Are you stuck on finding how to delete google reviews? If you have written the review, then it’s too easy to do it. Read the whole blog to find it out. But if you are a business owner of a google business listing, who is asking for how to delete google reviews?.

Before we directly get to the point of deleting fake google reviews, first let’s understand what is google reviews?

What are Google Reviews?

When you start a new business, then you are allowed to create a business listing on google map. That listing is known as a business listing. It allows you to post updates regarding your services you are offering to your customers, opening and closing times of the store during season time. You can also showcase your products directly through images or videos. 

Even customers can directly ask any question regarding service you provide. You can solve their issues by replying to them at a convenient time. 

When you deliver a service to a customer, then you can ask them to rate your services and give feedback based on their experience. The google business listing allows customers to give negative or positive feedback based on the service delivered to them. 

When you own a business you try to run it in all possible ways to deliver the best service or products to the customer. Hoping to get some positive response from the customers.The positive response from customers boost our motive to deliver services efficiently and within time frame.

Customer Experience in Google Reviews

The people who have experienced the best services quality and product, don’t drop positive reviews.

But sometimes due to some mis-happening or conditions at that moment, the service delivered to a customer goes wrong, then they post a negative review on google business listing. 

Such people also tell other people to do fake negative reviews on google. Fake google reviews have the power that can crash any business like the stock market in the time of recession. 

Now the following question arises:-

  • Can you delete Google reviews?
  • How to delete a Google review
  • When can you delete Google reviews?

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Can you delete google reviews?

Answer is YES.

If you have posted the review, then you can easily delete it.

How to delete a google review?

Here are some ways by which you can delete google reviews or remove fake google reviews in an easier manner.

  • How to delete google review you wrote
  • How to delete google reviews posted by others

How to delete google review you have written

If you want to delete the review you have written through mobile, then here are steps you need to follow.

1) Visit Google Maps & Click on your photo on the right side.

2) Click on your profile. 

(Select the appropriate account from which you want to delete the review). You will see the contribution you have made to other businesses and uploaded photos to the visited places. Just scroll down a little bit, you will see a list of reviews and ratings you have made to business.

3) Then select the review you want to delete from the list. Press on 3 dots from the right side and choose delete ratings. This will delete your review from the selected business.

delete google reviews

NOTE: Deleting any review from a business, also deletes the photos you have uploaded during the reviewing the business. 

If you want to delete the review through your pc, you can also do it. Just follow the simple steps.

Simply login through the account, from which you want to delete the review. 

Open google maps.

Click on the 3-Bars from the left option.
How to delete google reviews to make positive impression

Then click on Your contributions option.

delete google reviews

Then click on Reviews option.

delete google reviews

Then click on the 3-Dots on the review you want to delete. Then delete the review, to remove it.

delete google reviews

How to delete google reviews posted by others

Before we reach a point, let’s discuss a few things about google review, that is it possible to delete google reviews, if yes then how.

Can you delete Google reviews posted by others?

Google has a clear vision about it. According to them google reviews provide business value. They give 10 types of lists that are restricted and prohibited in reviews. They also say that any kind of inappropriate reviews will be taken down by google, if flagged by the many users. 

The reviews that are restricted or prohibited in google review are as follows:-

  1. Conflicts of Interest: In these types of reviews, if anyone writes about their own business, to disrupt the google review rating. Then google business owner can flag the review to remove it.
  1. Fake or Spam Content: If anyone posts some fake content or customer experience or posts the same content most of the time from different accounts. Such review can also be flagged to remove from google review.
  1. Offensive Content: If the reviews are in an offensive language or if review contains obscene languages.
  1. Derogatory & Dangerous Content: If any review that contains threat, bulling someone or discrimination. Then such review can be flagged to remove from google review.
  1. Impersonation:  If someone pretends to be someone other and hiding self identity. Misrepresentation of a company or business.
  1. Restricted Content: If any review that spreads violence in the local or religious regulations. Promoting some illegal product or services in any form. Linking to illegal websites.
  1. Sexually Explicit Content: If any reviews that contain sexually explicit content like insults, descriptions, materials, etc.
  1. Illegal Content: If any review that contains drug dealing, violence or human trafficking, then such review comes under flagging.
  1. Terrorist Content: If any reviews that contain promotion of terror in any form of threat or incitement.
  1. Not Relevant to Business or Off Topic Review: Such review that contains personal issues, social or religious issues. Such reviews are prohibited in google reviews.

When you can delete google reviews?

Google keeps an eye on everything. That’s why google says that we can delete google reviews if flagged, only for those reviews which does not comply with google review guidelines.

Why is it important to delete google reviews?

According to google, they can’t limit users to review any services or product in google business listing. Which means those who have not even tried the service can also leave review on the listing. It can be positive or negative too. This is so unfair.

That’s why it’s important to delete google reviews which are bad or negative.

Follow the steps carefully to delete google reviews.

delete google reviews
  1. Login your account from which you want to delete the review.
  2. Select your Business Profile.
  3. Then select the Reviews section.
  4. Select the review and press 3 Dots from the review. 
  5. Select Report the Review.
  6. Select the option which best suits according to your choice.

After all these steps, you need to wait for a few days to get removed from google review. If the review does not dis-obey any guidelines during giving review, then review will not be deleted.

Hope you get the ways by which you can delete the google reviews.


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