Things you should know about Google’s new Guidelines for No-Follow links, Which can help you in crawling and indexing.

Google’s new guidelines will be in effect from the 1st of March, Sunday.

Google’s new guidelines will be effective from the 1st of March, Sunday. According to the further instructions, nofollow link (rel=” nofollow”) link attribute will be treated as hint other than directive, for the purpose of crawling and indexing.

Google previously informed about the introduction of two new link attributes (Sponsored and UGC). Now there are 3 types of link attributes. Nofollow, Sponsored, UGC. The oldest one will remain the same (nofollow link).

Everyone knows that after the introduction of nofollow in 2005, all spa, links were stopped from passing credit and manipulate rankings.

Last year, after describing the link attributes, google proposed new link attributes for users, which is sponsored and UGC or User-generated content.

Let us have a look at these link attributes introduced by google.

  • Sponsored
  • UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Nofollow

rel=” sponsored”

By the introduction of this attribute, it can be easily identified that this is a type of advertisement, sponsorship, or something like paid agreement.

rel=” ugc”

Such type of link attribute can be used, or they will appear when the content is generated by the User, which can be done by comments and in forum submissions/posts.

rel=” nofollow”

These are the HTML tag that tells any search engine to ignore such links as they have an attribute “nofollow” after this, the link will not pass any PageRank, and this will not impact any ranking.

Do you think I am also thinking? That is why Google Started these attributes?

According to google September announcement, in which google told by the introduction of these two new attributes, the website owners will be able to classify the nature of the links, if they want to.

The main point for this introduction is, “If you implement this attribute, it will not affect your website ranking and other factors, it is a totally optional process.”

If you are utilizing the nofollow link attribute to tackle any sensible content on your website that you don’t want google to crawl. For doing this thing, there are other ways too now. Like the use of robots.txt or you can try using meta tags to stop such activity.

Why not ignore such links?

As links contain reliable data which can improve search. If you carefully look at the link, you will understand, stuffing of the link in the content.

Do i have to change my nofollow links?

No, If you use the nofollow link now as to block sponsored link, which you dont need to support, remove them. Otherwise, there is no need to do anything. Just Relax!

Can you use more than one rel value on the link?

Yes, you can use them.

Like: rel=”nofollow ugc” if you want to notify google that this link is User-generated and consider it as nofollow link.

You can also try other values with nofollow link such as rel=” ugc sponsored”, It means this link is generated by promotion and created by the User.

When do these attributes and changes go into effect?

All of the attributes nofollow, sponsored and ugc. For crawling and indexing utilizing nofollow link will enhance a hint as of the 1st of March, 2020.

Why should I try any of those new attributes?

Using these new link attributes will allow us to better understand the nature of links.


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