GST is a direct tax or a consolidate tax. You need not pay all taxes like vat, service tax, entry tax, exercise tax and other indirect taxes, all these taxes charged under one consolidated Tax GST.
Its easy to pay and calculate one tax rather than several different taxes, GST provides such freedom.
GST Software are essential for all business enterprises, whether it is small or big. To achieve the compliance of GST, one must have robust GST software to manage all related tasks under one software without any perplexity.

Benefits of GST 

Easy to understand tax structure
GST makes the tax payment easier, as there is no need to pay the number of taxes like service tax, vat, exercise tax.
Easy to commence a new business
When you are going to start a new business, later before this, you need to follow all vat rules and regulations with other registration formalities,’ and it differs as per your state.
But now GST is a consolidating tax system that makes it easy to commence new business in any state.   
Margins for Taxation:
The business earns up-to 10 lakhs, and further will have to register for VAT, So those small businesses can expand quickly.
Companies between 10-15 lakhs have to pay lesser taxes, which reduces the tax burden from small businesses.
One tax for sales and services:
If your business makes sales and also provides services in such a case, there are different taxes for sales and services, respectively, which make the tax calculation complicated. But under GST, there is no separate tax for sales and services.
Reduce logistic time and cost
There is too many check post while exporting and importing goods state to state, which makes the transportation very busy. GST made this easy by consolidating the border tax with a check post, which makes interstate movement less expensive. 

Why GST Software required by enterprises?

Cost-Effective – you can get the maximum benefit of reducing cost with GST ready accounting software. The formation of GST already reduces the tax burdens by the uniformity of taxes under the GST regime. 
Easy to Use – GST Software smoother your workflow as it is well synced and integrated with the GST Portal and getaways. You can manage your other business operation flawlessly as GST Software handled the accounting work.
Better Business Process – GST software provides the unbelievable flow of the business process.
GST Accounting Software manages all GST and accounting tasks and offers better insight into your business, which you can access easily.
Easy to fill data – GST Software helps to track the financial data, inventories, calculation of taxes, invoice, and bill generation under the GST Regime. The cloud-based system replaces the manual data of repetitive entries and ensures data safety. 
Flow and accuracy – Software helps to minimize the chance of error and maintain the accuracy of data. To run the business efficiently, it provides essential data timely. 
Cost-Effective – It reduces the paperwork and does all financial operations on one click with maximum accuracy. 
Easy to access – As data stored on the cloud, it’s easy to access from any location and any time. And track data to make business analysis anywhere. 
Customization – Software is customizable according to business nature.
GST Software helps the taxpayer to register and migrate the business on the government official portal. 


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