Google Trends is one of the most used tools for keyword research. But still, a lot of people do not utilize it’s the full potential of this comprehensive tool.

In the current scenario, the internet is rushed by millions of people to solve their queries or to learn something new, which makes it more important than ever to put the right keywords in the right place.

Further in this article, we will highlight the amazing functions Google Trends can perform, insights for better Google Trends keyword research and how you can use them to improve your website’s SEO.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a completely free tool provided by Google that delivers immediate data and graphs on the popularity of specific keywords/searches in Google and YouTube.

Google Trends For SEO: Best and Correct Way to Use It

It was first introduced by Google back in 2006. The current version is an updated version of Google Trends, which was last updated in May 2018.

Functions Google Trends Can Perform

Living in a world where trends can change in a fraction of a second, everyone needs a reliable tool that provides live trends across Google.

The changes in the user’s behaviour and demand for a product is changed every day, and the most recent coronavirus has made things harder to track trends. In this situation, Google trends still stand as the perfect tool that can provide you with data from the back of the wall and deliver you what you can’t see.

If you are new to use Google trends or even if you’re using it for a time now but still don’t know the complete wide range of its capabilities, here are the things that it can perform in the blink of an eye:

  • It can be used to determine what has been recently trending “and what has been not”.
  • It brings you valuable data of what most people are searching for in a given range of time, also how often a term is searched on Google.
  • It has a unique feature that allows you to filter your search data based on region, time, category, duration and type of search query.
  • It lets you compare between two keywords easily and provides you with the complete data graph to help you do that.
  • It helps you find amazing ideas for your content by providing you with data on seasonal trends.
  • Google Trends allow you to easily monitor your brand’s marketing performance and suggests data to improve it further.

Google Trends is the extreme platform that delivers the best potential keywords that helps you reach a larger audience effectively.

The uses and profits of services provided by Google Trends are immeasurable. Delivering the keywords to you which your potential audience is searching for has never been easier. Google Trends can help you improve your SEO, reach and brand performance.

6 Ways You Can Improve Your SEO With Google Trends

Explore Keyword Volume Trends

Google Trends lets you watch the keyword’s search volume over the past year.

But why would you do that? Because finding the keywords that are rising in volume brings you a step ahead of others, as now you can create content that you know people are searching for and is increasing day by day.

Other tools that help in keyword research tells you the past search volume, whereas Google trends predict the expected performance of the keyword in the near future.

This feature also saves you from using a keyword that is trending poorly.

It’s simple, all you have to do is extend the timeframe of search to three to four years and see which keyword is reliable and which ones are just a fad. It saves you from wasting your time and energy writing on a poor keyword.

Watch Out Related Keywords

Another impressive feature offered by Google Trends is its special ability to suggest related keywords that are relatable to the searched keyword and also growing in popularity.

It provides you with the opportunity to diversify your search without doing much hard work, with this feature, you don’t have to search again and again to find a perfect keyword instead, it suggests the best keyword to you to ease the process.

Like, imagine you searched for a core term that you had in your mind, “SEO” on Google Trends. Google Trends will bring all the data it has on the term, all the data on the related terms lined up with their percentage popularity, which helps you find out the precise keyword according to your needs.

Search Locally

When you search a keyword on Google Trends, the data that appears is usually based on a country or worldwide.

But to bring the best out of the data, you can apply a filter to make it search locally.

Local Keyword Trends can be quite helpful. It lets you see exactly which region and subregion are most interested in that keyword, which allows you to be more pinpointed with your SEO strategy.

Filtering of Location can provide you data of which geographic areas could be most interested in your products or services.

Keep An Eye On New Keyword Ideas

Google Trends still has some tricks up its sleeves, which includes five additional options:

  • “Web Search (Default)”
  • “Image Search”
  • “YouTube Search”
  • “News Search”
  • “Google Shopping”

The data delivered in these options are laser-targeted for a specific segment of a potential market. It will provide you insights into searches in each segment to help you focus according to your niche. The feature wouldn’t provide you with specific keywords, but you’ll get valuable insights into trending searched terms.

Data For Videos

Trends provide you with a feature to help you optimize your video content for search. Just like related queries, Google Trends provides related topics.

Let’s see how you can do that,

Just enter a search term whose insights you want to look up to.

Now switch the settings from Web Search to YouTube Search.

Check out the section names Related Queries and Related Topics.

If you want, you can sort them by Rising or Top searches.

And now you know what are the potential topics to create videos on for Search.

With this data, now you can create more relevant videos with attractive names and concise descriptions, which sets you one step ahead of the pack.

Identifying Seasonal Trends and Making The Most Out Of Them

We already discussed that seasonal trends should be avoided, but they could be much helpful in gaining a sudden audience if data is used properly.

As the volume of seasonal trendy keywords rises and fall in a small duration of time, it is crucial to identify the perfect timing and land a punch at the perfect spot.

For Example, the searches about the game ‘cricket’ rise way up in the IPL or World Cup season, which lasts for a maximum of 2 months.

So now that you know when will the seasonal trend will be occurring, you can create new content or edit the previous ones according to that to attract users searching for queries about cricket or a particular team.

Using the provided data properly of specific keywords and the specific duration in which the trend occurs in some past years can lead you to exponential growth when the trend starts.

The Bottom Line

The uprising of reliability on Google searches in everybody’s daily life, and the consistent updating of Google’s algorithm makes it more important than ever to use Google Trends.

Google Trends can easily make you get steps ahead of the competition by using the data precisely and transform your SEO according to the changes in the market.


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