Voice and sms broadcasting software is a widely used practice by today’s businesses to generate leads and enhance their productivity. It is a cost-effective way to connect with target audiences to provide them the relevant information in a simple and timely manner.

A large number of sectors find voice broadcasting a perfect solution to reach the masses in an efficient manner. Some of these sectors or organizations include healthcare, government, education, business, service providers, e-commerce, banks, politics, etc.

With the help of multi-tenant voice broadcasting software, businesses can easily expand their reach and enhance business operations. With voice broadcasting, companies can send a large number of messages to hundreds to millions of people in minutes with just a click.

In any case, note that the nature of voice or message matters a ton in these areas as the message that the client is attempting to pass on to the intended interest groups should arrive at everybody and the quality ought to be with the end goal that nobody misses any data.

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Features of Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution

  • SMS Customization: The users can quickly and easily send automated text messages to their entire list of contacts at once. These messages can be customized to add a touch of personalization to make customers feel more special.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: The software can be used to customize messages in different languages. This helps users to reach out to a large target audience in different regions. It allows users to create, edit and reuse the templates as per their requirements.
  • Import Contacts: The solution allows users to import all of their contact numbers in seconds. The system has the ability to filter all the contacts, remove duplicate and invalid numbers automatically.
  • Schedule Voice or SMS Campaign: Depend on the requirement, the users can easily schedule their campaign to send it on a special date & time.
  • Text To Speech: Our Text to Speech feature allows users to record their own audio message or upload an audio file that they already have. The text-to-speech engine will speak out the text over a call just like a human.
  • Real-Time Reporting: The software allows users to get detailed reports and summaries of their voice campaigns in real-time.
  • The voice and SMS broadcasting solution can be purchased for on-premise use or one can subscribe to it as a service.
  • On the other hand, big enterprises with multi-branch operations and VoIP service providers can subscribe to multi-tenant voice broadcasting software as a revenue generation tool.

It means that the software is beneficial for both small businesses as well as large enterprises. By eliminating the need to hire voice agents, the software allows companies to save up to 70% of costs.

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Benefits of Voice and SMS Broadcasting Solution

  • Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software is the best way to reach out to people located in remote areas.
  • With the help of the software, users can upload their own voice recording and schedule a voice broadcast for a particular date and time.
  • The multi-tenant voice broadcasting software allows users (service providers) to provide Voice and SMS broadcasting services to their clients.
  • The voice and SMS solution is an ideal choice for organizing polls and surveys, running campaigns, carrying out event promotions, sending reminders, warnings, or reports, and much more
  • With a voice broadcasting solution, companies can easily and efficiently communicate with a large number of customers, even with those who do not have access to email, text messages, or social media.
  • The solution leads to increased efficiency as it allows companies to schedule their voice and SMS campaigns ahead of time which helps them to stay organized.
  • Sending bulk voice messages and SMS in the form of campaigns with a higher level of personalization and engagement leads to increased ROI.
  • Voice broadcasting helps users to reach a large audience easily with just a few clicks thus leads to better productivity.

As the software allows users to add personalization in voice and SMS broadcasting, it helps to enhance the customer experience to a great level.


Voice broadcasting is without a doubt the best and progressed route for clients to arrive at the majority and pass on their message viably. Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software can likewise be redone dependent on the particular prerequisites of the clients.

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