In the wide saturated market of mobile tracker and monitoring software, the OgyMogy is one of the apps that offer quality service with a pocket-friendly budget. All you need to do is select the bundle of your choice that contains most of the needed features. The installation is very simple and easy and the friendly user interface makes the usage very flexible for any age group.

So if you are one of those worried parents who are sick of the excessive smartphone use of the kids or want to get rid of these social media accounts then this one is for you. Similarly, it can be used by organizations or businesses that want to keep a check on the work-related activities of the employees more professionally and efficiently. You can even use this technology just for yourself as well for the security of your gadgets or as a secure backup for important data.

A Brief Introduction About Android Monitoring:

Now the target cellphone can be under your surveillance 24/7 without them knowing with spy app technology. It is different than malware as you can insert those in the target device remotely. Most hackers use that kind of technology for hacking. But here the user needs physical access to the target device at the time of installation. Moreover, for the OgyMogy spy app, the target device should not be password encrypted.

The Best Mobile Tracker App:

OgyMogy mobile tracker offers excellent parental control and employee monitoring features for the users. Three different bundles that are based on different time frames make it easy for users to choose according to their needs. You can select the monthly, seasonal, or yearly package and enjoy all the advanced features for a month, six months, or 12 months respectively.  

Track Your Little Adorbs Exact Location

Know about the exact location of your kid if they get deceived by an unknown person and reach the wrong place you can help them immediately to save them from any accident that is yet to happen. You can keep a strict eye on them if they lie about their whereabouts.

2. See Incoming and Outgoing Calls

This monitoring software enables you to check all the incoming and outgoing calls from your kid’s device. See if they are talking to the wrong person who is manipulating them to do wrong things. Also, check are your kids having good company, or are they talking about the quality stuff or just doing useless chit-chat and wasting their time?

Call Log :

The call log feature lets the user have an access to all the incoming and outgoing call records details of the target. You can know who is frequently contacting your teenager or if any employee is wasting working hours on long calls.

Text Log:

Access to the text log means you can read sent and received messages and even those in the draft folder. You can know about the gender identities and take necessary precautionary measures to avoid any potential damage.

Call Recording:

Listen to important calls at your workplace or any suspicious call on your kid’s cellphone. OgyMogy mobile tracker makes it easy for the user to keep a record of all the important calls of the target.

Access to Built-in Calendar:

This feature can be very handy at the workplace where you can know about all the schedules and plans of the employees with just a few clicks. Know about your kid’s secret plans and keep a check on the holiday schedules or vacation plans of the employees with remote access to built-in the calendar.

Repots About Installed Apps:

Keep an eye on what kind of apps are installed on your kid’s cellphone. Are there dating apps or any violent games? Take necessary action to assure the good mental health of your kid. Similarly, the feature is useful to assure the professional use of company-owned devices.

Access to Photos and Videos:

Check the photos and video content saved on your kid’s phone and make sure they are not capturing, downloading, sending, or receiving any sort of vulgar content on their device. Remote access to the employee’s photo folder can let the user know if any employees are consciously or unconsciously sharing confidential information in the form of photos or videos with irrelevant people.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

Real-time screen monitoring is possible with OgyMogy mobile tracker. Use it as parental control and employee monitoring and keep yourself updated about screen use.

Keylogging feature:

The keylogging feature keeps the records of all the keystrokes applied in the latest device. You can know about any secret account details, passwords, and much more with this app.

Internet Tracking:

Check out all the websites visited by the target person with timestamp information with the internet tracking feature offered by the OgyMogy mobile tracker app.

Access to Bookmark Folder:

You can know about the frequently visited sites to find out about the hobbies and interests of the target person. Make sure no employee is wasting time on online shopping or find out about the porn addiction of teenagers timely.

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