There are several ways to improve the pages of your blog. Interesting material, attention-getting headlines, and eye-catching graphics are a terrific place to start. However, if you truly want to improve your blog, you should install some appropriate WordPress plugins.

We’ll go over the many plugins available to assist you in improving your blog pages and posts in this article. You may want to improve your blog’s design, increase visitor interaction, or have your content shared on social media. 

Perhaps you want to collect more emails, improve traffic, or raise money from your blog. Incrementors provide WordPress plugins for website maintenance services that help you grow.

If this describes you, we have a lovely assortment of WordPress plugins that will take your site to the next level in only a few clicks.

We show you how to use our favourite technologies to boost your SEO, e-commerce, page performance, security, and more. We also included a few variations for each to sweeten the deal. 

That’s right, you’ll get 12 WordPress plugins to help you improve your WordPress site!

  1. Backup Buddy
  2. Paldesk
  3. RankMath
  4. WooCommerrce
  5. UpdraftPlus
  6. WPtouch
  7. OptinMonster
  8. MonsterInsights
  9. Broken Links Checker
  10. ManagedWP
  11. Defender
  12. SupportCandy

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So Let’s Start Our List Of Top 12 WordPress Plugins

Backup Buddy

This plugin works similarly to a traditional backup; however, the data stored can come from many WordPress sites. According to reports, the backup method is quick and dependable. Imagine losing all of your data as a result of a server failure or crash. 

Restoring data here takes only a few clicks, ensuring user delight. Backup Buddy is essential for keeping your information safe because it is simple to use and effective.


Paldesk allows you to embed a live chat widget on your website using the Paldesk plugin. Adding live chat to your website generates more leads and boosts your brand’s reputation. 

When a visitor to your site sends you a message through the widget, the ticket is sent immediately to the application, where you may answer. Connecting with other channels, mobile apps, in-app messaging, widget customization, and more capabilities are also available to help you grow your business.


Rankmath is a content generator that is based on algorithms. It can help you develop SEO-friendly content while also saving you a lot of time.

The simple interface of RankMaths allows you to quickly generate unique articles, blog posts, pages, custom URLs for backlinks, and more.

These questions can be used as is, or you can add them to your keywords to make them more relevant to Google’s algorithms.


WooCommerce is a robust, versatile eCommerce solution created by the WordPress team that can help you create an online store. You receive all of the tools that come with WordPress because it’s embedded within the WordPress interface. Using familiar tools, you can easily manage your storefront from your dashboard.


UpdraftPlus is a ground-breaking WordPress backup plugin that includes features like continuous backups, file versioning, backup staging, and more. It comes with limitless storage on the Updraft Vault, quick recovery options, and the ability to clone websites on the fly.

UpdraftPlus has been tested on over 3 million websites and is the greatest WordPress backup solution for you, regardless of the size of your website. It provides unlimited storage in its secure cloud vault for an enterprise-level of power and security. 

UpdraftPlus is perfect for novices and experts alike, because of its push-button restoration choices.


With the number of mobile phones on the rise year after year, it’s more crucial than ever to make your website mobile-friendly. This is exactly what WPtouch accomplishes.

It allows you to create a mobile version of your WordPress site that is simple and appealing. 

The free version includes only the most basic functionality, while the premium version adds more options, themes, an outstanding admin interface, and exceptional support.


One of the most popular conversion rate optimization plugins is OptinMonster. It permits users who are about to leave your site to be turned into email subscribers through the use of properly selected and timed messaging. It also has built-in statistics and smart scroll deduction, making experience monitoring simple and effective.


This plugin integrates with Google Analytics, one of the most important tools for tracking the success of your website. As a result, MonsterInsights allows you to keep track of statistics such as where your users come from, what they do, and how long they spend on the site. 

When it comes to measuring and improving user experience, the information provided here is really useful. Incrementor’s top link-building services are the best for any marketer.

Broken Links checker

Your site may have excellent information, lightning-fast loading times, and eye-catching design, but think how disappointed your users will be if they arrive at a broken page. This is a certain method to turn off potential customers and tarnish your reputation. 

Something like that will never happen again thanks to this useful plugin. It’s easy to use, and it cuts down on link maintenance time.


This plugin is for those who manage numerous WordPress installations. If your company administers many websites, ManageWP is a good option.

You can access all of your sites from a single dashboard with ManageWP, and you’ll have immediate access to critical information about each of them. It gives you a clear picture of how all of your websites are doing, and you don’t have to switch from one to the other to check on them. 


When it comes to your website, one of the most critical concerns is always security. As a result, you must defend your website. The Defender plugin can help you put up a basic degree of security by analysing your site for vulnerabilities and revealing them. The site’s web administrator can then delete them with a simple click.


SupportCandy is one of the more well-known free WordPress support plugins. SupportCandy appears to be an upgraded derivative of the WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System, according to research.

These enhancements were accompanied by a tremendous list of additional features, including unlimited tickets and agents, email piping, AJAX capability, fantastic user interfaces, GDPR compatibility, guest tickets, file attachments, private notes, email notifications, and so on.


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