There is a rarity of content which depicts the challenges that a common man has to face. But Netflix has made sure that every person gets to see what they like when they subscribe to their services. And if you have subscribed to Netflix, then following are some shows which you must watch if you love watching shows which are grounded in nature.


If it is a Netflix series which is grounded in nature and close to reality we are talking about, then there is hardly anyone that comes close to Longmire. Longmire is a contemporary crime-drama which is set in the modern world and talks about the trials and tribulations faced by the lead character of the show. It is one of the most well-made shows which also happens to be six seasons long.

During its run, it garnered a lot of praise from both public and critics alike. The reason behind that was nothing but the production quality of the show which made it a delight to watch.

The show is considered to be one of the best on Netflix and despite being a highly popular show, The Next Hint has reported that there are no hopes for Longmire season 7. This has left the fans of the show in distress.


A well-made series which showcases the real world challenges faced by the people who work in the law and order division of our society. Better Call Saul is an amazing series which has a lot of fun moments because of the great comedic timing of Bob Odenkirk and his chemistry with the supporting cast.

You can watch the show if you want to see how troublesome it is to make a career in the field of law and what kind of people one has to deal with while pursuing this profession.

3. SENSE 8

A story about eight strangers brought into the world in eight unique pieces of space is essentially fantastic. The eight characters explore their shared ability to interface with each other’s personalities.

They go on an excursion to find answers to what specifically pertains to their lives and it becomes nonsense from that point on. The show has received an IMDb 8.3 rating in two seasons.


This show presents to us all the harsh reality of the United States of America prisons and how women prisoners are treated there. The show, despite being a dark comedy and satire, does not fail to bring out the different types of challenges that a prisoner has to deal with while serving their time in the prison.

It is a great show and gives us a deep insight into the truth of the prison system in the United States of America.


This brilliant psychic and mis-functioning spine chiller was created by a young Dr. Christopher Duntsch and his clinical acts of neglect that leave some of his patients horrifyingly dead. As The Next Hint reports, Joshua Jackson plays the lead role of Christopher Duntsch and was excited about his performance and commitment to the person.

The audience also thought that Variety bettered its source material with brilliant and poor scripts. Released in 2021, the show is a serious buzz among the audience, and chances are, you will find your peers discussing the show. Along these lines, don’t pass up the buzz, get your forte, and marathon watch this show right now.


It is a finely made show which deals with some of the most serious real life issues in an extremely efficient manner. The portrayal of characters and the smoothness with which the story progresses further is what makes this show stand out among a crowd of shows which revolve around the same topic.


The book is set in late nineteenth century New York, in light of the top-rated book by Caleb Carr. The story is sensible but repulsive, combined with great acting performances by the characters. Some fans communicated disillusionment with the show’s second season working out, even though the show continues to be one of the top thrill rides.

The story revolves around an old executioner who kills prostitutes and the city’s new police commissioner collaborates with his men to crack the case undercover. This show glorifies the time you put into watching it.


This Indian show depicts the challenges faced by a couple and how they choose to deal with them. It is one of the most beautiful shows available on Netflix and the show does not forget its roots during the entire time it is going on.

Which ones of the above-mentioned shows did you like the most? We would love to hear your thoughts about the shows mentioned above and if you want more such informational content, then you must keep an eye on this space.

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