With so many people quitting their jobs to pursue their own dreams, startup registration is in full swing. It’s a fever that has grabbed even the attention of students who are willing to start their business ventures alongside their homework. Are you the same? If you are, here are the top 12 killer ideas that will make your first business successful.

Start an “Internet of Things” Start-up

Internet of things is in the first place because of one reason – a decade ago, selling anything on the internet was considered a vanity – a business idea that people thought would never take a proper form in future.

However, we now are in the era of the Internet of Things – a system of interconnected computing devices. It has connected us to businesses and each other in an inseparable way. We cannot live without it. Yes, this statement is controversial. However, it has truth behind it that we can’t ignore anymore.

IoT is a system that connects without human to computer interactions. No more slowing down to calculate the transactions, no more worrying about the mundane, only focus on moving forward in business. It has given us technologies that most modern enterprises have come to rely upon.

From reducing time to increase efficiency, from establishing unprecedented connections to providing ultra-fast infrastructural support, the Internet of Things has validated the impatient-ambition in us and has given it wings.

As a student with internet access, you have a chance to ingratiate yourself with this technology in a unique way. Eventually, you can create wonders that can push the world’s economy even further. As a start-up idea, it’s one business for which you should register a startup as soon as possible.

Start a 3-D printing business

Gone are the days where people laboured for months, years even, to create an infrastructure.

From building toys to establishing entire buildings, 3D print has utterly altered the way we think of creation.

It’s a manufacturing revolution – generating profits for big businesses even today. And for a student like you, who needs an outlet to give shape to your idea, however unique it is, 3D printing is the key to the future. Do you know why?

It’s because you can afford it. When the first 3d printer came into existence, its high price ensured only large corporations with ample money can buy it. But now, things have changed, and they are changing continually.

As more organizations and people have come to realize the power of three-dimensional printing, the price of the printer is going down. 

In future, it is estimated that the cost of 3D-printer will go down by ten times.

However, the technology is still new, and trust in it varies from country to country. 

But it puts innovativeness by your side, a factor that you can leverage to elevate your startup from the rest.

The governments, especially those who want their countrymen to prosper, are issuing startup registration online to entrepreneurs daring enough to venture into the 3D printing domain. 

With registration by your side, as a student, you can showcase your ideas to investors who will eventually have faith in your every word. 

Unable to take their eyes away from you, you can show them a lucrative vision of the future that they will pay you to make real.

Start a company promoting Renewal Energy Sources

With petrol, coal and other non-renewable sources getting scarce, India has finally started to pay attention to renewable energy sources.

Being one of the countries that similar to China, rely solely on non-renewable sources of energy, India now stands at a position where it needs to change its stance.

It needs to prosper, make up for the non-renewable sources it has lost and still provide people with what they need – power.

To make this vision real, the Indian government has submitted INDC to the UNFCCC with the purpose to achieve producing 40% of its cumulative electric power through renewable resources.

As a student, you have a chance to leverage this. You can bank upon India’s inclination towards innovative start-ups to start a business that puts renewable sources of energy at the forefront. For example, electric vehicles.

Tap into your academics, and come up with a winning idea that easily register your startupAnd when you start, you’ll have all the help you need, from government funding to bank loans to investment from foreign investors.

Start Virtual Reality Gaming company

To those who have noticed, no industry has seen development faster than Virtual Reality Gaming

Gone are the ways where a few pixels of Mario got our heart pumping. Courtesy of Virtual Reality, we now have access to photo-realistic environments, life-like motions, and faces that are hard to differentiate from reality.

The face of gaming has changed, and those who have brought it forth are students who wanted to make virtual as close to real.

As for how far it would go in India as a Start-Up idea – it’s simple, it would go very far. The PUBG fever has proved that Indian masses are into gaming. 

But, Virtual Reality hasn’t been able to make such an impact because of its high cost.

But as an innovative student, you can introduce technologies to make Virtual Reality an affordable technology. You can then move forth and present this idea for MSME Startup registration.

Become a Digital Marketing Consultant

Legends say that it was not an old and shrewd businessman that put digital marketing on the map; a student did. 

From 2018, digital marketing has grown at the rate of 32% going reaching INR 19,000 Crore from INR 12,046 Crore.

The best aspect of doing this time of business is the amount of money you need to invest – there is one. It plays into your student lifestyle your laptop is all you need to get started.

Just start researching about the services or products you want to market, find your niche, and start your work as a digital marketing consultant. Each and every successful campaign will earn you a reputation. Every reputation you advertise will earn you exposure. Exposure will lead to a larger audience. It will then lead to engagement and if you play your cards right, it will lead to more clients.

It won’t be long then for you to run your own digital marketing firm, from your bedroom, on your laptop. With Digital Marketing, all it takes is your ability to sell.

Provide Big Data Consultation to tech companies

A large volume of structured and unstructured data, when clustered together is known as Big Data. It has various sources from many internet users to a quantum of research projects or wireless devices.

Big data is also one of the hottest vocational topics that students can consider to move forth in the field of data science.

As A data scientist or a Big Data consultant, you can give voice to the hidden patterns in the data. Doing this will let you provide services that range from research to machine learning and provide an insight into human behaviour; information that big companies are willing to pay big money for.

Provide Legal Consultation for Business

With several start-ups on the rise, many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know what it takes to legally establish a foothold in the business domain.

You can become the north-start for those entrepreneurs. Guide them through your modern understanding of legal business laws and help them with:

  1. Incorporating their business entities,
  2. Meeting their compliance requirements, and
  3. Helping them acquire necessary business licenses and registrations.

Legal consultations are part of the fin-tech ventures that have really taken India by storm. And with newer types of businesses coming up daily, you can get ahead quickly. Gather more information about upcoming business licenses and registrations for which you can provide accurate business consultations. Become a partner of choice for those willing to establish something on their own.

