What is an EHR Software 

An EHR software in this day and age is nowhere near what it used to be. That is to say, as time has passed the advancements and features added in this software have been tremendous and helped make this software incredibly important for medical practices. In fact, these days it is mandated by law to employ EHR software at your medical practice. In this piece, we will be telling you about various EHR software which would be perfect for a medium-sized medical practice. We will give you details about the amount and type of features in this software and also about whether you can somehow get a demo for them. From features in Practice Fusion EMR to details about the eClinicalWorks demo; we will give you information about it all. 

If you want to know more about EHR software which might be a good call for your needs then keep on reading this piece. Having an EHR that serves the size of your practice well is very important and allows you to utilize the software to the max of its ability. 

Five EHR for Small Practices 

Practice Fusion EHR

The first software on our list is Practice Fusion which we have included because of various reasons. The software has a plethora of wonderful features which make it a popular choice for medical practices. Patient scheduling is a feature in this software that we want to talk about.

The feature helps you schedule several appointments in the most seamless way. This software also allows you to maximize the number of appointments you are making so that you can easily increase your efficiency as well as the revenue at your practice. Another great feature in Practice Fusion is the charting feature.

This feature helps you chart patient data easily and in no time at all, practically cutting down the time it takes you during an appointment to half of what it was. This feature allows you to increase efficiency because the charting process is no longer a big concern and does not take up a large chunk of your time. 

Kareo EHR

The billing feature in Kareo makes things so much easier for you and your patients. This is because the feature helps you to automate a large portion of making bills. This in turn reduces the number of mistakes one might find in bills if the bills were made manually. This helps you increase the number of bills that are accepted instead of being sent back to be corrected.

Your bills thus are also reimbursed much quicker than before which again helps with your cash flow. The templates feature in Kareo EMR also helps make things easier. This is because you are able to explore the number of templates the software has to offer and then choose one which you think might suit your needs.

You can even further customize these templates if you think a specific change might allow you to make the template better suited to your needs. Like we suggested asking for an eClinicalWorks demo above, we also suggest checking out Kareo for a demo! 


PrognoCIS is another great software we want to tell you about. The software has several features which make it suitable for mid-tier-sized practices. The interoperability feature in PrognoCIS helps you to synthesize all the software you use for managing your practice in one place.

This means you are able to easily integrate your practice management and billing software with your EHR software and hence can update everything in one place instead of having to individually update every software. The software itself has several features which are great at helping with practice management.

This means you are able to easily manage various areas of your medical practice with this software. 

ChartLogic EHR

The charting feature in ChartLogic EHR is especially helpful in reducing the amount of time it takes for you per appointment. This is because the charting is smart and makes suggestions and automatically fills certain fields so you do not have to.

This helps you reduce the time it takes per appointment which in turn helps you schedule more appointments per day and raise overall efficiency for your medical practice. The e-prescription feature in ChartLogic allows you to make things a lot simpler for yourself as well as for your patients. This is because the e-prescription feature helps you to virtually make prescriptions that can be sent directly to whatever pharmacy is nearby.

This helps you to reduce the time it takes between making a prescription and a patient starting their medication since they can directly pick up their prescription from the pharmacy instead of having to pay a visit to your practice first. 

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The last software on our list is eClinicalWork EHR which we mentioned earlier when asking you to consider an eClinicalWorks demo. This software has a great claims feature that helps you file claims in no time at all. This means you are able to reduce the number of mistakes you might have made before since the claims feature is automated.

This allows for you to be able to both get your claims accepted faster and also reimbursed faster as a result which helps you vastly improve the cash flow in your business. We encourage you to check the feature in an eClinicalWorks demo. Another great feature in this software that you should check out in your eClinicalWorks demo is the patient portal feature.

The feature allows for patients to be in charge of their own treatment with you, from being able to schedule their own appointments to look at their bills on their own. Your patients do not need to rely on you and your staff in order to do these things.

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