadband equipments
  4. ISDN customer premise devices
  5. Transmission terminal equipments
  6. Feedback devices
  7. Cord Less Telephone
  8. Data Modem
  9. PABX

The process of TEC certification

Let’s now give you the answer of the age old question, how to get TEC certification.

  1. Get the right of TEC certification apply online. You can only get the right to apply for TEC certification after your profile is approved.
  2. Start the application filing process.
  3. Upload the required documents. They are as follows:
    1.  Authorization of AIR
    1. MOU
    1. Description of the product
    1. Trademark registration certificate
    1. Bill of materials
    1. Test reports of the product
  4. TEC will test your product.
  5. You’ll be granted TEC certification if your application is accepted.

Getting the certifications

Even if you know about the process of how to get each one of these certifications, you’d need specialized assistance.

  1. How to apply for WPC certificate, the WPC certification consultants provide you end to end assistance.
  2. And, for TEC certification, it’s the TEC approval consultant that give you aid.

However, there is one group that encompasses both qualities. They are the DOT consultants. They are already privy to the information and the guidelines of DOT and thus can help you acquire all forms of telecom licenses such as tec certification and eta license.


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