why any boss needs Employee Monitoring Software? best Machines are taking control of businesses. Technology is helping mankind in doing impossible things. Due to Covid-19, business owners are trying to find ways to track the employees remotely. Humans are having limits whereas machines are limitless and tireless. When it comes to monitoring and surveillance of employees, there is good software that can do the job 24/7.

Employers use monitoring software to check that employees are spending their time at work efficiently. Rather than watching youtube videos, their primary focus should be office work.

Employee monitoring is a broad field that includes attendance tracking and behavior assessment. It also checks productivity evaluation and security enforcement. Thus, by using employee monitoring software, employers can improve the efficiency of employees.

Many business owners prefer the employees to use company-owned computers. Nowadays, employees are using both computers and smartphones for official tasks. Smartphones are also capable of doing big tasks. monitoring software can track company-owned cell phones and computers. The cell phone monitoring app is also helpful when the office staff is working outdoors.

Choose a good app.

The internet is full of applications that claim to do Facebook tracking. But not all of them are experts. The business owner has to do research and give this search a little time. The user should compare the price plans, reliability, and customer care efficiency. A wise selection will save money and give satisfaction to the user.

How to install monitoring software?

There are several packages available in the market for monitoring and surveillance purpose. Most of these software’s are monitoring activities in secret. The PC or cell phone user does not know about this spying activity. The business owner must do some research and find a good monitoring software that fulfills the need.

After successful payment and subscription, the tracking software starts working. Business owners can install the tracking software on company-owned devices and then give these to employees.

Why Employee monitoring Software is used?

Business owners are sometimes helpless when it comes to employee management. Small business owners are always striving to avoid overheads. They tend to cut the cost and improve productivity. But it’s a very hard job to do. But, most of the employees are not workaholics.

They are always in search of excuses for not doing their jobs. Sometimes employees use the company resources for their personal gains. They do not take care of losses. This cat and mouse play is there for a long time.

The employee monitoring software works as a detective. It points out the loopholes in the organization. Employees use these loopholes for their benefits. The tracking software act as a whistleblower.

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Monitoring Platform

The information from the target device is available in an online web portal. The portal can be accessed from anywhere using the credentials that come with the app. The portal is a monitoring environment and is accessible via a web browser. Users can spy on multiple devices in the same online web portal

How does a monitoring software track the employees’ activities?

There are several monitoring software with different features. We will discuss the TheOneSpy app here which is a quite good app for surveillance. He knows what kind of problems he is facing. Good employee monitoring app can

  • Employee Activity Monitoring
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Screen Activity Recording
  • Browsing History
  • Time Tracking
  • Employee Email Monitoring
  • Time Tracking
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Remote Control
  • Access to microphone
  • Access to Camera
  • SMS monitoring
  • GPD location tracking.

The above-mentioned features are available in different monitoring software. These tools affect the efficiency and productivity of employees.


A well-engineered monitoring app works in all formats like Windows, Android, and IOS. It’s not true that all features of software work fine on all OS. There are some functional limitations. Some features need jailbreak iPhones to work. Whereas some features need root android devices.

What can be achieved by using Employee monitoring software?

An employer can benefit himself by using employee monitoring software in many ways. Employer can

  • Track the GPS location of an employee at any instance. This can help the owner to make the deliveries on time. Often, it can help the owner to fulfill the commitment with the client on time.
  • Listen to the conversation of employees behind your back. This can help the employer to defend himself against any conspiracy. In some cases, it helps the employer to check the behavior of employees with the client.
  • Check the emails from the employee’s device. This can help the employer to identify if there is any data leakage.
  • Check the call logs of the employee. This helps the owner to check if the employee is in communication with rival companies.
  • Check the Screen recordings. This enables the employer to restrict the employees from wasting office time.

Among many apps, the TheOneSpy app is reliable software for monitoring employees. The price tag is low. Small business owners can benefit themselves by using this app.

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