The world is getting dangerous day by day. People’s lives and properties have always been at stake. However, the pandemic desperation have turned many into criminals. So, you don’t know who is trying to rob you or hurt your family. Which is why, we are now seeing rise in an industry that we never thought that we would talk about: The private security firm. That need has given rise to the demand for PSARA License.

What is PSARA License?

Who issues it?

How to get it?

And are you eligible for it?

Answers to the above mentioned questions and more is why this blog exists. And if you can persist, scroll down and read and find out what the Home Ministry has in store for you.

What is the meaning of PSARA License?

The PSARA act have existed since 2005. However, it was not until 2018 that our Home Minister – Amit Shah – revamped it thoroughly. Because there were many private security agencies opened that were not up to the task to protect anyone, the Home Ministry made PSARA License important. Those who are be able to acquire the PSARA certificate, gets to be considered the cream of the crop – ones that can actually protect.

So, what is PSARA license in actuality? Well, PSARA License full form is Private Security Agency Regulation Act License, and it authorizes those deserving to protect the people through their security guards.

So, that’s why, while this license is the key to your own security agency, getting is a task which is challenge in itself. But don’t worry. this blog will show you the way.

Can one get PSARA License Online?

Yes. Thankfully, while the Ministry has made changes to the act to filter out the runts from the real security people, they have made the policy easier. That’s why, PSARA License apply online is a big possibility.

Can anyone apply for the PSARA License?

Filing the PSARA License application form is one thing, bearing it’s cost is another. Who is eligible for the license? That’s where the stringent home ministry changes come into picture. Following are the points that you need to check in your portfolio to get eligible to apply for the registration:

  1. Have the financial stability to run the business: A security agency doesn’t only have to hire security guards, it also has to care for them. It has to maintain its own infrastructure and ensure that everyone in the staff is in top shape – enough to protect the properties they are hired to guard. Which is why, our recommendation is only to opt to bear the PSARA License cost if you can maintain your business.
  2. Get trained by an accredited agency: If you don’t have any security background, you are not fit to get the license. What’s the solution if you are just someone who aspires to protect people and have the financial stability to run the business? Not having a security background doesn’t mean you can’t acquire it. As per the provisions of PSARA, there are several who provide training to those who aspire to start a security agency. You can reach out to them.

Apart from the above two, other legal requirements that one must fulfil to become eligible for license are as follows:

  1. The applicant should not be underage i.e. they should be above 18.
  2. The applicant should have a clean record i.e. no criminal history is a must.
  3. The security guard that the applicant hires must also be of age above 18 and below 65.
  4. The security guards should also have a record free of any criminal mark.

If you adhere to the above rules, you take a step into the direction of the PSARA License registration. The rest of the steps are in the next section.

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Steps involved with obtaining the PSARA license

Following are the steps involved with obtaining the registration to start a private security firm. But before you go in, remember that it’s the department of your state that you have to reach out to. For example, if you are a Delhi resident, you need to get to PSARA License Delhi department to fill and submit the required application form:

  1. Receive the training you need to run a private security agency. Once your training is complete, you will have a certificate that will act as a proof of your deed.
  2. Take the affidavit and attach it to the following list of documents required for PSARA License:
    • LLP agreement /Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership Agreement
    • ID proof of the security you’ve either employed or are getting ready to employ
    • Signed memorandum of Association that shows the objective of your business entity
    • ID proof of the directors and shareholders that are managing your private security firm or have a vested interest in it.
    • An Affidavit to PSARA where you declare that your intentions of starting a security agency are pure.
    • The Logo of your private security firm
    • PAN card of the directors and shareholders
    • Photographs of the directors and shareholders
    • Character certificate of all your employees
    • Income tax returns of the past 5 years of all your directors.
  3. File the online application with the PSAR License documents required. Furthermore, at this stage, you would also need to pay the entry level PSARA License fees.
  4. Wait as the Home Ministry processes your application, assesses your identity, and analyzes your ability to private security.
  5. If the processing goes smooth, the assessment doesn’t reveal any issues and the analysis shows that you can handle your business, you’ll obtain  PSARA certificate.


Anyone can start a private security agency, but they have to become eligible first. Once eligibility is gained, application is filed. Once application is filed, the applicant will come under the radar of Home Ministry. Only after the home ministry deems you fit, you’ll get the PSARA License required.


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