All of us desire fashion wear from well-known designers and fashion icons from all over the world. The happiness of wearing a statement dress or getting yourself dolled up in a newly released fashion icon of a runway is unmatched.

Especially for women who like to hold their personality in such a way that makes them stand out from the rest. However, a common limitation that stops up from dressing up in the latest trends and fashion from the market is the high prices.

Sure, Ellie Saab and Vera Wang have a class of their own but the truth is their clothes are so highly priced majorly because of the name they have and what if we told you, you could look expensive on a budget? And why you should be aware of the expensive looking affordable brands? Here’s why:

  • You become a smart shopper
  • You are admired for your dressing
  • You can easily purchase huge amount of cloths with less money.
  • You always remain in style
  • You don’t fret over discarding old clothes

To become a smart and informed shopper here are our simple collection of stores, that if you look with smart eyes and a fresh mood you can find something really trendy and stylish to wear.

Store: Steinmart

You could be hearing this name for first time but once you visit this fashion and iconic store we guarantee this isn’t the last time you must be hearing this. The steinmart is a full range fashion store for men, women and children.

You can get classy bags, accessories, clothes and all the fashion wear. The clothing sold here are designed with some of the latest industrial fashion insights which will help you look really chic and expensive even when you haven’t spent too much. And the best part?

The store also offers coupons. You can now use the steinmart coupons to earn huge discounts as you shop here.

Store: Naked Wardrobe

This is a place where fashion speaks for itself. Naked wardrobe is your ultimate closet to look highly expensive without having to spend much. The brand has some of the sexiest and stylish clothes that will not only grace your entire look but will make you standout of the crowd.

The looks are just so to the point and the collection? Too good to be true. You must check the naked wardrobe if you want some serious fashion stuff. 

Store: Macy’s

This goes without saying but Macy’s is an all-time ruler. From long coats to smart crop tops and everything in between Macy’s fashion and stylish clothes are to die for. And not only for clothing and apparel, Macy’s is a full range lifestyle stores that deals in men, women, children and home accessories.

Make sure to check the recurring Macy’s sales which are a huge reward for shopaholics.

Store: Kohl’s

Sure, Kohl’s is a basic everyday store but sometimes you find great things without even looking. Kohl’s is a full range departmental store that has been in business for decades. The kohl’s survival tactics is high quality in lower price.

While you may only shop for basic Tees and jeans from Kohl’s that too occasionally, sometimes the new collection can blow you away. Especially when you are looking for stylish sweaters and accessories. We like kohl’s for its simplicity and diversity.

Store: ASOS

But at a wide range of price points, ASOS have shoes, cloths and other accessories, their choice of the best thing which comes is online affordable clothing.. The most trendy pieces are from ASOS and often edgy side, they also have traditional and mature-looking alternatives.

 Furthermore, ASOS has a wonderful range of formal wear that shows that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get dressed up for a special occasion. They also have sweet and cheap swimwear on them. Finally, ASOS has slim, tall lines and plus sized, even they have wide fit shoes. You will found something no matter, how bad is your body shape.

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Store: MANGO

Mango is certainly the most fashionable, expensive looking, affordable brand. This store has some of the best and thoughtful designs and outfit plans that will elevate your entire look on any other day. No matter how much you believe the prices are going to be high they will be always lower than you expected.

 It is stylish, classy, chic and trendy all in one. And not to mention the mango accessories and bags. They undoubtedly set the fashion bar too high.

Store: Zara

Wearing Zara and not getting questions about your outfit? This is not going to happen. Zara is unquestionably one of the most fashionable, forward thinking, smart clothing brand there is. It never fails to provide decent and hot clothing line for every season every year.

 One life saving trick? Always check the way Zara dresses their dummies and even models on their website to get the possible ways to style your outfit.


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