Many job applicants struggle to write a CV, which attracts the recruiter’s attention. Even though you believe you have done an outstanding job, which describes your experience, knowledge, and accomplishments, you are not assured of getting a job interview.

The first step to getting a dream job is to create a resume. Let us move you through the process of creating a resume step by step. Although having an excellent first impression can be difficult, producing a visually appealing resume has certain benefits. If you are curious about writing a resume, adopt these steps, and you’ll be the best-fit applicant soon.

This article will explain what a dream job is and some ways to write a CV to get a dream job quickly.

What Is a Dream Job?

A dream job is a commonly known expression, but do we all define it the same way? Because we’ve made it our goal to help others improve their lives, we need to ensure that we explained it specifically to support others to the best possible in identifying their dream careers.

A dream job is that you love to do what you enjoy, which also supports the lifestyle that you want.

Many of us reside in a noisy, crowded, and pressured-out world. We have bills to pay, family to care about, health issues, stresses from all aspects of our life, and very little time to do any internal exploration or listening to our natural desires.

Most people are lucky to have discovered what they’re supposed to do, but the vast majority of people try to keep their heads above water to remain ahead of the competition.

Some Ways to Write a CV to Get a Dream Job

Here are several ways to write a CV to get a dream job which we include:

1. Select the simple format

Your Resume or CV is the very first impression you make on a potential employer. A very well-structured CV demonstrates to an employer that you are structured, detail-oriented, and attentive. Employers can read your CV at a quick look if it is well-organized. And if it’s too difficult to understand, it would most likely be discarded.

Maintain a straightforward structure with minimal headings to distinguish your work experience and qualifications, rather than using too many headings or subheadings. Reduce the use of bold, capitalized sentences and italics carefully; use bold to emphasize what’s relevant in your Resume and be transparent. Employers should be able to identify the previous jobs and qualifications quickly.

2. Short length

Recruiting administrators and employers are too busy reading lengthy resumes; if yours is more than two pages long, they will most likely not be read it. Start your Resume with your most recent career experience and work your way to the back. This segment can be followed by your schooling, starting with the most recent.

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You must be able to match all of your relevant experience and history into two pages; use bullet points to save space. If you’re having trouble cutting down on length, our advice on mentioning your accomplishments at the top must help. If your resume is less than one and a half pages, it can seem too short.

3. Write a summary that grabs attention

Everybody, including hiring managers, reads the top of a document first. And, because recruiters only spend 6 seconds on average scanning a CV, you must ensure that whatever they find in the top third empowers them to continue reading.

As a result, your education, accomplishments, and experience must appear in the top third of your Resume. And why you should think about starting with a resume summary or mission.


A resume summary statement is a short, brief intro about yourself. It highlights your significant points in your career development and promotes your experience and skills.

Reading your summary statement must support recruiting managers to see if you’ll be a good fit.

4. Achievements segment

Including an ‘Achievements’ segment at the top of the Resume is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from the rivals. List every technical and personal accomplishment you have here; managers would appreciate being able to see your achievements without needing to read your entire Resume.

Consider this an opportunity to highlight your previous accomplishments. It makes no difference if you’re seeking a job in a new sector. A recruiting manager would be interested in your experience. If you have any conclusive stats or facts, be specific; they will be impressed with any improvements you’ve made or results you’ve attained in an organization.

5. Empowering language

The language you select is crucial. Ensure that you follow active verbs like “implemented,” “analyzed,” and “managed” in your Resume; they will promote your CV. To prevent misunderstanding, keep your language clear and concise; you need to be specific about your experience. Match the language you select to the job description: it will boost the likelihood of getting an interview.

Keep in mind that you must write your resume in the past tense. Grammatical mistakes will immediately switch off recruiting managers, so ensure that you have anyone you believe to double-check it for you. You never realize what they can notice that you could overlook!

6. Volunteering experience

If you’ve ever volunteered for a foundation, an organization, or an activity, make sure to provide this information. Whatever you have volunteered for, the action itself demonstrates that you can give up your time to serve others.

It implies that you are a team player, and what recruiter doesn’t want a team player working for them? It also demonstrates that you are willing to share your talents and experience with others; it is a desirable leadership skill.

7. Training

Have you ever engaged in training or done any courses? Even if you are looking for a job in a different sector, if you’ve ever enrolled in additional training or classes, it demonstrates to an employer that you like learning.

A passion for learning can permanently transform into other valuable skills, such as adaptability and a desire to keep developing your skills and knowledge. Employers love those employees who would like to advance in their careers.

Some Key Takeaways

Nowadays, landing a dream job is a challenging task. To land the ideal position in that perfect company, you must make sure that your Resume is seamless. You should get your expectations up and move ahead to get a call if you adopt our ways and carefully check your Resume. 

If your current company’s job is not oriented to your long-term goals, consider taking immediate measures. Give yourself time and think about where you’d like to be in the next few years. Feel free to contact JobsPivot to decide your professional path efficiently.for more job vacancy in singapore please visit our website feel free to contact us.

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