The Opticover amplify device takes the internet of the main hub device as a network client. If your previous router does not supply the internet connection in your home too distant from available locations then you are using this range extender. The wireless extender is a powerful extension that connects to your home network through the WPS connection or via the wired (Ethernet cable connection). The wireless extender operates as an access point or repeater mode network. You can efficiently receive its internet attachment utilizing the WPS connection. 

Use the WPS button connection in your range extender by pressing it. Press the WPS button of this wireless range extender for pairing this range extender with your main hub network. Now, the opticover wifi extender setup process is running while the internet signal indicator does not blink. So, keep running this range extender setup or configuration process. After finishing the process of this range extender, you have to attach your device by using the local area network connection (LAN port) or using another mode that is available in this device. 

Modify the WiFi settings of an Opticover amplify device

The Opticover wireless extender moves your wireless network range in the whole home without interrupting the internet connection network range. So, just attach this range extender with your internet router according to your style. Like if you connect this range extender with the LAN port connection then attach the internet cable both of them points with your router and extender LAN ports.

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Now, the internet establishment is made up between both of them, so you can use its internet. If it does not abandon the internet attachment then modify the WiFi settings of an Opticover amplify device, which is given below. 

Disconnects the overloaded connecting devices: 

If your Opticover amplify device does not furnish a suitable connection and keeps disconnecting repeatedly then it means this occurs due to a weaker connection. This weaker connection is maybe showing due to overloading. So, you can proceed into the settings of the wireless extender using the user interface. The user interface of this device is inaugurated on your computer screen when you have to enter this extender login password or username.

So, log in to this extender and by using its admin login page, you will choose the view connected devices option under the basic settings section. Now, if it is connected with more than devices up to maximum limit then you simply disconnect your all unnecessarily connected devices which attach with this range extender internet. 

Amplify the videos streaming speed by the Opticover amplify device FastLane technology: 

Another option is to modify the intent connection settings of this extender that you have to allow the FastLane network technology. This is allowed after going into the settings section of this extender. So, go into the settings menu and choose the technologies option through here you can apply for Fastlane technology.

This is a technology that improves your wireless range extender speed especially while you use this extender network for streaming videos and playing games, etc.

So, you can use the internet connection of this range extender after applying the settings on this wireless router. It is used while you can allow it, so enable this setting through your extender user interface network settings. 

Change the wifi frequency or modes settings: 

You have to pick the WiFi setting section under the network and wireless settings. Only go into the settings section and choose the settings for updating your extender wireless settings.

Use ap. setup to upgrade Opticover amplify device extender to various wireless network settings. You can now replace the network settings of this Opti Cover extender. Its network settings display the frequency mode settings, network modes settings, etc. so, change it accordingly and save it. After modifying the network settings of this range extender, you can also improve your extender internet speed. 

Change the wireless extender network name or password: 

The network name or password is changed through opticover wifi extender setup . So, choose the wireless network settings and pick up the change password and network name settings. Now, put your previous network anime or password first on its screen and type your new username or password in its text fields.

After putting it in, you are saving to use it incipiently. The network name and password is successfully replaced, so you can use them for connecting the internet to your allowed device. The settings of this range extender exclusively made this device network more excellent and high-grade. 

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