You can prevent yourself from coronavirus, by taking some precautions. The total amount of air a human lungs can hold is commonly referred to as Lung Capacity. You should understand that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is known to cause respiratory distress in infected people. It also reduces the lung capacity in people who have recovered from the viral infection too. We will also explain how you can increase your lungs capacity during covid.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

  • Wearing mask properly when your are outside on in crowded place.
  • Don’t touch mouth,eyes and nose.
  • Always wash and clean your hand with soap or sanitizer(alcohol based).
  • Keep yourself at a safe distance from others, when in public area.
  • Best way to stop spread is to stay at home.

How to properly wear a mask?

You should always wear mask when you are outside. Always cover your whole mouth and nose with the mask. Its the only proper way to stop spread of coronavirus.

How to properly wear a mask?

Don’t wear mask below your nose. It can make you in contact with covid virus. You can also use faceshield to protect yourself. Don’t use anyone’s mask.

How to use face shield?

When you wear a face shied, always check it for any damage.You should wear a protective gloves before using face shield. Then before using face shield, you should clean it. Some of the face shield come with a protective film on them. Before using it for first time, peel or remove the film. Then wear it. Again after cleaning your gloves, then touch your face shield and clean it properly to use it for next time.

  • If you got some symptoms of covid 19, then don’t get panic. Immediately start your isolation.
  • Avoid going outside for at-least 14 days.
  • If you got any problem in breathing, then you can use oxygen concentrators to get relief. You should also check your oxygen level time to time. You can use oximeter to check your oxygen level in the blood.

How to use oximeter?

Before using oximeter for first time insert the batteries. Then place your finger correclty inside the oximeter and wait for a minute. It will show your 2 readings. One will be your oxygen saturation in the blood and second will be your pulse rate. Normal oxygen saturation lies from 95% -100%.

Here is also the proper video, on how to use oximter.

If your oxygen level is less then 95%, then its low and you need to take care of it. There are many ways by which you can increase your oxygen level at home.

How to increase oxygen level at home?

You can easily increase your oxygen level in your blood. It will not increase your oxygen level immediately. You can get some fresh air by taking some walk on your home roof. It will increase blood flow and eventually your oxygen level will also rise.

If you are a smoker, then first you should quit it. Smoking further can decrease your oxygen level.

Do some yoga and new technique known as proning.

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What is proning position & How to do it?

In proning, you need to lie down while facing downward on your stomach. This is medically proven and tested. Its safe to do it. You can check the video for detailed briefing about proning.

You can also take steamer to clear your breathing way. If will also increase your lungs capacity to breath well.

How to use steamer?

First clean your steamer with warm water, then fill water in steamer as indicated on it. Don’t fill it fully. You can use some vicks to clear your breathing problem. Take long breath and inhale slowly. Take steaming on daily basis, to improve your problem.

Here we have described some ways on how to increase your lungs capacity.

Now we will learn some amazing ways on how an individual can boost his or her lung capacity amid this pandemic. It will help a ton to retain your lost vitality and energy and make you as refreshed as ever again. So, let us begin.


Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness or meditation has been found to significantly improve the capacity of lungs, tidal volume, expiratory pressure, breathing capacity and heart rate. When you meditate, all your energies are conserved and it ultimately helps you to use more power in whatever job you are doing.

To start practicing meditation, you need to give plenty of attention to yourself. Take time to experience your surroundings with all of your five senses. It simply means to consciously do whatever you are doing at the present moment. 

Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Sleep is a basic biological function in humans that plays a crucial role in sustaining overall health, including the proper functioning of the respiratory system. Since our lungs alter gas exchange and ventilation, our breathing pattern is said to be affected by sleep disorders.

Also, if you are losing out on sleep consistently, your immune system also gets weakened. You should know that a lack of immunity can also invite a number of respiratory problems. 

To get sound sleep every night, try to establish a sleep routine from today. Also, eliminate all the light sources before you hit the bed.

Stay Hydrated By Drinking

Drink plenty of water throughout the day as it helps you to boost stamina as well as endurance. You should know that even a small reduction in body fluids can significantly reduce stamina and concentration in us humans, Hence, it is imperative that you remain hydrated throughout the day. 

Though health experts recommend you to drink eight glasses of water every day, it is necessary you drink at least six. To begin with this habit, you should train yourself to drink a glass of water every morning. This helps in cleansing of your lungs and to detoxify your body. 

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the best methods to improve your overall lung capacity. There are several ways on how you can practice deep breathing at your home. The most common deep breathing method to improve lung capacity is that of Diaphragmatic Breathing.

In this method, you have to inhale through your nose for two seconds, feeling the air move into your abdomen and feeling your stomach move out. After breathing out, you have to repeat the same process again. 

Along with deep breathing exercise, you have to make sure that you improve your indoor air quality. It is suggested that you also use indoor air filters to reduce pollutants like artificial fragrance, mold and dust.

Get Rid of Smoking Addiction

One of the most terrible addictions you can do to damage your lungs is that of smoking. This is because tobacco present in the cigarettes slowly decreases the lung capacity causing only a smaller volume of oxygen to reach your bloodstream. This triggers breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis etc. Hence, one should be very wary of this harmful addiction.

Quitting something like smoking is not a cakewalk for many. People do feel withdrawal symptoms once they have gone cold turkey on cigarettes and it can get quite terrible to manage. In this case, it would be wise to use a pod vape system which is a substitute to the traditional cigarettes that completely avoids the harmful tobacco too.

Wrapping it Up

As said before, Covid 19 is a disease that will impact your lungs capacity even if you have recovered. If you can apply the five steps which are mentioned above, you will retain the respiratory health you had before getting the virus. It is suggested that people who have not yet been infected also follow these steps, as they can protect themselves well during the peak of this pandemic. 


By Gaurav Mahajan

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