Just Image. You’re an entrepreneur and want to start a website for your business online. You have done enough research on SEO and selected the best design for your site. But, after launching the site online, you are not receiving enough traffic to it.

One of the reasons for low traffic is ‘Promotion’. In these tough competitions, it is not possible to drive traffic without promoting or marketing your site online.

Promote Your Business Online

Want to promote your website online but don’t know how to do it? If this is your problem, then this article will help in promoting your site online for free.

Hereby, through this article, I will share the top and proven 5 ways to promote your site for free online. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing those 5 pro ways below.

And, as always, if you face any problem in understanding or implementing any of the below methods then feel free to comment below in the comment box.

#1. Email Marketing

Though email marketing seems an old marketing technique, it is still one of the best and effective tools for promoting your site online.

This will not only bring traffic to your site but also improve conversion rates of your website.

But this technique will work only if you have a golden list of email subscribers. For better results, please ensure you have at least 10000 email subscribers on your list.

In this technique, all you need to do is send emails consisting of news, update, offers and discount to your subscribers at regular interval.

That’s it. If implemented properly then it will definitely boost traffic and conversion rate of your site.

#2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another best way to market or promote your site. Of course, this method is also available for free. In this method, you can promote your site content on the social media wall of your profile or through social fan pages or groups.

Here, the process will remain the same. You will follow the process that you usually used for posting personal posts on social media sites.

With more than 80% of population using Social Media site today, this is best and effective way to promote your website immediately. You can refer this article to learn How to use Social Media Wisely

#3.  Article Submission sites

Though this is not the direct way to promote your website online. But this is still one of the most effective and free methods to promote it.

In this method, all you need to do is write a good SEO researched article and submit the same on various article submission sites.

Of course, you can also add a link back to your website within the article. In this way, your site will get a backlink and thereby it will boost SEO of your site.

Next, your site’s content will rank higher in the search engine and hence your website will more traffic in return of it and, more traffic means more exposure and marketing of your content.

#4. Search Engine Optimization

This is another great way to promote your business online. In this method, you will optimize your site’s content for various search engines including Google.

Next, your website will start ranking higher in the search engine and you will start getting free traffic to your site.

Now, more traffic means more visibility of your website. And, hence SEO and SEM will promote your website for free in the Google search results.

#5. Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel is another great way to promote your business online.

Actually, this refers to information box that appear on the right side of the search result. Something like this

Google Knowledge Panel
Google Knowledge Panel

This knowledge panel is capable enough to include every important information about your website or business. Starting from your business profile including the website address to social media links, all this information is easily available on this knowledge panel.

#6. Use Directory Listing

Create a listing on major directories will definitely help you in promoting your business online. Here, it is strongly recommended to register your site on a large directory instead of a smaller one.

This is because a small directory pulls data directly from the large directory site. Hence, once you create a listing on a large directory, it will automatically get listed on a small directory site.

Facebook, Yellow Page, Bing, yahoo are few examples of such large directory.

#7. Create an account on Video Sharing sites

Video Marketing is another great way to promote your business online. And, websites like YouTube, Dailymoition helps you to do this for free.

Upload a quick overview of your business on video sharing sites will not only promote your site but also helps you to give a nice sales tool that you can post on your website’s homepage or share with your clients via emails.

You can also upload other videos related to your business to gain visibility online.

#8. Online Community

Online community (also know as forum) is a place where different people with common interest meet together and discuss and share their problems and feedback.

Be active on such community and once you gain some popularity, try to promote your business.

Please remember, never try to promote your site in such a community from the very first day of joining. Promoting on the first day will not help you. Instead, it will add a tag to your business called ‘Spammer’.

It is strongly suggested to be active at online community and then promote your business after few days.

#9. Start a blog

Blog is not only great way to promote your business but it also help you in creating brand awareness and increase your ranking online.

Search Engines including Google love written content. If your website includes written blog post then chances are higher  that your site will rank higher in the search results.

Next, it will bring more traffic to your site, and hence your business will gain more popularity. For more benefits on starting the blog, please refer to this article sharing the top reasons for starting the blog.

#10.  Coupons and Discounts

If you own an online or physical store then you can easily promote your site by providing free discount and coupon codes to your users.

Everyone including your target audiences likes free coupons and discounts. If you provide them free discount code then it will definitely attract them to your website or business.

Trust, this technique works everytime.

Over to you

The above all are only a few ways to promote your business online. The above list is inclusive, it means over and above tips you can also use any other technique to promote your site online.

All you have to do is just think out of the box and you will surely find a new creative way to promote your business online. For example, you can share freebies or conduct giveaways online to promote your business or brand online.

At last, if you face any problem with the above article or need any help in promoting your business then feel free to contact me either through the contact us page or share your message in the below comment box. I will be happy to help you.

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