Over the past decade, internet usage by the masses has more than doubled leading to a substantial shift in how people interact with businesses and purchase products online. Online marketing, or more technically known as digital marketing is just like any other type of marketing used to connect, interact and influence potential customers. It forms a bridge between businesses of all kinds and their target customers online.

However, when it comes to choosing and deciding digital marketing services in India to work with, it can get quite challenging with multiple agencies out there. An ideal digital marketing agency usually constitutes experts in areas like content marketing, social media managing, paid advertising, SEO, video marketing and much more. So how do you determine if a digital marketing agency is really good and best suited for your business?

Figuring out the ‘Why’ Digital Marketing Agency

Before anything else, it is very important to understand your business needs to be able to hire an efficient marketing firm that can meet those needs. You need to ask yourself why is it exactly that you need to outsource an agency to fulfil your requirements and what services do you require.

Whether you need to increase your business’s presence online or you feel the need to redesign your brand entirely, once you have an answer to this, you can actively start your search for the best agency for you.

  • Budgeting

Cost is a major factor to take into consideration when you are investing in an outside firm to take care of your needs. For instance, if your only purpose is to increase your visibility on social media platforms then it makes absolutely no sense to spend on designing a full-fledged website or generation of google ads.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to find a digital marketing package that is relevant to your requirements.

  • A thorough background research

Just like when you hire a new employee in your firm you make that person go through multiple rounds of interviews and do a thorough check of that persons’ previous experiences.

Similarly to find a digital marketing agency that promises to increase your company’s presence online you must check how well does the agency rank for the services they mention about.

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Go through their prior experiences and testimonials from previous clients. The expertise of any digital marketing agency is only as good as their clients’ online presence. To sum it up, the following factors are of utmost importance while finalizing any agency:

  1. A list of past clients with a successful online portfolio.
  2. Diligent and expert team members.
  3. A strong industry rapport.
  4. Company culture and their core values.
  5. A professional and well-designed website of their own.
  6. Believable deliverables and not promises in the air.
  • Asking for samples

If reading a testimonial or review does not satisfy you, you can always ask an agency you’ve shortlisted to send you samples and even give them a task related to your business and see how well they work around it.

For example, you can ask them to create a social media campaign for your brand and review their pitch before finalizing them. In this manner, you can gauge their capabilities first-handedly and also understand whether the agency caters to your needs or not.

Furthermore, a successful digital marketing agency will offer the following services without any doubt:

  1. Web designing & development: A website is an outsider’s guide to what your brand or business stands for. It’s the first thing that a consumer sees on the internet.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It increases the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic search engine results.
  3. Mobile & Email marketing: Today, around 65% of emails are opened on mobile phones and that has completely transformed the way in which customers interact with businesses and brands online.
  4. Content strategy & marketing: Content creation and distribution if done responsibly satisfy business requirements by hitting the right chord.
  5. PPC Marketing: A way of buying visits at your website, pay-per-click marketing is essentially one of the most popular tools of online advertisement. A ppc company in India lets the advertiser pay a publisher to drive traffic to their website.
  6. Influencer management: With social media like Facebook & Instagram becoming a huge part of our lives, Influencers have become strategic partners for brands and managing a relationship with these collaborators also then becomes a part of the digital marketing firm you hire.
  • Establishing communication and deadlines

With each passing moment, there are changes happening around us and more so, virtually. Trends come and go online in no time. A digital marketing team has to be on their foot at all times to be able to deliver the best and ensure the optimization of a business.

It is advisable to be clear from the very beginning about the expectations and conditions between both parties.

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