Are you interested in making money through travel blogging? Then you are at the right place. We are here to give you great actionable strategies that you would love to travel. Travel blogging is related to the dream profession and would help you earn money by writing about your travel.

Having passion regarding something is essential to pursue your career. But making money through living power at the same time is a bonus point.

Travel & Make Money - 5 Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

People who earn a lot from their travel blog are not their overnight success, and it needs a lot of motivation and patience. While traveling, you can get sunglasses with a built-in camera function that helps record your every moment. 

What is your travel blog earning?

You can get about $100,000 per month from travel blogging. But there’s no exact amount, and you can get more than it or less than the desired amount. It depends upon blog promotion or monetization. If you want to run banner ads on your site, you can earn between $3 to $15 for thousands of views upon your location. 

Let’s discuss travel and money with five successful travel blogging strategies as follow:

Travel programs

One of the best ways to promote travel programs is to affiliate marketing to monetize the blog. In marketing, you need to encourage other people’s products and commission the desired product sale. It gets you a great source of income for travel blogging. You can earn about 70% of their income sometimes from affiliate marketing. 

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Travel & Make Money - 5 Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

Some of the excellent travel affiliate programs are as follow:


It is a great place to book hostels as they didn’t disclose their commission sales, and you would be able to reach and negotiate it. 


It is one of the best websites to check out the flight’s update. They have 50% revenue to pay commissioners half of the revenue that Skyscanner would get from users.

Here you can get a 25% to 40% commission on each order. It helps to book hotels worldwide.


People usually would be able to check the site for reviews, bookings, and hotels. They give a 50% commission on the sale, and you can join it through

  • CJ:

It is a marketplace where you can find out the affiliate programs from Skyscanner or, etc. 

  • Agoda:

It is one of the excellent booking marketplaces for property and home basis. It gives around 5% of commission on each sale.

  • Amazon affiliates:

Amazon offers affiliate programs that help you promote hiking travel gears, and you can get paid. 

  • Sponsoring posts

A great way to earn money is to feature a product related to a blog post and find out the great offer for readers. Sponsored posts will be a great idea if you have a great reader base on your blog or social media sites. You can earn money if you have many Instagram followers and promote products in posts or stories.

Travel & Make Money - 5 Successful Travel Blogging Strategies

In this case, you don’t need to get sales from product owners but feature their brands r products on your site and get paid. When your blog grows and gets many followers, you get dozens of sponsored post requests, and hence you can earn money and attract advertisers.

  • Contextural advertisements

It is that you can’t publish sponsored or commercial posts all the time. You need to print some informational content that gets more hype. Then it would help if you considered adding contextual advertisements.

It depends upon various factors such as CPC of keywords in blog posts and getting ads’ position on your blog. You can optimize the content of your ads to get effective targeting of the audience.

Many travel bloggers monetize using the following advertisements;

  • Google AdSense
  • And thrive
  • MediaVine
  • Being a travel content writer

Having a travel blog acts as a great portfolio to attract high-paying travel writing freelance work. You can join platforms like Upwork or others to keep commission as high as 20% to 30%.

You can consider writing for the publications to buildup the portfolio and get money from content writing travel blogging. You need to be a master of many skills to earn money.

You must have writing, storytelling skills, and SEO and copywriting skills are the central points. You can have some proofreading and photography for the places. 

  • Travel guides

Creating guides for the people to travel and earn a good amount of income is easy for you to get a targeted audience visiting your blog posts. You can sell out your travel guides and photography skills to consider upgrading your professional photographs and shoot the best travel experiences. 


Hopefully, the details related to the article titled Travel & Make money – 5 Successful Travel Blogging Strategies would help you understand the topic carefully.

Some of the ways of getting excellent travel blogging strategies would be creating unique master travel content, engaging your audience, getting more followers, sponsoring the posts and videos of travel, and guiding people regarding travel blogging.


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