Over the last few years, blogging has become a new trend, and the population of active blogs on the internet is increasing like rabbits. In this environment, it is very hard for new bloggers to find a less popular niche. If you go with a niche that is already popular, you’re going to have a hard time finding visitors. But, if you still haven’t decided your niche or are thinking of changing it, I’m going to help you find easy ways to swim ahead of sharks. Today, we’re going to talk about micro-niche websites.

In the present environment where the internet ocean is filled with big blogger sharks, you might need to know about a shortcut to the victory line. Many new bloggers are already trying micro-niche websites, which came out as relatively fewer visitors attractor but easy to run and capable of generating a considerable amount of income.

Confused about micro-niche websites, worry not! Today we’ll cover what micro-niche websites are, why they are different and more reliable than broader niche websites, and the trending topics for your new micro-niche websites, which you can use to boost up your speed in this race.

Fasten your seatbelts, here we go:-

Why Is Micro Niche Blogging Important?

Micro-niche blogging aims to write many blogs around a specific small topic. It helps search engines like Google to confirm your field of expertise faster and easily.

If you just write blogs on a normal niche covering different topics of the broad niche, it won’t be easy to generate trust with search engines.

Another important reason to stick with micro-niche blogs is that micro-niche keywords have comparatively less competition, and you would have a plus point for ranking higher on SERPs.

Monetization is believed to be easier in micro-niche sites with various methods like AdSense, affiliate marketing, ebooks, courses, and sponsored posts.

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Micro-niche blogging ideas are best for creating faster reach, trust, authority, and money.

As we’re done with its Introductory part, and if you still have some confusion up your mind, I collected the pros and cons of both micro-niche and niche blogs to clear it out and make a better decision.

Pros and Cons of Niche and Micro-Niche blogging

Pros of Niche sites:

Niche sites have broader topics they cover a wide range of audiences with different topics and categories than micro niche sites.

You won’t run out of content as you would have a lot of it to feed readers and keep them connected by giving various topics.

With more content on your site, it is more likely to get ranked. You would have more content with would contain more keywords to help you out in better rankings on search engines, which would ultimately help you to gain more organic visitors.

Now, the more visitors you get, the more revenue you can generate. That’s why niche sites are capable of generating more money than micro niche sites.

Now let’s flip to the other side of the coin,

Cons of Niche sites:

By a blogger having various types of content is always a great thing as it would attract various types of users, but if you see it from a single audience’s perspective, it’s not good at all. As if someone is interested in a particular thing and you’re showing him a variety of content he would get tangled in that web and would leave the site.

If you’re choosing a Niche site then be ready for the cutthroat competition, as almost every Niche category is covered by many bloggers, the competition is gone way higher.

Due to the competition in Niche sites, you may have to wait for a long time to get organic visitors to your site.

Done with the goods and bads of the Niche site, let’s evaluate both sides of the Micro niche coin.

Pros of Micro Niche blogging sites:

Getting on the ground with a Micro Niche site ain’t much time consuming, as you’ve already chosen a very specific topic, you can easily pen down the few chosen things and get the site published.

As for the competition, Micro niche sites sighs relief, as I said you already chose a very specific topic, you would get way less competition than the Niche sites.

Now, with less competition and easy content, your chances to rank higher on SERPs are better than the Niche sites where you had to put a lot of work to rank.

As you’re targeting a small circle of audience you would get more relevant and engaging users, by watching the content of their need on your site. It increases the chances of conversions and sales of the product you’re offering.

You won’t need a giant investment to start micro niche blogs, as the number of upcoming audiences would be not much high, you can stay with less costly hosting plans and you can easily convert them to earn money with fewer and more engaging visitors.

Done with the pros, let’s find out what cons do micro niche sites have,

Cons of Micro niche sites:

Comparing the earning potential of niche and micro-niche sites, micro-niche platforms cover fewer earning opportunities. As you’ve heavily narrowed down the niche, you would get fewer visitors. You would get high potential users but still in a small number. Which stops the micro niche to make a high considerable amount.

The reputation of your site in the eye search engine would always be in question, as choosing a micro-niche topic to cover up gives you fewer options to write upon. And you won’t be able to post consistently due to that, which is a negative thing in the eye of search engines.

Let’s clear it like this, when you made a site and let search engine’s bots crawl it, they decide the rankings on many factors, and consistency is one of them, which can affect your micro-niche site due to less content, but it can be covered up by giving regular updates on your site, it can take a little of your time but that would worth it.

Covering all of the good and bad sides of niche and micro-niche sites, I believe you must have got a depth picture of it.

So, I completed the basics and pros and cons of micro niche blogs.

Now, if you are ready to make a Micro niche blog, if you getting that fire within, let me tell you the most trending topics for them, so you don’t have to wander around finding a reliable topic. Here we go,

Trending and Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas to make money

1. Personal Finance

You want to make money, just talk about money. It’s that simple, and everybody loves money, right! They don’t talk about it much, but everyone often reads about it, so the personal finance niche never gets out of attention.

Recently environment as a catalyst, people started to often think about investing and budgeting as the stock market, and cryptocurrency are going trending, not to mention Elon musk leading the trend, so now people want to know what’s the better thing to do with their stimulus checks.

