AngularJS is one of the widely demanded and preferred JavaScript frameworks for today’s developers. A large number of industry verticals utilize AngularJS development services for their online platform. Some of these include computer electronics & technology, arts & entertainment, news & media, finance, and others.

Also, a lot of well-renowned companies like Gmail, YouTube TV, Netflix, Upwork, and others make use of the Angular framework.

What is AngularJS & AngularJs Development Services?

AngularJS is an open-source framework that allows developers to build various powerful web and mobile applications. It is designed by Google in the year 2009.

Due to its easy usage, simplified development process, and ability to support the latest standards of JavaScript, AngularJS development services is considered as one of the finest frameworks for developing highly responsive and attractive web and mobile applications.

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The framework uses an MVC design structure that helps developers in creating interactive applications that comprise superior UI, consistent code, modular & responsive structure, Single Page App (SPA) support, and much more. All this helps organizations to deliver exceptional user experiences, ease of access, speed, and productivity.

Features of AngularJS Development Services

Some of the key features of the latest version of AngularJS include:

  • Two-way data binding
  • Routing
  • Unit testing
  • Directives to extend HTML attribute
  • TypeScript
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection
  • Scope to control variables
  • Expressions to bind data to HTML
  • Rendering of HTML
  • JQuery libraries
  • Event-handling
  • Controllers, etc.

Why Choose AngularJS Development Services?

Some of the solid reasons that why businesses must go for AngularJS development services for their online platform includes:

  • Facilitate Two-Way Data Binding: Unlike various other frameworks, the angularJS development services has the ability to provide two-way data binding. It means that the data can be synchronized easily between the Model and View. So, what benefit will you get with this synchronization? Well, this helps in a way that when there is any modification or change in the data, both the components (Model and View) will be updated automatically in real-time. Thus, developers are not required to implement the changes in each component manually which might otherwise require a lot of time and effort.
  • Provides Consistency and Reusability of Code: This is perhaps the best benefit of utilizing angularJS development services for web and mobile app development projects. Code consistency is essential for the success of any development projects. In the case of the AngularJS framework, the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) and documentation style guide facilitate utmost consistency. The Angular CLI tools allow developers to create applications, carry-out tests and implement various features into the applications. In addition to this, AngularJS allows developers to reuse the code, thus simplifies the entire development process while reducing the time and effort.
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  • MVC Design Architecture: MVC or Model View Controller architecture is simply a model that supports data, view that manages the data display, and the controller that keeps a strong connection between the model and view. AngularJS supports this architecture and makes the entire web and mobile application development project much easier and faster for the developers. To incorporate MVC design architecture, developers are just required to add the application into components and they are good to go.

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  • Google Support: As AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google, it gets huge support from highly professional and talented developers throughout the world. With Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular, organizations can scale up Angular applications development as per their requirement.
  • POJO Model: POJO or Plain Old JavaScript Object provides all the essential JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation. AngularJS utilizes all objects that are POJO with which the developers are not required to add any additional functions.
  • Single Page Application Support: Another most important reason to utilize the AngularJS framework is its ability to support various SPA features. With SPA support, developers can easily complete the entire development process. The facility makes the process of developing and managing online forms simpler for developers. Moreover, developers have more authority than validation abilities when using AngularJS in a single-page application.
  • In-Built Testing Module: For the successful execution of any web or mobile app development process, testing is an inevitable and critical part. AngularJS comes with an in-built dependency injection which makes testing components much easier for the developers as it allows them to pass in a component’s dependencies as required. AngularJS also comprises a unit testing setup that greatly improves code flexibility by allowing developers to write modular logic units, in place of large code chunks. This further helps developers to get real information about their web or mobile app development projects.


These are some of the key reasons that suggest that investing in the AngularJS project is definitely a good idea. So, if you are considering a single page application or version migration, make certain to choose a professional AngularJS development company that can provide customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of your project within the specified time frame.

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