You can choose Business Process Outsourcing

COVID has impeded the ability of businesses to have in-house experts. They are now seeking outsourced experts to provide their services. Economists are estimating that because of the freedom it provides, business outsourcing will likely increase by 75% in 2022.

Why this sudden rise? It’s all because of the business losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cost of full-time hiring is high, and chances of profit generation are low. Thus, even large businesses have started to hedge their bets and choose to outsource.

India, known to most as the call-centre Center all across earth’s western hemisphere, has witnessed a drastic increase in BPOs. As the government has removed all the regulatory restrictions on OSPs, business process outsourcing is now growing at an unprecedented rate.

However, you don’t need to get too complicated as a student. If you’re an expert at a particular financial, technological or creative skill, start cold calling. Reach out to companies open to accept outsources opportunities (believe me, there are many), and choose one that will have the most benefit for you.

Furthermore, business outsourcing will also allow you to have multiple clients at the same time. All you will need is some marketing knowledge and a way with words on social media. Over time, clients will flock to your inbox just as pigeons flock at the sight of grains.

That being said, you need to be professional about it. Freelancing is an unapologetic business. Thus, you will need to develop a strong mindset. But when you do, you will have a way to establish an outsourcing empire where your subjects will be your clients, and your services will be your words.

You can render Security Services

We are living in desperate and turbulent times. The ongoing pandemic and shut down enterprises. Those who have survived are now in fear for their lives. It has increased the demand for security services. As a student, you can provide them; albeit, on a limited basis.

Don’t construe this idea as an offline service where we expect you to act as a security guard. What we are proposing here is online security. From malware that destroys the system to Ransomware that can hold it hostage, businesses are more vulnerable now than ever. From hackers, crackers to attackers, nefarious elements are after their digital identities and profits. 

As a cybersecurity specialist, you can provide information security services that will pull these enterprises out of their endangered state and secure them from future attacks. All you need to do to begin is get NSDL certification. 

Once you have it, you can establish your company. And once you establish your company, you can obtain Startup Registration. With it, you can tap into various government schemes to take your business even further.

You can establish an E-Commerce Website

Online shopping is the only form of shopping the modern consumer understands. The reason for that understanding is that online, there is no product that a customer can’t buy. 

You can provide exclusive merchandise through a digital platform that won’t grab people’s attention offline. But that’s not all. 

New and niche markets are being created every day and e-commerce is the reason behind it all. For creative students among you, starting such a business comes with perks that go far beyond only money. If you have the  right business idea, you can passively revolutionize the industry – becoming the focus of those issuing startup registration in India.

Understand the needs of the market. Research the available products catering for that need. Note down its shortcomings. And finally, provide a solution that removes them all. E-commerce websites are taking various forms. Choose one that has the potential to change the game for all. 

Or, if you want to implement a bolder strategy, create a demand for a product that no one has heard of before. Utilize the powers of brand storytelling and  manipulate people with kindness. Make them realize the worth of your e-commerce portal. Make everything easier, accessible and more fun for them. Turn your website into an experience that people can’t help but come back to rather than a general portal. 

Once you have all of that, you will have the startup you need to not just start a successful startup, but drop out and focus on your ventures.

You can partake in Affiliate Marketing

Start a business of earning commissions through Affiliate Marketing. Earn commissions from big companies by recommending their products to your audience. Get commissions as you induce your customers to buy those products. 

How to implement this form of marketing? It’s simple. Create a website, join an affiliate program, and implement the product codes via links on your website. Customers buying those products using your links will lead to you earning a small commission of the earnings.

The idea behind this form of marketing is simple – join hands with big companies and grow with them. It’s monetization, where all you need is to convince your audience to buy those specific products.

So, if you’re a student who has a way with words/video, can craft a video and create engagement, you must become an affiliate as soon as possible. It is a door to a lot of lucrative opportunities that are just waiting for you to be opened. Let your marketing efforts push through that door, and you have a startup that will always make money.

Start a business providing Web Development and Graphic Design

To achieve business growth online, you need to show your website’s customers that they matter. You accomplish that in two ways:

  • Developing an intuitive, robust, and reliable web application, and
  • Designing images through which you can say maximum things minimally. 

That’s why web development and Graphic design services are gaining a lot of traction in India. Through graphic design, you attract your customers and with web development, you give them value. 

If you’re a student belonging to the technology domain, it’s one business idea that you absolutely can’t let go of. 

All the ideas that we have mentioned only hold value if you’re able to design a website that attracts and develop a web app that converts. 

These business Ideas are fine but

While these business ideas are implementable for you as a student, you have to understand some basic facts about doing business as a learner:

  • You won’t have a lot of time, 
  • At times, you will be compelled to make certain compromises, 
  • Trying to start a business on your own is one way trip down the path to failure, and
  • The allure of money is not enough to establish a successful start-up.

If you want to do business, do so by keeping the people in mind. 

Start your venture that can give people value.

Rather than going after your customer’s money, go after their hearts. 

Because once you have a hold of that, you will develop a pipeline of customers that you can constantly engage with. 

Final Words 

You can find several ideas for start-ups as a student. But to grasp that one killer idea, an idea that can establish you out of your classroom and onto the business domain, you need the aid of business consultants. Look for mentors who have been there – specialists that understand what it was like when they first started. Learn from their failures and soon, you will have your own business venture to be proud of.

By Gaurav Mahajan

Soul Mahajan is a gamer, a writer, and a fitness Junkie. As someone who recently got into fitness and obsessed with it, he harbors a lot of interest in the supplement industry. When he is not knee-deep in research about supplements so that he knows that he is buying the supplements that are not duplicates, he is gaming or writing about it.

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