Selecting the best-suited transport vehicle is a bit challenging for people who are planning a DIY move. While you’re messed up with your goods, getting a truck for their relocation adds on to your hassles in the shifting process.

If you don’t want to exhaust yourself in the upcoming move then it is always better to hire packers and movers in Delhi NCR as you just can’t rely on naive transporters to handle your precious possessions.

The risks of potential damages or loss of items are high with local transport agencies as most of their truckers are not professional, nor certified, and not licensed to carry out PAN-India movement of goods. 

So, what’s the first thing you must do to choose the right goods carrier? If you don’t want to take chance with the safe handling of goods then it is imperative to hire experienced packers and movers in Bangalore to transport your items with zero interruptions, delays, and stress.

These top-notch shifting service providers are not only skilled at packing and moving goods but also arranging the most suitable transport vehicle at standard rental rates. Modern moving companies take care of truck needs to ensure that everything goes perfectly well on the final day of shifting.    

Let your quest begin for a moving truck of ideal size! 

No wonder if you are confused about the size and type of transport vehicle you require to carry your precious items to the drop location. After all, you are not capable enough to determine the right truck to hire for the safe and efficient movement of goods.

Amongst ample options to consider for moving truck, you can only trust expert packers and movers in Hyderabad to arrange the most convenient transport facility within the budget. 

It may take you a minute to search packers and movers in Bangalore on Google and get a precise idea about what type of moving truck will suit your shifting needs. Moving companies generally consider Chota Hathi or tempo for small moves and large-sized trucks or canters for commercial, industrial, and big household relocations. Though the parameters of renting a moving truck greatly depend on the dimensions of space and the number of items you are moving.         

In general, modern packers and movers in Delhi NCR go for medium-sized trucks for 1-2 BHK and large-spacious canters of around 1000-1500 cubic ft size that is enough to accommodate 3 BHK flat, multistorey villas, mansions, factories, machinery, and bulky industrial goods.

Besides some common household items and office articles, some bulky and oversized goods like furniture, appliances, and various other things. It’s obvious that you need professional packers and movers in Bangalore to predict the number of goods a moving truck can hold.   

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No need to stress yourself if you can’t decide which moving truck would be ideal for moving your goods as packers and movers in Bangalore will take all the headaches of getting the right vehicle for shifting your goods. 

3 Types of moving trucks for relocation purposes  

It is imperative to get a moving truck of accurate size to avoid a last-minute rush when you can’t arrange one more carrier to adjust extra luggage. Modern packers and movers in Hyderabad consider some basic points to pick a moving truck of the correct size for relocating goods with zero damages and hassles. Still, confused? Keep reading further to know more about the popular types of moving trucks used by packers and movers to conduct successful relocations all across India. 

Small-sized trucks (Mini tempos, Chota Hathi, etc.)

  • The size of small-sized trucks varies between 7ft to 9ft. The range of such goods carriers usually includes Tata Ace, Tata 407, and pickup truck. The best packers and movers in Delhi NCR bring well-equipped moving trucks of the newest models.  
  • Since these types of mini trucks are commonly used for small residential and office moves, you can hire them for local or short-distance shifting within a locality, sector, and city.                         
  • Mini vehicles like tempos and Chota Hathi are perfect for moving 1 BHK apartments, studio rooms, and small workplace of 20-30 employees.                         
  • Ideal for accommodating goods of 1-2 rooms. They can withstand maximum weight up to 2000 kg.      

Medium-sized trucks (Canter truck & long-platform trucks)

Whether it’s a local move or interstate relocation, the best packers and movers in Bangalore choose them for transporting heavy and large-sized goods at home, offices, industries, shops, and commercial places. 

  • Their length of mid-sized transport vehicles varies between 14 feet to 19 feet and they are suitable for moving 2BHK and 3BHK flats.
  • These trucks are spacious enough to accommodate 3 to 5 rooms of items easily.
  • The maximum loading capacity of mid-sized moving trucks falls between 4000 kg to 9000 kg.
  • For local relocations, a medium-sized truck of 14 ft (for 2BHK) is preferred while for moving in a different city or state, packers and movers pick a vehicle of 17ft or 19 ft (2BHK/3 BHK) size.

Large and extra large-sized trucks (Big canters)

For carrying heavy-duty machinery, vehicles, and too much household stuff from one state to another specifically when the final location is far away from the present destination. These types of power-packed moving trucks are majorly designed for domestic relocations that cover long-distance between pickup and final delivery location. 

  • The length of large-sized trucks varies between 20 ft to 24 ft and they are great for big residential, corporate, and industrial shifting.
  • Suitable for moving huge mansions or home, villas, multi-storey buildings, large commercial centres, big halls, and other spacious places.
  • Can easily store goods from 5 to 7 rooms and halls of large sizes.
  • Best for domestic relocations between 1000km to 1500 km.
  • The loading capacity of these trucks remains between 7000kg to 14000 kgs.

The type and size of moving truck your moving company would provide with their on-demand packers and movers in Delhi NCR depend on the points discussed in the blog. You must consider this as a guide to rent the most appropriate goods carrier from local transporter or any shifting service provider

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