Effective Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing in Pakistan is using Pinterest as an effective tool to boost the popularity of your company. Pinterest is not only for bloggers anymore but for any business seeking to boost their audience using a visual networking site. Pinterest allows you to create visual stories that are focused around a particular topic, and you can post them up to the internet for others to view.

Pinterest also helps increase a company’s overall awareness by letting potential customers “pin” photos of what they are eating, or of what they are wearing. The more people in a photo of something on Pinterest, the more likely it becomes popular. Pinterest marketing also drives traffic back to a site and helps raise the overall awareness of an organization or brand.

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Google Analytics

Pinterest marketing strategies in Pakistan are largely powered by Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives webmasters detailed insight into their traffic. Using this service, webmasters can understand which keywords are generating traffic and which ones aren’t, which audiences are visiting their website regularly, and which pages on their site visitors leave in search of other sites.

Website Traffic 

In order to boost online sales through Pinterest, webmasters should consider using Pinterest’s official Instagram account. By adding a graphic to an Instagram story, a user is able to post a visual content link as well as a caption containing a sales pitch. The more captions used, the more chances a user has of finding a sale.

A study published by the Conversion Factor found that users who added at least two captions to their posts generated 50% more website traffic than those who did not.

Businesses should also take advantage of Pinterest’s user ratings system to gain the advantage over their competitors. Pinterest marketing offers users the ability to rate products they have recently purchased or looked at, which allows users to form an opinion about the product.

This creates a strong endorsement for any marketing efforts and can increase consumer awareness of a business brand. A successful campaign will ensure that a large percentage of audience members notice a certain product and use it in their daily routine.

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Social Media Websites

Social media websites are all about engaging your target audience. Social media interactions provide a way for followers to interact with your brand and directly ask questions, engage with your content, and share unique experiences. However, in order to receive the most from these interactions, your followers must be able to interact with your brand in real-time.

To encourage viewers to interact with your brand, you should implement a feature that makes it possible for followers to “pin” your content to their wall. Pinning your content will allow viewers to interact with and follow your feed, which increases the likelihood that they will buy your product.

Use Pinterest Marketing for Images to Their Walls

Pinterest boards are another great way to interact with customers and drive traffic to your website. Pinterest boards allow users to create unique content by taking selected photos and turning them into a visually stunning collage. These boards can be used to showcase a range of services or products, share thoughts on a variety of topics, and become a place where you can showcase your expertise as well as showcase a unique photo or graphic.

A Pinterest board is a great way to share images on your page and can become viral when your followers pin the images to their walls.

Improved Performance by pinterest marketing

Another important tool for Pinterest marketing is the ability to track performance. Pinterest offers a free analytics package which enables you to view and track your site’s performance across all of your different accounts. The Analytics package provides information on where traffic has come from, how many clicks per user on your account, and other useful metrics.

Pinterest also offers access to Google Analytics, so that you can view how visitors navigate through your site. Using this information, you can easily fine tune your site for improved performance.

All of this useful information enables business owners to better market their business to their target audience. Most of Pakistani SMM agencies follow this guidance. 


A final and very important aspect to consider when using Pinterest for marketing is the comments other users say about your pins. Pinterest has an active community called Pinnies, who give tips and celebrate Pinterest experiences in their own communities.

These users can be a goldmine if you know how to reach them! Simply comment on other pins, offering your take on the story and linking your website. You may even find your audience in this way, since they will be interested in what others are saying about your pins!

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