In addition, personal finance blogs provide some incredible affiliate offers, which includes credit cards, online banks, insurance plans, and mortgage lenders that are generally ready to pay $100 or more per conversion. And obviously, people can’t resist money, so everyone takes these services at some point in their life.

In a recent survey, personal finance emerges out as the leader in the affiliate income space.

Also, the prices for advertising on finance is pretty high, which make it an all-in-one package with high prices on both advertising and affiliate.

Up: Great-paying affiliate offers; always on-trend.

Down: Heavily competitive for SEO.

Micro Niche Blog Ideas: Side hustles, frugality, financial independence, making money online.

2. Education

Education is also a profitable blog niche. It covers up online-only education websites, college advice blogs, and even homeschooling blogs.

Education is always considered a very important aspect of life, which makes it a very profitable niche, also it is very expensive nowadays. Due to which advertisement and affiliate offers in the educational field had gone way higher in terms of pricing.

You can get $100-$200+ CPAs(cost-per-acquisitions) for selling services like refinancing student loans, opening student bank accounts, or choosing an online school.

Apart from that, you can sell printable notes or supplementary books to teachers or students to help them study.

Up: Heavily priced affiliate offers.

Down: Seasonal based on when the new year/semester starts.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Surviving college; online college reviews; specific competitive exam preparations.

3. Food

We all have visited food blogs at some point in our life. It’s safe to say that food blogs are the most saturated niche out there. But due to its creative ways of revenue, it is still a comfortable blogging niche.

The current top food bloggers usually make their revenue with multiple income streams, including:

  • Display ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling eBooks
  • Affiliate links for ingredients, food subscription services and appliances

Sponsored posts are the most interesting among them, many food bloggers get offers from food brands to use their products in their recipes and suggest them to their audience, the capable revenue generated by this if you have a large audience can extend up to thousands easily.

But still, the crowd in food blogging is beyond counties, for making your food blog successful you could have to do some promotions on social media like Pinterest and others.

Up: Sponsored posts; does well on social media.

Down: Heavy crowd; usually needs social media marketing.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Vegan diet; gluten-free baking; making restaurant meals at home.

4. Business & Marketing

Business and marketing space is the next idea on the list.

This niche is no doubt popular, it is generally narrowed down to form micro-niches like:

  • Online businesses
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • SEO best-exercises

Just like personal finance, they all have high-paying display ads, and impressive affiliate offers in their pocket.

Positive is that affiliate marketing offers can make even small businesses and marketing blogs earn a considerable amount of money.

Up: Tremendous affiliate programs.

Down: Highly competitive for SEO.

Micro Niche Blog Ideas: SEO tips and tricks; email marketing, best affiliate products.

5. Travel

Travelling blog is one of the blogs that owns the internet.

But due to the Covid-19, the travel niche is temporarily disabled. It was a very hard for travel blogs to continue, but as it’s all turning good again step by step, you can try starting a travel blog.

The options for travel bloggers to earn money are very flexible, which includes:

  • Display advertisements
  • Writing sponsored posts
  • Affiliate programs for hotels travel gear, airlines, excursions
  • Affiliate programs for travel credit card and insurance
  • Branching into YouTube and vlogging

Up: Favored by social media; You can make money while traveling.

Down: A little low on advertising rates; still recovering.

Micro Niche Blog Ideas: Local travel guide; Historical places traveler, Travelling on haunted places.

Some of the niches that do well on the internet and can be tried are Parenting, DIY blogs, and Health and Wellness.

Now that you know the best micro-niches to start from, the next important thing is finding the money factory. So following are the best monetization strategies that you can use to generate an income from your micro-niche blog.

How to generate money from Micro-Niche Blogging

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate is one of the most used and best revenue generator exercises you can use on your blog.

While running a site, you can easily set up your Amazon associate and start making money.

Let’s start with how you can set up your Amazon associate account.

Go to Amazon Associate and sign up for their free affiliate program. They will crawl your site, review it, and send you a confirmation mail within one or two days. Just make sure that you’ve created a presentable website first.

Once it’s done, you can log into Amazon with your associate account, choose a product to review, and generate a referral link to get started. Amazon, too, provides you with a good amount of text links and banner ad links so that you can also use it as AdSense to generate extra income.

2. Google AdSense

AdSense works as a display product advertisement, it doesn’t make much income, but it can be used to generate extra bucks by the side.

AdSense works on CPC (Cost per click), so make sure to use keywords with high CPC to generate more revenue. You can also switch to alternatives of adsense. If you don’t get approved.

3. Sell your stuff

Selling your stuff is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. You can sell products and earn how much ever you want as you don’t have to give commission to anyone else.

The best products to sell includes:

  • Niche-Specific Products
  • Your Brand Merchandise
  • Ebooks related to your niche

And so on

As the competition is rapidly increasing, micro-niche blogging is the option you can still rely on to earn quickly and easy relatively than niche blogs. Micro-niche blogs can be seen as a side income. I won’t suggest you get dependent on that. If you want to generate a big revenue and have bigger visions, you should try hustling on a broader niche.

I hope you have got all your answers about micro-niche blogging, but if there’s still something you want to ask about, feel free to comment or contact us, we promise you we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have found this informative.


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